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June 28, 2022

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A 'Goldilocks Amount' of Time Spent Online Could Be Good for Teenagers' Wellbeing

New research has found further evidence of a relationship between online engagement and mental wellbeing in teenagers. The study contributes to ...

California's Push for Computer Science Education Examined

Despite California's computer science education policies, gender, racial and ethnic disparities persist among the high schools that offer these courses, the students enrolled in them and the faculty ...

A Minecraft Build Can Be Used to Teach Almost Any Subject

A professor has used Minecraft to teach a class on the history and culture of modernity. The course was based entirely within the game server, with instructions, in-class communication and course ...

Study Finds Lower Math Scores in High Schools That Switched to 4-Day School Week

A recent study analyzing the impact of a shorter school week for high schools found that 11th-grade students participating in a four-day week ...
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New Model Could Improve Matches Between Students and Schools

Simultaneous and uncoordinated school admissions in situations where students have multiple options can lead to unfilled seats and a lot of stress for families and administrators. To create a fairer, ...

The Numbers Don't Lie: Australia Is Failing at Maths and We Need to Find a New Formula to Arrest the Decline

Australia has suffered a significant drop in teenage maths proficiency in the past 20 years -- sliding from 11th in the OECD rankings to 29th place out of 38 countries, prompting widespread debate ...

Immersive VR: Empowering Kids to Survive in Fire, Flood, and War

When you live in the driest State in the driest country in the world, bushfires are an unfortunate, and all-too-regular part of life. Learning how to survive such emergencies is important for all ...

Adding AI to Museum Exhibits Increases Learning, Keeps Kids Engaged Longer

Researchers have demonstrated a more effective way to support learning and increase engagement at science-focused museum exhibits. They used artificial intelligence to create a new genre of ...

Computer Games in the Classroom: Educational Success Depends on the Teacher

Future teachers see educational potential in computer games, study shows. Teacher training should therefore address their potential in the ...

Income Inequality Can Harm Children’s Achievement in Maths – but Not Reading, 27-Year Study Suggests

Inequalities in income affect how well children do in maths -- but not reading, the most comprehensive study of its kind has ...

Do Alexa and Siri Make Kids Bossier? New Research Suggests You Might Not Need to Worry

A team studied whether hanging out with conversational agents, such as Alexa or Siri, could affect the way children communicate with their fellow ...

Idea Sharing Increases Online Learner Engagement

Online learning engagement can be increased by nearly one-third by simply prompting students to share course ideas rather than personal details in the form of icebreakers and social ...

Training Helps Teachers Anticipate How Students With Learning Disabilities Might Solve Problems

Researchers found that a four-week training course made a substantial difference in helping special education teachers anticipate different ways students with learning disabilities might solve math ...

Handwriting Beats Typing and Watching Videos for Learning to Read

Though writing by hand is increasingly being eclipsed by the ease of computers, a new study finds we shouldn't be so quick to throw away the pencils and paper: handwriting helps people learn ...

For Many Students, Double-Dose Algebra Leads to College Attainment

In the United States, low-income and minority students are completing college at low rates compared to higher-income and majority peers -- a detriment to reducing economic inequality. Double-dose ...

Researchers Explore How Children Learn Language

New research pinpoints how young children quickly learn language, opening new paths to leverage for machine ...

Candy-Like Models Used to Make STEM Accessible to Visually Impaired Students

A breakthrough study aims to make science more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired through small, candy-like ...

When to Release Free and Paid Apps for Maximal Revenue

App developers can improve the profitability of free apps by strategically deploying or eliminating their paid version counterparts over an app's ...

Young Teens Should Only Use Recreational Internet and Video Games One Hour Daily

Middle-school aged children who use the internet, social media or video games recreationally for more than an hour each day during the school week have significantly lower grades and test scores, ...

These Cognitive Exercises Help Young Children Boost Their Math Skills, Study Shows

Young children who practice visual working memory and reasoning tasks improve their math skills more than children who focus on spatial rotation exercises, according to a large study. The findings ...

New Research May Explain Shortages in STEM Careers

A new study revealed that more college students change majors within the STEM pipeline than leave the career path of science, technology, engineering and mathematics ...

Top Educational Apps for Children Might Not Be as Beneficial as Promised

Log on to any app store, and parents will find hundreds of options for children that claim to be educational. But new research suggests these apps might not be as beneficial to children as they ...

Basketball Mathematics Scores Big at Inspiring Kids to Learn

New study with 756 1st through 5th graders demonstrates that a six-week mashup of hoops and math has a positive effect on their desire to learn more, provides them with an experience of increased ...

Do School-Based Interventions Help Improve Reading and Math in at-Risk Children?

School-based interventions that target students with, or at risk of, academic difficulties in kindergarten to grade 6 have positive effects on reading and mathematics, according to a new ...

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