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June 26, 2022

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Toward Error-Free Quantum Computing

For quantum computers to be useful in practice, errors must be detected and corrected. A team of experimental physicists has now implemented a universal set of computational operations on ...

Secure Communication With Light Particles

While quantum computers offer many novel possibilities, they also pose a threat to internet security since these supercomputers make common encryption methods vulnerable. Based on the so-called ...

Self-Propelled, Endlessly Programmable Artificial Cilia

Researchers have developed a single-material, single-stimuli microstructure that can outmaneuver even living cilia. These programmable, micron-scale structures could be used for a range of ...

Scientific Advance Leads to a New Tool in the Fight Against Hackers

A new form of security identification could soon see the light of day and help us protect our data from hackers and cybercriminals. Quantum mathematicians have solved a mathematical riddle that ...
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Entanglement Unlocks Scaling for Quantum Machine Learning

The field of machine learning on quantum computers got a boost from new research removing a potential roadblock to the practical implementation of quantum neural ...

The Power of Chaos: A Robust and Low-Cost Cryptosystem for the Post-Quantum Era

Scientists develop a chaos-based stream cipher that can withstand attacks from large-scale quantum ...

How Big Does Your Quantum Computer Need to Be?

Researchers decided to explore two very different quantum problems: breaking the encryption of Bitcoin and simulating the molecule responsible for biological nitrogen fixation. They describe a tool ...

New Cloud-Based Platform Opens Genomics Data to All

Harnessing the power of genomics to find risk factors for major diseases or search for relatives relies on the costly and time-consuming ability to analyze huge numbers of genomes. Computer ...

IT Security: Computer Attacks With Laser Light

Computer systems that are physically isolated from the outside world (air-gapped) can still be attacked. This is demonstrated by IT security experts. They show that data can be transmitted to ...

Measuring a Quantum Computer’s Power Just Got Faster and More Accurate

What does a quantum computer have in common with a top draft pick in sports? Both have attracted lots of attention from talent scouts. Quantum computers, experimental machines that can perform some ...

Real-World Study Shows the Potential of Gait Authentication to Enhance Smartphone Security

A study showed that -- within an appropriate framework -- gait recognition could be a viable technique for protecting individuals and their data from potential ...

New Chip Hides Wireless Messages in Plain Sight

Researchers have developed a method for incorporating security in the physical nature of the wireless transmission signal for 5G and future ...

Big Data Privacy for Machine Learning Just Got 100 Times Cheaper

Computer scientists have discovered an inexpensive way for tech companies to implement a rigorous form of personal data privacy when using or sharing large databases for machine ...

A Nanoantenna for Long-Distance, Ultra-Secure Communication

Researchers have used a nanoantenna to focus light onto a single semiconductor nanobox. This approach will enhance the utility of quantum repeater technology currently under development for advanced ...

Securing Data Transfers With Relativity

To counter hacking, researchers have developed a new system based on the concept of 'zero-knowledge proofs', the security of which is based on the physical principle of relativity: ...

Government Action Needed to Ensure Insurance Against Major Hacking of Driverless Vehicles, Experts Warn

Government action is needed so driverless vehicles can be insured against malicious hacks which could have potentially catastrophic consequences, a study ...

Physicists Describe Photons’ Characteristics to Protect Future Quantum Computing

Physicists have described in theoretical terms how to develop codes that cannot be broken by quantum computers -- computing devices of the future. These codes rely on distributing single photons that ...

Using Quantum Parrondo’s Random Walks for Encryption

SUTD has set out to apply concepts from quantum Parrondo's paradox in search of a working protocol for semiclassical ...

Quantum Networks in Our Future

Investigators outline how a time-sensitive network control plane could be a key component of a workable quantum network. In addition to the well-understood requirements of transmission distance and ...

One Material With Two Functions Could Lead to Faster Memory

Researchers have developed a new light-emitting memory device by integrating a resistive random-access memory with a light-emitting electrochemical cell that are both based on perovskite. The results ...

Is Your Mobile Provider Tracking Your Location? New Technology Could Stop It

Right now, there is a good chance your phone is tracking your location -- even with GPS services turned off. That's because, to receive service, our phones reveal personal identifiers to cell ...

Impenetrable Optical OTP Security Platform

An anticounterfeiting smart label and security platform which makes forgery fundamentally impossible has been proposed. The device accomplishes this by controlling a variety of information of light ...

New Study Examines Privacy and Security Perceptions of Online Education Proctoring Services

Educational institutions have had to transition to remote learning and exam taking. This has led to an increase in the use of online proctoring services to curb student cheating. In a ...

New Cybersecurity Technique Keeps Hackers Guessing

Researchers developed a new machine learning-based framework to enhance the security of computer networks inside vehicles without undermining ...

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