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June 26, 2022

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Engineers Build Artificial Intelligence Chip

Engineers built a new artificial intelligence chip, with a view toward sustainable, modular electronics. The chip can be reconfigured, with layers that can be swapped out or stacked on, such as to ...

A Quantum Drum That Stores Quantum States for Record-Long Times

Researchers have improved the coherence time of a previously developed quantum membrane dramatically. The improvement will expand the usability of the membrane for a variety of different purposes. ...

Researchers Teleport Quantum Information Across Rudimentary Quantum Network

Researchers have succeeded in teleporting quantum information across a rudimentary network. This first of its kind is an important step towards a future quantum Internet. This breakthrough was made ...

Secure Communication With Light Particles

While quantum computers offer many novel possibilities, they also pose a threat to internet security since these supercomputers make common encryption methods vulnerable. Based on the so-called ...
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Harnessing the Powers of Light to Operate Computers

Researchers have fabricated a metallic waveguide with a nano-sized cavity to select certain wavelengths of light. This work may contribute to developing devices that can compute based on light ...

New Computational Tool to Interpret Clinical Significance of Cancer Mutations

Researchers have developed a new tool to help researchers interpret the clinical significance of somatic mutations in cancer. The tool, known as CancerVar, incorporates machine learning frameworks to ...

Scientific Advance Leads to a New Tool in the Fight Against Hackers

A new form of security identification could soon see the light of day and help us protect our data from hackers and cybercriminals. Quantum mathematicians have solved a mathematical riddle that ...

Existing Infrastructure Will Be Unable to Support Future Demand for High-Speed Internet

Researchers have shown that the UK's existing copper network cables can support faster internet speeds, but only to a limit. They say additional investment is urgently needed if the government ...

Automated Nutrition App Can Help People Follow Healthier Diet

People could benefit from fully automated personal nutritional advice, as a new research paper shows that an app improved healthy diet in clinical ...

New Transistor Could Cut 5% from World’s Digital Energy Budget

A new spin on one of the 20th century's smallest but grandest inventions, the transistor, could help feed the world's ever-growing appetite for digital memory while slicing up to 5% of the ...

Nano Particle Trapped Between Mirrors Works as a Quantum Sensor

Sensors are a pillar of the Internet of Things, providing the data to control all sorts of objects. Here, precision is essential, and this is where quantum technologies could make a difference. ...

New Technique Offers Faster Security for Non-Volatile Memory Tech

Researchers have developed a technique that leverages hardware and software to improve file system security for next-generation memory technologies called non-volatile memories (NVMs). The new ...

The Future of 5G+ Infrastructure Could Be Built Tile by Tile

5G+ (5G/Beyond 5G) is the fastest-growing segment and the only significant opportunity for investment growth in the wireless network infrastructure market, according to the latest forecast. But ...

Battery-Free MakeCode Empowers Kids to Code Sustainably

New sustainable coding platform automatically and invisibly transforms Microsoft MakeCode into a version that supports programming electronic devices that harvest energy from ambient sources, such as ...

An Automatic Information Extraction System for Scientific Articles on COVID-19

VIGICOVID is a system that uses natural language questions to get answers in the avalanche of information on COVID-19 and ...

Artificial Intelligence Paves the Way to Discovering New Rare-Earth Compounds

Artificial intelligence advances how scientists explore materials. Researchers trained a machine-learning (ML) model to assess the stability of rare-earth compounds. The framework they developed ...

Making Memory Serve Correctly: Fixing an Inherent Problem in Next-Generation Magnetic RAM

SOT-RAM, a promising type of next-generation magnetic memory, could pave the way to ultra-low-power electronics. However, scientists have identified a source of disturbance during the read operation ...

Toward Ever-More Powerful Microchips and Supercomputers

A look at the process to extend 'Moore's law,' which has doubled the number of transistors that can be packed on a microchip roughly every two years, and develop new ways to produce ...

How Can the Computer Chip Predict the Future of Gene Synthesis?

Creating synthetic life could be easily within our grasp soon based on a comparison with the evolution of computer chips. Computer programming and gene synthesis appear to share little in common. But ...

Deciphering Algorithms Used by Ants and the Internet

Scientists found that ants and other natural systems use optimization algorithms similar to those used by engineered systems, including the Internet. These algorithms invest incrementally more ...

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Can Help Preserve Wildlife

A team of experts in artificial intelligence and animal ecology have put forth a new, cross-disciplinary approach intended to enhance research on wildlife species and make more effective use of the ...

Researchers Set Record by Preserving Quantum States for More Than 5 Seconds

A team of researchers has maintained a qubit coherence time for a record five seconds. The qubits are made from silicon carbide, widely found in lightbulbs, electric vehicles and high voltage ...

A Virtual Reality 'Shopping Task' Could Help Test for Cognitive Decline in Adults

New research suggests that a virtual reality test in which participants 'go to the shops' could offer a potentially promising way of effectively assessing functional cognition, the thinking ...

A Soft, Stretchable Thermometer

The next generation of soft robotics, smart clothing and biocompatible medical devices are going to need integrated soft sensors that can stretch and twist with the device or wearer. The challenge: ...

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