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June 26, 2022

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An Easier Way to Teach Robots New Skills

Researchers have developed a technique that enables a robot to learn a new pick-and-place task with only a handful of human demonstrations. This could allow a human to reprogram a robot to grasp ...

Tear-Free Hair Brushing? All You Need Is Math

Scientists explore the mathematics of combing and explain why the brushing technique used by so many is the most effective method to detangle a bundle of ...

Rational Neural Network Advances Machine-Human Discovery

Math is the language of the physical world, and some see mathematical patterns everywhere: in weather, in the way soundwaves move, and even in the spots or stripes zebra fish develop in ...

Quantum Information Theory: Quantum Complexity Grows Linearly for an Exponentially Long Time

Physicists know about the huge chasm between quantum physics and the theory of gravity. However, in recent decades, theoretical physics has provided ...
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A New Model Sheds Light on How We Learn Motor Skills

Researchers have developed a mathematical model of motor learning that reflects the motor learning process in the human brain. Their findings suggest that motor exploration -- that is, increased ...

Math Model Predicts Efficacy of Drug Treatments for Heart Attacks

Researchers used mice to develop a mathematical model of a myocardial infarction. The new model predicts several useful new drug combinations that may one day help treat heart attacks, according to ...

The Numbers Don't Lie: Australia Is Failing at Maths and We Need to Find a New Formula to Arrest the Decline

Australia has suffered a significant drop in teenage maths proficiency in the past 20 years -- sliding from 11th in the OECD rankings to 29th place out of 38 countries, prompting widespread debate ...

Development of an Ensemble Model to Anticipate Short-Term COVID-19 Hospital Demand

Scientists identified the most relevant predictive variables for anticipating hospital demand and proposed using an ensemble model based on the average of the predictions of several individual ...

Study Shows Simple, Computationally-Light Model Can Simulate Complex Brain Cell Responses

Studying how brain cells respond to signals from their neighbors can aid the understanding of cognition and development. However, experimentally measuring the brain's activity is complicated. ...

Are Conferences Worth the Time and Money?

Scientists who interact with others during assigned sessions at conferences are more likely to form productive collaborations than scientists who do not, researchers found. And the kicker? It ...

A Cautionary Tale of Machine Learning Uncertainty

A new analysis shows that researchers using machine learning methods could risk underestimating uncertainties in their final ...

For New Insights Into Aerodynamics, Scientists Turn to Paper Airplanes

A series of experiments using paper airplanes reveals new aerodynamic effects, a team of scientists has discovered. Its findings enhance our understanding of flight stability and could inspire new ...

BioCro Software for Growing Virtual Crops Improved

A team has revamped the popular crop growth simulation software BioCro, making it a more user-friendly and efficient way to predict crop yield. The updated version, BioCro II, allows modelers to use ...

Computer Drug Simulations Offer Warning About Promising Diabetes and Cancer Treatment

Using computer drug simulations, researchers have found that doctors need to be wary of prescribing a promising treatment for all types of cancer and ...

Research Team Makes Breakthrough Discovery in Light Interactions With Nanoparticles, Paving the Way for Advances in Optical Computing

Researchers detail a breakthrough discovery in nanomaterials and light-wave interactions that paves the way for development of small, low-energy optical computers capable of advanced ...

California's Push for Computer Science Education Examined

Despite California's computer science education policies, gender, racial and ethnic disparities persist among the high schools that offer these courses, the students enrolled in them and the ...

Scientists Discover How Our Circadian Rhythm Can Be Both Strong and Flexible

The combination of mathematical modeling and experiments identifies the difference in molecular clockworks of the master and slave clock neurons in Drosophila. This solves the long-standing mystery ...

Researchers Use Supercomputers for Largest-Ever Turbulence Simulations of Its Kind

Despite being among the most researched topics on supercomputers, a fundamental understanding of the effects of turbulent motion on fluid flows still eludes scientists. A new approach aims to change ...

Where Mathematics and a Social Perspective Meet Data

Community structure, including relationships between and within groups, is foundational to our understanding of the world around ...

Computational Modelling Experts Pioneer Pest-Busting Model

Mathematicians have developed a new mathematical model which could greatly increase the efficiency of pest control and hence significantly reduce the impact of pests on crops whilst minimizing the ...

Spatial Training With Blocks and Puzzles Could Unlock the UK's Mathematical Potential

A sustained focus on spatial reasoning training could help children learn science, technology, engineering and ...

Researchers Develop Methodology for Streamlined Control of Material Deformation

Researchers devise a new approach to a highly studied exotic elastic material, uncover an intuitive geometrical description of the pronounced -- or nonlinear -- soft deformations, and show how to ...

Artificial Intelligence System Rapidly Predicts How Two Proteins Will Attach

A new machine learning system can predict the structure formed when two proteins dock, in a process that's between 50 to 800 times faster than some software-based methods. This could help ...

New Computational Tool Predicts Cell Fates and Genetic Perturbations

Researchers have built a machine learning framework that can define the mathematical equations describing a cell's trajectory from one state to another, such as its development from a stem cell ...

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