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June 26, 2022

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'Nanomagnetic' Computing Can Provide Low-Energy AI

Researchers have shown it is possible to perform artificial intelligence using tiny nanomagnets that interact like neurons in the ...

CROPSR: A New Tool to Accelerate Genetic Discoveries

Scientists have developed CROPSR, the first open-source software tool for genome-wide design and evaluation of guide RNA (gRNA) sequences for CRISPR/Cas9 experiments. This tool significantly shortens ...

Inner Workings of Quantum Computers

A precision diagnostic is emerging as a gold standard for detecting and describing problems inside quantum computing ...

System Recognizes Hand Gestures to Expand Computer Input on a Keyboard

Researchers are developing a new technology that uses hand gestures to carry out commands on ...
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Shedding Light on Linguistic Diversity and Its Evolution

Scholars have created a new global repository of linguistic data. The project is designed to facilitate new insights into the evolution of words and sounds of the languages spoken across the world ...

New Open-Source Software Automates RNA Analysis to Speed Up Research and Drug Development

'Pytheas' is an app created to identify and quantify modified RNA molecules more easily than ...

DIY Digital Archaeology: New Methods for Visualizing Small Objects and Artifacts

A new article presents step-by-step protocols for creating publishable 2D and 3D visualizations. The techniques will allow anyone to produce high-quality images and models with minimal effort and ...

New Software to Help Discover Valuable Compounds

Because the comparative metabolomics field lacks sophisticated data analysis tools that are available to genomics and proteomics researchers, metabolomics researchers spend a lot of time hunting for ...

Simulated Human Eye Movement Aims to Train Metaverse Platforms

Computer engineers have developed virtual eyes that simulate how humans look at the world accurately enough for companies to train virtual reality and augmented reality programs. Called EyeSyn for ...

BioCro Software for Growing Virtual Crops Improved

A team has revamped the popular crop growth simulation software BioCro, making it a more user-friendly and efficient way to predict crop yield. The updated version, BioCro II, allows modelers to use ...

Rebooting Evolution

The building blocks of life-saving therapeutics could be developed in days instead of years thanks to new software that simulates evolution. Proseeker is the name of a new computational tool that ...

DNA Design Brings Predictability to Polymer Gels

Simulations have led to the fabrication of a polymer-DNA gel that could be used in tissue regeneration and ...

Algorithm Could Shorten Quality Testing, Research in Many Industries by Months

A machine-learning algorithm could provide auto manufacturing, aerospace and other industries a faster and more cost-efficient way to test bulk ...

Predicting Cell Fates: Researchers Develop AI Solutions for Next-Gen Biomedical Research

Data is not only the answer to numerous questions in the business world; the same applies to biomedical research. In order to develop new therapies or prevention strategies for diseases, scientists ...

Research Advances Technology of AI Assistance for Anesthesiologists

A new deep learning algorithm trained to optimize doses of propofol to maintain unconsciousness during general anesthesia could aid anesthesiologists and augment monitoring, according to a new ...

New Software May Help Neurology Patients Capture Clinical Data With Their Own Smartphones

New pose estimation software has the potential to help neurologists and their patients capture important clinical data using simple tools such as smartphones and tablets, according to a new ...

New Models Assess Bridge Support Repairs After Earthquakes

Civil engineers develop a computational modeling strategy to help plan effective repairs to damaged reinforced concrete ...

Engineers Develop New Software Tool to Aid Material Modeling Research

A new software tool can accelerate materials science research by cutting out tedious background research on material properties. Researchers recently debuted propSym, an open-source software on the ...

Grouping of Immune Cell Receptors Could Help Decode Patients' Personal History of Infection

Novel software for grouping immunological T-cell receptors may enable the identification of shared patterns that could be used to determine if a person has previously been infected or vaccinated ...

Development of an Artificial Vision Device Capable of Mimicking Human Optical Illusions

Researchers have developed an ionic artificial vision device capable of increasing the edge contrast between the darker and lighter areas of an mage in a manner similar to that of human vision. This ...

Virtual Reality Tool to Be Used in the Fight Against Disease

Science has the technology to measure the activity of every gene within a single individual cell, and just one experiment can generate thousands of cells worth of data. Researchers have now ...

Researchers Develop Rapid Computer Software to Track Pandemics as They Happen

Researchers have created lightning-fast computer software that can help nations track and analyze pandemics, like the one caused by COVID-19, before they spread like wildfire around the ...

New Software Predicts the Movements of Large Land Animals

New software helps determine the movements of large wild animals thereby minimizing conflicts with people. The software is simpler than measurements obtained using radio transmitters and can be used ...

Government Action Needed to Ensure Insurance Against Major Hacking of Driverless Vehicles, Experts Warn

Government action is needed so driverless vehicles can be insured against malicious hacks which could have potentially catastrophic consequences, a study ...

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