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June 26, 2022

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The Earth Moves Far Under Our Feet: A New Study Shows the Inner Core Oscillates

Scientists have found evidence that the Earth's inner core oscillates, contradicting previously accepted models that posited it consistently rotates ...

Updating Our Understanding of Earth's Architecture

New models that show how the continents were assembled are providing fresh insights into the history of the Earth and will help provide a better understanding of natural hazards like earthquakes and ...

Lab Earthquakes Show How Grains at Fault Boundaries Lead to Major Quakes

In a 'seismological wind tunnel,' engineers demonstrate the impact of rock gouge -- ground-up rock along a fault boundary -- on earthquake ...

A 3400-Year-Old City Emerges from the Tigris River

Archaeologists have uncovered a 3400-year-old Mittani Empire-era city once located on the Tigris River. The settlement emerged from the waters of the Mosul reservoir early this year as water levels ...
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The History of Lake Cahuilla Before the Salton Sea

Lake Cahuilla went through many cycles of filling and drying out over thousands of years. A new study used radiocarbon dating to determine the timing of the last seven periods of filling during the ...

Lake Erie Quakes Triggered by Shifting Water Levels? Study Finds No Smoking Gun, Urges Further Research

In June 2019, a magnitude 4.0 earthquake occurred beneath Lake Erie just off the shoreline of Ohio, about 20 miles northeast of ...

Neural Network Model Helps Predict Site-Specific Impacts of Earthquakes

In disaster mitigation planning for future large earthquakes, seismic ground motion predictions are a crucial part of early warning systems. The way the ground moves depends on how the soil layers ...

A Swarm of 85,000 Earthquakes at the Antarctic Orca Submarine Volcano

In a remote area, a mix of geophysical methods identifies magma transfer below the seafloor as the ...

Planet-Scale MRI

Researchers presented the results of efforts to perform global full waveform inversions of the Earth using the Frontera supercomputer. They used data from 300 earthquakes to construct the new global ...

Understanding Complex Faults: Rupture Propagation During the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah Earthquake

Researchers have identified irregular rupture propagation during the 2010 El Mayor-Cucapah earthquake in Mexico by incorporating teleseismic P waveform inversion with traditional modeling, allowing ...

Hawaiian-Emperor Undersea Mystery Revealed With Supercomputers

Kinematic plate reconstructions and high-resolution global dynamic models developed to quantify the amount of Pacific Plate motion change associated with the Hawaiian -- Emperor Bend. Scientists are ...

Nuclear Reactor Power Levels Can Be Monitored Using Seismic and Acoustic Data

Seismic and acoustic data recorded 50 meters away from a research nuclear reactor could predict whether the reactor was in an on or off state with 98% accuracy, according to a new ...

Hot Springs Reveal Where Continental Plates Collide Beneath Tibet

By analyzing the chemistry of over 200 geothermal springs, researchers have identified where the Indian Plate ends beneath Tibet, debunking some long-debated theories about the process of continental ...

Using Cell Phone GNSS Networks to Monitor Crustal Deformation

The Global Navigation Satellite System associated with a Japanese cell phone carrier can enhance monitoring of crustal deformation changes for earthquake early warning ...

X-Ray View of Subducting Tectonic Plates

Earth's thin crust softens considerably when it dives down into the Earth attached to a tectonic plate. That is demonstrated by X-ray studies carried out on a mineral which occurs in large ...

Earthquake Fracture Energy Relates to How a Quake Stops

By examining earthquake models from a fresh perspective, engineers now show that the earthquake fracture energy -- once thought to relate to how faults in the Earth's crust weaken -- is related ...

Study Maps Stress Changes Around Fault Activated by Hydraulic Fracturing

Researchers were able to observe stress changes before and during an earthquake induced by hydraulic fracturing in Alberta, Canada, with the help of a phenomenon called seismic ...

New Technique Unlocks Ancient History of Earth from Grains of Sand

Researchers have developed a new technique by studying the age of ancient grains of sand from beaches, rivers and rocks from around the world to reveal previously hidden details of the Earth's ...

Seismic Study Reveals Key Reason Why Patagonia Is Rising as Glaciers Melt

Geologists have discovered a link between recent ice mass loss, rapid rock uplift and a gap between tectonic plates that underlie ...

A Slow-Motion Section of the San Andreas Fault May Not Be So Harmless After All

The central section of the great fault spanning California, thought to be creeping along harmlessly at the moment, has experienced big quakes in the past, says a new ...

New Model May Improve San Francisco Bay Area, U.S., Seismic Hazard Maps

Using the Santa Cruz Mountains as a natural laboratory, researchers have built a 3D tectonic model that clarifies the link between earthquakes and mountain building along the San Andreas fault for ...

Discovery of Ancient Underwater Landslide Could Help Middle Eastern Nations Realize Tsunami Hazards

An earth scientist has discovered evidence of an ancient underwater landslide and associated tsunami in the Gulf of Aqaba, a subsidiary of the Red Sea, that should serve as a warning for many nations ...

Ridgecrest Shows How Earthquakes Damage Earth’s Crust

In July 2019, a series of earthquakes including two major shocks of magnitude 6.4 and 7.1 a day apart struck near Ridgecrest, CA, between Los Angeles and Las Vegas. For local residents, it was a ...

Better Prediction of Megathrust Earthquakes: Illuminating Slow Slip Plate Tectonics in South-Western Japan

Within the next 30 years, a highly destructive Nankai Trough megathrust earthquake is predicted to hit southwest Japan. Understanding long-term slow slip events that occur along the plate interface ...

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