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June 28, 2022

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New Biobatteries Use Bacterial Interactions to Generate Power for Weeks

Researchers have developed a 'plug-and-play' biobattery that lasts for weeks at a time and can be stacked to improve output voltage and ...

Thin-Film Photovoltaic Technology Combines Efficiency and Versatility

Stacking solar cells increases their efficiency. Researchers have now produced perovskite/CIS tandem solar cells with an efficiency of nearly 25 percent -- the highest value achieved thus far with ...
Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...

Once Seen as Fleeting, a New Solar Tech Proves Its Lasting Power

Researchers have developed the first perovskite solar cell with a commercially viable lifetime, marking a major milestone for an emerging class of renewable energy technology. The team projects their ...
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Modern Wind Turbines Can More Than Compensate for Decline in Global Wind Resource

Wind energy contributes significantly to the energy sector's sustainable, low-CO2 transformation. However, the efficiency of wind turbines depends on available wind resources and the technical ...

Ancient Ocean Floors Could Help in the Search for Critical Minerals

Studying ancient ocean floors could help us discover minerals needed to produce electric cars and solar ...

A 50% Reduction in Emissions by 2030 Can Be Achieved. Here's How

To prevent the worst outcomes from climate change, the U.S. will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next eight years. Scientists from around the nation have developed a blueprint ...

Researchers Show Dynamic Soaring Isn't Just for Albatrosses

A new study shows how small seabirds have mastered the art of working smarter not harder when soaring at ...

As the Grid Adds Wind Power, Researchers Have to Reengineer Recovery from Power Outages

When electric grids go down, there's no way to restore them -- 'blackstart' them -- with power from wind turbines. A team is now working to develop strategies and controllers that ...

Solar-Biomass Hybrid System Satisfies Home Heating Requirements in Winter

Researchers outline a computer simulation model addressing the challenge of solar power's inherent intermittency by adding biomass as another renewable energy source to advance a reliable, ...

New Artificial Enzyme Breaks Down Tough, Woody Lignin

An innovative artificial enzyme has shown it can chew through woody lignin, an abundant carbon-based substance that stores tremendous potential for renewable energy and ...

Researchers Develop New Biobattery for Hydrogen Storage

A team of microbiologists has succeeded in using bacteria for the controlled storage and release of hydrogen. This is an important step in the search for carbon-neutral energy sources in the interest ...

Researchers Create Highest Efficiency 1-Sun Solar Cell

Researchers have created a solar cell with a record 39.5 percent efficiency under 1-sun global illumination. This is believed to be the highest efficiency solar cell of any type, measured using ...

Experts Forecast the Wind Plant of the Future to Be Taller and More Economical

Anticipating key features of wind plants a decade or more ahead of their installation can inform today's investment, research, and energy system planning decisions. Researchers elicited opinions ...

Secret to Treating 'Achilles' Heel' of Alternatives to Silicon Solar Panels Revealed

A team of researchers has found that the tiny defects which limit the efficiency of perovskites -- cheaper alternative materials for solar cells -- are also responsible for structural changes in the ...

Electrode Design Paves Way for Better Biofuel Cells, Electrochemical Devices

Most biofuel cells provide low power output and short-term operational stability due to their poor electron transfer between enzymes and electrodes and between neighboring enzymes. These electron ...

New Tech Aims to Drive Down Costs of Hydrogen Fuel

Researchers have developed a new technique for extracting hydrogen gas from liquid carriers which is faster, less expensive and more energy efficient than previous ...

Hydrogen Production Method Opens Up Clean Energy Possibilities

A new energy-efficient way to produce hydrogen gas from ethanol and water has the potential to make clean hydrogen fuel a more viable alternative for gasoline to power ...

How a Cognitive Bias Is Blocking the Rise of Electric Cars

What are the barriers to the adoption of electric cars? Although the main financial and technological obstacles have been removed, their market share still needs to increase. In a recent study, a ...

Sparking Sustainable New Chemical Catalysts

New research could lead to the creation of new, sustainable catalysts based on tungsten oxide and similar compounds. The project used computational simulations to understand how tungsten oxide ...

Major Infrared Breakthrough Could Lead to Solar Power at Night

Using technology similar to night-vision goggles, researchers have developed a device that can generate electricity from thermal ...

Improved Wind Forecasts Save Consumers Millions in Energy Costs

Scientists determined that by increasing the accuracy of weather forecasts over the last decade, consumers netted at least $384 million in energy savings. The researchers based their predictions on ...

Mars' Emitted Energy and Seasonal Energy Imbalance

Seasonal imbalance between the solar energy absorbed and released by the planet Mars could be a cause of the Red Planet's dust storms, according to new research. Understanding how the system ...

Assessing the Impact of Loss Mechanisms in Solar Cell Candidate

The superconductor antimony sulfide selenide is a potential candidate for solar materials, but this depends on understanding how to boost its ...

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