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June 26, 2022

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Modeling Historical Biomass Could Be Key to Buffering Climate Change

A new study paints a vivid image of how forests developed over centuries and contribute to Earth's carbon balance -- a crucial component to maintaining a steady global climate. The study ...

Beyond 'Plant Trees!': Research Finds Tree Plantations Encroaching on Essential Ecosystems

Trees planted in the tropics as part of nations' reforestation commitments can have unintended consequences, sometimes degrading biodiversity ...

How We Choose to End Deforestation Will Impact Future Emissions

Could the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use's ambitions be too ambiguous? An international team of researchers looked into this ...

Secrets of Tree Hyraxes in Kenya Uncovered With New Research Techniques

In addition to audio recordings and laser scanning, a thermal imaging camera has been adopted for use in research focused on threatened mammals that hide from poachers in Kenya's Taita ...
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Rural Areas Near Coast Will Bear the Brunt of U.S. Sea-Level Rise

A new analysis using highly detailed elevation maps of the Chesapeake Bay suggests that North America's extensive areas of low-lying rural land will allow coastal marshes to persist or even ...

Rainforest Trees May Have Been Dying Faster Since the 1980s Because of Climate Change

Tropical trees in Australia's rainforests have been dying at double the previous rate since the 1980s, seemingly because of climate impacts, according to the findings of a long-term ...

High Rates of Landscape Degradation Not Product of Landscape Fires

Once humans discovered how to tame fire, they began using it for heat, cooking, to scare away animals and to alter their environs, especially burning areas to plant and to restore grazing land. In ...

What We're Still Learning About How Trees Grow

A new study finds that tree growth does not seem to be generally limited by photosynthesis but rather by cell growth. This suggests that we need to rethink the way we forecast forest growth in a ...

Climate Change Increases Risks of Tree Death

All of that carbon in trees and forests worldwide could be thrown back into the atmosphere if the trees burn up in a forest fire. Trees also stop scrubbing carbon dioxide from the air if they die due ...

How Does Forest Restoration Affect Water Cycles?

How would afforestation and restoration of large areas worldwide affect water-fluxes world wide? A new study has interesting answers. Impacts on precipitation reach far beyond country or even ...

The Forest as a Shelter for Insects in Warmer Climates?

Insect diversity is declining in Bavaria. Land use is a major driver, but the impact of climate change is still unknown. A study has now investigated in more detail how both factors interact in ...

Land-Building Marsh Plants Are Champions of Carbon Capture

Human activities such as marsh draining for agriculture are increasingly eating away at saltwater and freshwater wetlands that cover only 1% of Earth's surface but store more than 20% of all ...

California's 2020 Wildfire Season

A new study summarizing the 2020 California wildfire year said just over 9,900 wildfires burned 4.3 million acres in 2020. That's twice the previous record but only average compared to burn ...

Studies Find the Seeds of a Forest's Renewal After Wildfire, Drought

By quantifying the seed production of more than 700 trees species worldwide and how each species' productivity can vary by location, two new studies can help boost the success of efforts to ...

Bird Populations in Eastern Canada Declining Due to Forest 'Degradation,' Research Shows

Bird species that live in wooded areas are under stress from human-caused changes to forest composition, according to new research that quantifies the effects of forest 'degradation' on ...

Six New Species of Tiny Frog Discovered in Mexico

Scientists have discovered six new species of frog the size of a thumbnail in the forests of Mexico, with one earning the distinction of Mexico's smallest ...

Protecting Species for the Good of Global Climate

Until now, measures to protect climate and biodiversity have often been developed in parallel. However, this is now considered outdated because many approaches can protect both climate and ...

Meet the Forest Microbes That Can Survive Megafires

New research shows fungi and bacteria able to survive redwood tanoak forest megafires are microbial 'cousins' that often increase in abundance after feeling the ...

US Nationwide Maps of Bird Species Can Help Protect Biodiversity

Researchers have developed the maps at a fine-enough resolution to help conservation managers focus their efforts where they are most likely to help birds -- in individual counties or forests, rather ...

Lost South American Wildflower Named 'Extinctus' Rediscovered (but Still Endangered)

This South American wildflower was presumed extinct -- to the point that its official scientific name is Gasteranthus extinctus. But now, scientists are reporting the first confirmed sightings in 40 ...

Pandemic Adversely Impacts Already Stressed National Forests, Research Finds

Researchers found a dramatic increase during the pandemic of visitors to the parks and protected areas of New England that resulted in significant social, situational and ecological impacts on ...

Huge Amazon Swamp Carbon Stores Under Threat

The largest peatlands in the Amazon rainforest, which hold a vast, concentrated amount of carbon, are under increasing threat from changing land use, research ...

Factors Including Extreme Winds, Topography and Vegetation Influenced the Severity of Burns from Oregon's Devastating 2020 Megafires

In a new study examining burn patterns from the 2020 Labor Day fires, researchers studied the influence of weather, topography, vegetation and other factors on burn severity in areas where the fires ...

Deforestation Drives Climate Change That Harms Remaining Forest

Scientists using climate models and satellite data reveal for the first time how protecting tropical forests can yield climate benefits that enhance carbon storage in nearby ...

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