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June 26, 2022

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Stretching of the Continents Drove Ancient Global Warming Event, Say Scientists

Scientists have discovered that stretching of the continents is likely to have caused one of the most extreme and abrupt episodes of global warming ...

Tapping the Ocean as a Source of Natural Products

Using DNA data, researchers have examined seawater to find not only new species of bacteria, but also previously unknown natural products that may one day prove ...

Newly Documented Population of Polar Bears in Southeast Greenland Sheds Light on the Species' Future in a Warming Arctic

A new population of polar bears documented on the southeast coast of Greenland use glacier ice to survive despite limited access to sea ice. This ...

Humans Responsible for Over 90% of World's Oil Slicks

Scientists mapping oil pollution across the Earth's oceans have found that more than 90% of chronic oil slicks come from human sources, a much higher proportion than previously ...
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Co-Existing Mangrove-Coral Habitats Have a New Global Classification System

By coexisting more closely with mangroves, tropical coral species may have found an alternative habitat where they can thrive in the face of climate ...

River Belt Discovery Helps Scientists Understand Ancient Rivers

A researcher has come up with a rule that connects channel belts to river patterns, finding that, in general, the more channels a river has, the narrower its channel belt. Since the physics shaping ...

Hidden in Plain Sight: Biologists Say Southern Right Whale Habitat Choice Is Key to Keeping Young Calves Safe

While researchers have speculated that the up to 50-foot-long whales choose shallow, coastal locations for lack of predators and warmer and calmer waters, a team of biologists recently uncovered a ...

Rural Areas Near Coast Will Bear the Brunt of U.S. Sea-Level Rise

A new analysis using highly detailed elevation maps of the Chesapeake Bay suggests that North America's extensive areas of low-lying rural land will allow coastal marshes to persist or even ...

Companies’ Use of Renewable Energy Certificates Masks Inaction on Carbon Emissions

A new study argues that renewable energy certificates -- a market-based tool that certifies the bearer owns one megawatt hour of electricity produced from renewable energy sources -- generally do not ...

Pioneering Study Shows Climate Played Crucial Role in Changing Location of Ancient Coral Reefs

Prehistoric coral reefs dating back up to 250 million years extended much further away from the Earth's equator than today, new research has ...

Scientists Provide Explanation for Exceptional Tonga Tsunami

Scientists say they have identified the exact mechanism responsible for the exceptional tsunami that spread quickly across the world after the colossal eruption of the Tonga volcano earlier this ...

Ningaloo Corals Are Ill-Equipped to Handle Future Climate Change

The relatively pristine coral populations of WA's inshore Kimberley region are better equipped to survive ocean warming than the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Marine Park, according to a new ...

How 'Viral Dark Matter' May Help Mitigate Climate Change

A deep dive into the 5,500 marine RNA virus species scientists recently identified has found that several may help drive carbon absorbed from the atmosphere to permanent storage on the ocean ...

As the Ocean Heats Up Hungrier Predators Take Control

A hotter ocean is a hungrier ocean -- at least as far as fish predators are concerned. Scientists have discovered predator impacts in the Atlantic and Pacific peak at higher temperatures. The effects ...

How 'Green Islands' Help Forests Regenerate After Fire

A new study characterizes the role of fire refugia -- the green islands of live trees that remain after forest fires -- in forest regeneration following large and severe fires in the High Cascade ...

Antarctic Glaciers Losing Ice at Fastest Rate for 5,500 Years

New evidence suggests that two major glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) are losing ice at the fastest rate for at least 5,500 ...

New Insights Into How Cyanobacteria Regulate Zinc Uptake in the Open Ocean

An interdisciplinary research team has identified a remarkably efficient regulatory network that controls zinc accumulation in the open ocean cyanobacterium ...

New Research Shows Climate Change Impacts on Whale Habitat Use in the Warming Gulf of Maine

New research finds climate change is having an impact on how large whale species, including the critically endangered North Atlantic right whale, use habitats in the warming Gulf of Maine, showing ...

New CDC Study Details County-Level Distribution of Seven Diseases Spread by Blacklegged Ticks

As surveillance for ticks and the disease-causing germs they spread improves, so does Americans' access to knowledge about where the risk of tickborne disease is greatest. Experts have assembled ...

The Southern Ocean as Never Seen Before

With the second version of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO v2), an international group of researchers recently presented the best and most detailed seafloor map of ...

Updating Our Understanding of Earth's Architecture

New models that show how the continents were assembled are providing fresh insights into the history of the Earth and will help provide a better understanding of natural hazards like earthquakes and ...

Kelp Connecting Southern Ocean Coasts, Genomics Reveals

The DNA of kelp has enabled scientists to show just how interconnected coastal communities of the Southern Ocean are. A new study carried out genomic analyses of bull kelp washed up over decades in ...

Microplastics in the Indian Ocean

Samples from the tropical Indian Ocean were investigated using a new method for extraction and identification of microplastic particles from water samples. The result: The burden is clearly ...

Scientists Find New Indicators of Alaska Permafrost Thawing

More areas of year-round unfrozen ground have begun dotting Interior and Northwest Alaska and will continue to increase in extent due to climate change, according to new ...

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