Hurricanes and Cyclones News
June 26, 2022

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In Wake of Hurricane, Microbial Ecosystem Remarkably Resilient

After sustaining seemingly catastrophic hurricane damage, a primordial groundcover vital to sustaining a multitude of coastal lifeforms bounced back to life in a matter of months, according to new ...

Climate Change Will More Than Double the Risk of Intense Tropical Cyclones by 2050

Human-caused climate change will make strong tropical cyclones twice as frequent by the middle of the century, putting large parts of the world at ...

Hurricanes and Other Tropical Cyclones Linked to Rise in U.S. Deaths from Several Major Causes

Over recent decades, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones in the U.S. were associated with up to 33.4 percent higher death rates from several major ...

Microwave Data Assimilation Improves Forecasts of Hurricane Intensity, Rainfall

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey stalled after making landfall over coastal Texas, pouring down record rainfall, flooding communities and becoming one of ...
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Disasters Could Disrupt Care for Opioid Use Disorder in Most Vulnerable Communities

The COVID-19 pandemic has spiked the overdose death rate from opioid use. For people who rely on medications (buprenorphine, methadone, and extended-release naltrexone) to treat opioid use disorders, ...

Feather Phenomenon: Radar Indicates Stronger Hurricanes Trap, Transport More Birds

Whether birds get caged in the eye of a hurricane may depend on the intensity and totality of the chaos beyond the calm, says a novel ...

Quantifying Change on Barrier Islands Highlights the Value of Storms

Researchers have developed a methodology for quantifying landscape changes on barrier islands and, in doing so, have found the storms that can devastate human infrastructure also create opportunities ...

Reducing Tropical Cyclone Impacts: The Double Benefit of Climate Protection Through Both Limiting and Delaying Global Warming

Increasing global warming from currently one to two degrees Celsius by mid-century might lead to about 25 percent more people put at risk by tropical cyclones, a new study finds. Already today, ...

Scientists Solve Mystery of Icy Plumes That May Foretell Deadly Supercell Storms

The most devastating tornadoes are often preceded by a cloudy plume of ice and water vapor billowing above a severe thunderstorm. New research reveals the mechanism for these plumes could be tied to ...

Officials Leading Hurricane Response Need ‘risk Literacy’

New research shows that the most numerate officials were almost twice as likely as less numerate ones to provide additional evacuation times to their coastal communities during a hurricane. Less ...

Nature’s Archive Reveals Atlantic Tempests Through Time

Scientists uncover how natural archives recorded Atlantic hurricane frequency over the past 1,000 years. More data is needed to help model how climate change will affect storms in the ...

Research Shows Scale Models Effective for Predicting Storm Damage to Wood-Frame Buildings

A pair of scale model structures subjected to simulated storm conditions in an lab responded like real wood-frame homes during recent hurricanes, suggesting model buildings can yield important design ...

Human, Swine Waste Pose Dual Threats to Water Quality After Flooding

A study that monitored surface waters in the wake of 2018's Hurricane Florence finds that waters contaminated by fecal bacteria were affected by both human and swine ...

Why Middle-Class Residents Want to Stay Put After Floodwaters Recede

Flood disasters like Hurricane Harvey lead some people to move far from the places they had called home. But a new study finds that middle-class people who made long-term plans to stay in their ...

Big Data-Derived Tool Facilitates Closer Monitoring of Recovery from Natural Disasters

By analyzing peoples' visitation patterns to essential establishments like pharmacies, religious centers and grocery stores during Hurricane Harvey, researchers have developed a framework to ...

No More Cone? Psychology Researchers Offer Better Tool for Visualizing Hurricane Danger

Researchers are working on an easily understood, science-backed way to visually represent hurricane danger to the general public. They contend that the cone of uncertainty creates a false sense of ...

To Understand the Future of Hurricanes, Look to the Past

New research highlights the importance of understanding sea surface temperatures patterns in predicting future hurricane ...

Mangrove Forest Study Has Takeaways for Coastal Communities

A new article shines light on the effect human-made infrastructure and natural topography has on coastal wetlands after major storm ...

Natural Hazards Threaten 57% of US Structures

More than half of the structures in the contiguous United States are exposed to potentially devastating natural hazards such as floods, tornadoes and wildfires. Increasing temperatures and ...

An Acceleration of Coastal Overtopping Around the World

The combination of sea level rise, tides, storm surge and waves has increased the overtopping of natural and artificial coastal protection by nearly 50% in the last two ...

Scientists Expose the Cold Heart of Landfalling Hurricanes

Fearsome and powerful, hurricanes can wreak massive destruction when they hit land. But while most hurricanes then weaken, others can strengthen again into extratropical cyclones and caused further ...

Ocean Microplastics: First Global View Shows Seasonal Changes and Sources

An estimated 8 million tons of plastic trash enters the ocean each year, and most of it is battered by sun and waves into microplastics -- tiny flecks that can ride currents hundreds or thousands of ...

Study of Hurricane Harvey Flooding Aids in Quantifying Climate Change

Researchers used a hydraulic model to consider the degree to which human-caused climate change may have affected flooding in Houston in 2017 during Hurricane Harvey. Resources were used to quantify ...

Puerto Rico Is Prone to More Flooding Than the Island Is Prepared to Handle

Puerto Rico is not ready for another hurricane season, let alone the effects of climate change, according to a new study that shows the island's outstanding capacity to produce record-breaking ...

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