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June 26, 2022

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Lesser Known Ozone Layer's Outsized Role in Planet Warming

New research has identified a lesser-known form of ozone playing a big role in heating the Southern Ocean -- one of Earth's main cooling ...

Ozone May Be Heating the Planet More Than We Realize

New research reveals ozone in the lower atmosphere in particular contributed to warming in the Southern Ocean - which absorbs much of the planet's excess heat - more than previously realized. The ...

Smoke from Major Wildfires Destroys the Ozone Layer

A new study shows that smoke from wildfires destroys the ozone layer. Researchers caution that if major fires become more frequent with a changing climate, more damaging ultraviolet radiation from ...

Chemical Link Between Wildfire Smoke and Ozone Depletion

Atmospheric chemists have found that the smoke from Australia's 'Black Summer' wildfires set off chemical reactions in the stratosphere that contributed to the destruction of ozone. The study is the ...
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Air Pollution Decrease in India During COVID-19 Lockdown Not as High as Originally Thought

Observational data shows air pollution in India decreased drastically in the first COVID-19 lockdown when emissions from vehicles naturally declined, but researchers say those numbers only tell part ...

Smoke from Nuclear War Would Devastate Ozone Layer, Alter Climate

The massive columns of smoke generated by a nuclear war would alter the world's climate for years and devastate the ozone layer, endangering both human health and food supplies, new research ...

Protecting the Ozone Layer Is Delivering Vast Health Benefits

An international agreement to protect the ozone layer is expected to prevent 443 million cases of skin cancer and 63 million cataract cases for people born in the United States through the end of ...

Under the Northern Lights: Mesospheric Ozone Layer Depletion Explained

The same phenomenon that causes aurorae -- the magical curtains of green light often visible from the polar regions of the Earth -- causes mesospheric ozone layer depletion, which could have ...

Scientists Reveal How Landmark CFC Ban Gave Planet Fighting Chance Against Global Warming

New modelling by the international team of scientists paints a dramatic vision of a scorched planet Earth without the Montreal Protocol, what they call the 'World Avoided'. This study draws ...

Elevated Warming, Ozone Have Detrimental Effects on Plant Roots, Promote Soil Carbon Loss

Two factors that play a key role in climate change - increased climate warming and elevated ozone levels - appear to have detrimental effects on soybean plant roots, their relationship with symbiotic ...

Artificial Intelligence Breakthrough Gives Longer Advance Warning of Ozone Issues

Ozone levels in the earth's troposphere (the lowest level of our atmosphere) can now be forecasted with accuracy up to two weeks in advance, a remarkable improvement over current systems that ...

Rising Greenhouse Gases Pose Continued Threat to Arctic Ozone Layer

A new study shows that extremely low winter temperatures high in the atmosphere over the Arctic are becoming more frequent and more extreme because of climate patterns associated with global warming. ...

Ozone Pollution Has Increased in Antarctica

Ozone is a pollutant at ground level, but very high in the atmosphere's 'ozone layer,' it absorbs damaging ultraviolet radiation. Past studies have examined ozone levels in the ...

Understanding of Invisible but Mighty Particles in Earth's Radiation Belts

Tiny charged electrons and protons which can damage satellites and alter the ozone have revealed some of their mysteries to ...

Household Aerosols Now Release More Harmful Smog Chemicals Than All UK Vehicles

Aerosol products used in the home now emit more harmful volatile organic compound (VOC) air pollution than all the vehicles in the UK, new research shows. A new study reveals that the picture is ...

Impacts of Coronavirus Lockdowns: New Study Collects Data on Pollutants in the Atmosphere

One consequence of the coronavirus pandemic has been global restrictions on mobility. This, in turn, has had an effect on pollution levels in the atmosphere. Researchers from across the world are ...

Ozone Pollution Harms Maize Crops, Study Finds

A new study has shown that ozone in the lower layers of the atmosphere decreases crop yields in maize and changes the types of chemicals that are found inside the ...

With Drop in LA's Vehicular Aerosol Pollution, Vegetation Emerges as Major Source

Organic aerosol pollutants have decreased in the Los Angeles area due to strict vehicle emissions controls, but aerosol levels still rise in hot weather to unhealthful levels. While some attribute ...

Study Predicts the Oceans Will Start Emitting Ozone-Depleting CFCs

The ocean, a longtime reservoir for CFC-11, will become a source of the ozone-depleting chemical by middle of next ...

COVID-19 Lockdown Highlights Ozone Chemistry in China

Recently, the ozone season in China has been getting longer, spreading from summer into early spring and late winter. The COVID-19 lockdown can help explain why. Researchers found that decreases in ...

Long-Term Exposure to Low Levels of Air Pollution Increases Risk of Heart and Lung Disease

Analysis of records for more than 63 million Medicare enrollees from 2000 to 2016 finds long-term exposure to air pollution had a significant impact on the number of people hospitalized for cardiac ...

Emissions of Banned Ozone-Depleting Substance Are Back on the Decline

Global emissions of a potent substance notorious for depleting the Earth's ozone layer -- the protective barrier which absorbs the Sun's harmful UV rays -- have fallen rapidly and are now ...

Sensor and Detoxifier in One

Ozone is a problematic air pollutant that causes serious health problems. A newly developed material not only quickly and selectively indicates the presence of ozone, but also simultaneously renders ...

Extreme UV Laser Shows Generation of Atmospheric Pollutant

Scientists show that under laboratory conditions, ultraviolet light reacts with nitrophenol to produce smog-generating nitrous ...

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