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June 28, 2022

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Scientists Decontaminate Heavy Metal Water Using Protein from Plant Waste

Scientists have created a membrane made from a waste by-product of vegetable oil manufacturing, which can filter out heavy metals from contaminated water. In tests, they showed that this process of ...

Humans Responsible for Over 90% of World's Oil Slicks

Scientists mapping oil pollution across the Earth's oceans have found that more than 90% of chronic oil slicks come from human sources, a much higher proportion than previously ...

Could Used Beer Yeast Be the Solution to Heavy Metal Contamination in Water?

A new study finds inactive yeast could be effective as an inexpensive, abundant, and simple material for removing lead contamination from drinking ...

Including All Types of Emissions Shortens Timeline to Reach Paris Agreement Temperature Targets

Looking beyond carbon dioxide emissions to include other human-generated pollutants, like methane, nitrogen oxide and particulate pollution, changes ...
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Chemicals in Fairbanks Winter Air

A chemical compound discovered in 2019 in Fairbanks' wintertime air accounts for a significant portion of the community's fine particulate pollution, according to new research that seeks ...

Microplastic Pollution in Montana's Flathead Lake

Scientists have a greater understanding of the amount of microplastics polluting Flathead Lake, the likely sources of these microplastics and what can be done to prevent more from finding their way ...

No 'Safest Spot' to Minimize Risk of COVID-19 Transmission on Trains

Researchers have demonstrated how airborne diseases such as COVID-19 spread along the length of a train carriage and found that there is no 'safest spot' for passengers to minimise the risk ...

Preadolescents Exposed to High Levels of Air Pollution in Their First Years of Life Display Changes in Brain Connectivity

Higher exposure to air pollution is associated with higher functional brain connectivity among several brain regions in preadolescents, while exposure to traffic noise was not, according to a study. ...

Air Pollution Gets Worse During Winter at Airports

Researchers found that airports situated in colder climates accumulated more pollutants like PM2.5 in the fall and winter, compared to airports in milder ...

Researchers Reveal Add-on Benefits of Natural Defenses Against Sea-Level Rise

Researchers modeled how investing in environmental conservation and protection can help San Mateo County adapt to rising seas. The findings provide incentives for policymakers to prioritize ...

Opening of Doors on Passenger Ships Increases the Risk of COVID-19 Transmission, New Study Finds

A study has revealed that leaving open a cabin door on small passenger ships can increase the spread of COVID-19, contrary to advice for other ...

Microplastics in the Indian Ocean

Samples from the tropical Indian Ocean were investigated using a new method for extraction and identification of microplastic particles from water samples. The result: The burden is clearly ...

Higher Socioeconomic Status Linked to Increased Air Pollution Exposure in China

Researchers have uncovered that people living in China who have a higher socioeconomic status are actually more exposed to outdoor air pollution, also known as ambient air pollution. This finding ...

Textile Filter Testing Shows Promise for Carbon Capture

Researchers found they could filter carbon dioxide from air and gas mixtures at promising rates using a proposed new textile-based filter that combines cotton fabric and an enzyme called carbonic ...

A 50% Reduction in Emissions by 2030 Can Be Achieved. Here's How

To prevent the worst outcomes from climate change, the U.S. will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next eight years. Scientists from around the nation have developed a blueprint ...

Less Air Pollution Leads to Higher Crop Yields

New analysis shows crop yields could increase by about 25% in China and up to 10% in other parts of the world if emissions of a common air pollutant decreased by about ...

Air Pollution Linked to Adverse Outcomes in Pregnancy

A new study in mice reveals how exposure to traffic-related air pollutants causes cellular changes in the placenta that can lead to pregnancy complications and affect the health of both mother and ...

Oil Spill Remediation: Research Confirms Effectiveness of Oil Dispersants

Chemical dispersants are some of the best tools to clean up after an oil spill. However, scientists do not fully understand how well they work. A new study validated their efficacy in order to better ...

Anthropogenic Vapors in Haze Pollution Over Hong Kong and Mainland China's Megacities

Scientists have revealed the significant roles of anthropogenic low-volatility organic vapors on the secondary organic aerosols (SOA) formation in four megacities in China, providing new insights for ...

New Type of Extremely Reactive Substance in the Atmosphere

An entirely new class of super-reactive chemical compounds has been discovered under atmospheric conditions. Researchers have documented the formation of so-called trioxides -- an extremely oxidizing ...

High Air Pollution from Fracking in Ohio County

Residents of Belmont County in eastern Ohio have long suffered from health problems they suspected were the result of air pollution from fracking facilities, but regulators dismissed and downplayed ...

Researchers Develop New Biobattery for Hydrogen Storage

A team of microbiologists has succeeded in using bacteria for the controlled storage and release of hydrogen. This is an important step in the search for carbon-neutral energy sources in the interest ...

Curbing Other Climate Pollutants, Not Just CO2, Gives Earth a Chance

Slashing emissions of carbon dioxide by itself isn't enough to prevent catastrophic global warming, a new study shows. But if we simultaneously also reduce emissions of methane and other often ...

Low-Cost Gel Film Can Pluck Drinking Water from Desert Air

Researchers developed a low-cost gel film made of abundant materials that can pull drinkable water from the air in even the driest ...

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