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June 26, 2022

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Modeling Historical Biomass Could Be Key to Buffering Climate Change

A new study paints a vivid image of how forests developed over centuries and contribute to Earth's carbon balance -- a crucial component to maintaining a steady global climate. The study ...

Beyond 'Plant Trees!': Research Finds Tree Plantations Encroaching on Essential Ecosystems

Trees planted in the tropics as part of nations' reforestation commitments can have unintended consequences, sometimes degrading biodiversity ...

How We Choose to End Deforestation Will Impact Future Emissions

Could the Glasgow Leaders' Declaration on Forests and Land Use's ambitions be too ambiguous? An international team of researchers looked into this ...

Secrets of Tree Hyraxes in Kenya Uncovered With New Research Techniques

In addition to audio recordings and laser scanning, a thermal imaging camera has been adopted for use in research focused on threatened mammals that hide from poachers in Kenya's Taita ...
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How Does Forest Restoration Affect Water Cycles?

How would afforestation and restoration of large areas worldwide affect water-fluxes world wide? A new study has interesting answers. Impacts on precipitation reach far beyond country or even ...

The Forest as a Shelter for Insects in Warmer Climates?

Insect diversity is declining in Bavaria. Land use is a major driver, but the impact of climate change is still unknown. A study has now investigated in more detail how both factors interact in ...

Studies Find the Seeds of a Forest's Renewal After Wildfire, Drought

By quantifying the seed production of more than 700 trees species worldwide and how each species' productivity can vary by location, two new studies can help boost the success of efforts to ...

Bird Populations in Eastern Canada Declining Due to Forest 'Degradation,' Research Shows

Bird species that live in wooded areas are under stress from human-caused changes to forest composition, according to new research that quantifies the effects of forest 'degradation' on ...

Climate Change Will More Than Double the Risk of Intense Tropical Cyclones by 2050

Human-caused climate change will make strong tropical cyclones twice as frequent by the middle of the century, putting large parts of the world at risk, according to a new study. The analysis also ...

With Dwindling Water Supplies, the Timing of Rainfall Matters

A new study shows it's not how much extra water you give your plants, but when you give it that counts. Researchers observed that in summer, plants grow more when given extra water, in addition ...

US Nationwide Maps of Bird Species Can Help Protect Biodiversity

Researchers have developed the maps at a fine-enough resolution to help conservation managers focus their efforts where they are most likely to help birds -- in individual counties or forests, rather ...

Lost South American Wildflower Named 'Extinctus' Rediscovered (but Still Endangered)

This South American wildflower was presumed extinct -- to the point that its official scientific name is Gasteranthus extinctus. But now, scientists are reporting the first confirmed sightings in 40 ...

How to Balance Biodiversity Goals With Limited Economic Resources

In 2019, a landmark report gave the world its first report card on biodiversity loss. There was one crystal clear conclusion: human actions threaten more species with global extinction than ever ...

Factors Including Extreme Winds, Topography and Vegetation Influenced the Severity of Burns from Oregon's Devastating 2020 Megafires

In a new study examining burn patterns from the 2020 Labor Day fires, researchers studied the influence of weather, topography, vegetation and other factors on burn severity in areas where the fires ...

Deforestation Drives Climate Change That Harms Remaining Forest

Scientists using climate models and satellite data reveal for the first time how protecting tropical forests can yield climate benefits that enhance carbon storage in nearby ...

Dynamic Rivers Contributed to Amazon's Rich Bird Diversity

One of the most contentious questions in evolutionary biology is, how did the Amazon become so rich in species? A new study focused on birds examines how the movements of rivers in the Amazon have ...

How Plants Activate Their Immune System Against Pathogens in Rain

A recent study has revealed that when plants are exposed to rain, hair-like structures on the leaf surface called trichomes recognize this rain as a risk factor for causing disease and activate their ...

Amazon Rainforest Foliage Gases Affect the Earth’s Atmosphere

Researchers have uncovered a plant-derived process that leads to the formation of aerosol particles over the Amazon rainforest and potentially other forested parts of the ...

Global Team of Scientists Determine 'Fingerprint' for How Much Heat, Drought Is Too Much for Forests

A new study has compiled a global database of climate-induced forest die-off events, from 1970-2018, across 675 locations. After analyzing the climate conditions at each location during each event, ...

Protected Tropical Forest Sees Major Bird Declines Over 40 Years

Deep in a Panamanian rain forest, bird populations have been quietly declining for 44 years. A new study shows a whopping 70% of understory bird species declined in the forest between 1977 and 2020. ...

Cutting Palm Trees to Harvest Fruit? Better to Let Trees Grow

Scientists have shown for the first time the widespread harm caused in Peru by cutting down the palm tree Mauritia flexuosa in order to harvest its fruit. The scientists examined where and why the ...

Crowdsourcing Campaign Identifies Drivers of Tropical Forest Loss

To combat forest loss in the tropics, a new study uses crowdsourcing to identify the drivers of deforestation. The resulting dataset can be used to create high-resolution maps and help policymakers ...

Increased Heat and Drought Stunt Tropical Trees, a Major Carbon Sink

For a long time, ecologists assumed tree rings to be absent in tropical trees because of a lack of temperature and rain fluctuations in the trees' environment. But in recent decades, the ...

How Would a Nuclear Winter Impact Food Production?

Research focuses on how meeting food security and nutrition in the face of potential risks is one of humanity's major challenges over the next ...

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