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June 28, 2022

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A 50% Reduction in Emissions by 2030 Can Be Achieved. Here's How

To prevent the worst outcomes from climate change, the U.S. will need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% in the next eight years. Scientists from around the nation have developed a blueprint ...

Researchers Show Dynamic Soaring Isn't Just for Albatrosses

A new study shows how small seabirds have mastered the art of working smarter not harder when soaring at ...

Researchers Create Highest Efficiency 1-Sun Solar Cell

Researchers have created a solar cell with a record 39.5 percent efficiency under 1-sun global illumination. This is believed to be the highest efficiency solar cell of any type, measured using ...

Hydrogen Production Method Opens Up Clean Energy Possibilities

A new energy-efficient way to produce hydrogen gas from ethanol and water has the potential to make clean hydrogen fuel a more viable alternative for gasoline to power ...
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Modern Wind Turbines Can More Than Compensate for Decline in Global Wind Resource

Wind energy contributes significantly to the energy sector's sustainable, low-CO2 transformation. However, the efficiency of wind turbines depends on available wind resources and the technical ...

Adopting Low-Carbon Energy Can Reduce Racial Disparities in Air Pollution

Switching to low carbon fuels for transportation, cooking, heating, power generation and other needs would help fight climate change and also reduce racial and ethnic disparities in exposure to air ...

Scientists Advance Renewable Hydrogen Production Method

Perovskite materials may hold the potential to play an important role in a process to produce hydrogen in a renewable manner, according to a recent analysis. Hydrogen has emerged as an important ...

Dual Membrane Offers Hope for Long-Term Energy Storage

A new approach to battery design could provide the key to low-cost, long-term energy storage, according to ...

Lignin-Based Jet Fuel Packs More Power for Less Pollution

An experimental plant-based jet fuel could increase engine performance and efficiency, while dispensing with aromatics, the pollution-causing compounds added to conventional fuels, according to new ...

Cheaper Hydrogen Fuel Cell Could Mean Better Green Energy Options

Researchers have developed a hydrogen fuel cell that uses iron instead of rare and costly platinum, enabling greater use of the ...

Study Finds Offshore Wind Could Drive Down Energy Costs in New England, US

While wind power is expected to be a 'saving grace' during extreme winter storms, researchers wanted to look at whether storms could also disrupt power supplies and drive up ...

Cheaper Solar Cells Could Be on the Way Thanks to New Materials

New solar cell devices that are cheaper and easier to make could soon make their way to market thanks to new ...

Extract from a Common Kitchen Spice Could Be Key to Greener, More Efficient Fuel Cells

Researchers have discovered a novel way to combine curcumin -- the substance in turmeric -- and gold nanoparticles to create an electrode that requires 100 times less energy to efficiently convert ...

A New Heat Engine With No Moving Parts Is as Efficient as a Steam Turbine

Engineers have developed a heat engine with no moving parts that is as efficient as a steam turbine. The design could someday enable a fully decarbonized power grid, researchers ...

You've Heard of Water Droughts. Could 'Energy' Droughts Be Next?

Drawing on 70 years of historic wind and solar-power data, researchers built an AI model to predict the probability of a network-scale 'drought,' when daily production of renewables fell ...

Lack of Marshaling Ports Hindering Offshore Wind Industry

A new study finds that the nation's existing and planned marshaling ports, the assembly areas critical to building and deploying offshore wind turbines, will be insufficient by 2023 to meet ...

Modeling Earth's Magnetosphere in the Laboratory

Scientists report a method to study smaller magnetospheres, sometimes just millimeters thick, in the laboratory. The new experimental platform combines the magnetic field of the Large Plasma Device ...

Bacteria Generate Electricity from Methane

Generating power while purifying the environment of greenhouse gases should be achievable using bacteria. Microbiologists have demonstrated that it is possible to make methane-consuming bacteria ...

Collision Hotspots for Migrating Birds Revealed in New Study

New research highlights the areas in Europe and North Africa where the construction of wind turbines or power lines is likely to increase the risk of death for migrating ...

Converting Solar Energy to Electricity on Demand

A new energy system that makes it possible to capture solar energy, store it for up to eighteen years and release it when and where it is needed has now taken the system a step further. After ...

Engineers Point the Way to More Affordable, Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods

Analysis presents a first-of-its-kind framework to design the most efficient mix of urban buildings along with integrated systems to supply power and water services. The approach could significantly ...

Solar Cell Keeps Working Long After Sun Sets

Researchers have constructed a photovoltaic cell that harvests energy from the environment during the day and night, making use of the heat leaking from Earth back into space. At night, solar cells ...

‘Freeze-Thaw Battery’ Is Adept at Preserving Its Energy

Scientists have created a battery designed for the electric grid that locks in energy for months without losing much storage capacity. It's a step toward batteries that can be used for seasonal ...

Solar Hydrogen: Better Photoelectrodes Through Flash Heating

Producing low-cost metal-oxide thin films with high electronic quality for solar water splitting is not an easy task. Especially since quality improvements of the upper metal oxide thin films need ...

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