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June 26, 2022

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Tiny Fish-Shaped Robot 'Swims' Around Picking Up Microplastics

Microplastics are found nearly everywhere on Earth and can be harmful to animals if they're ingested. But it's hard to remove such tiny particles from the environment, especially once they settle ...
Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...

Scientists Decontaminate Heavy Metal Water Using Protein from Plant Waste

Scientists have created a membrane made from a waste by-product of vegetable oil manufacturing, which can filter out heavy metals from contaminated water. In tests, they showed that this process of ...

Tapping the Ocean as a Source of Natural Products

Using DNA data, researchers have examined seawater to find not only new species of bacteria, but also previously unknown natural products that may one day prove ...
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Microplastic Pollution in Montana's Flathead Lake

Scientists have a greater understanding of the amount of microplastics polluting Flathead Lake, the likely sources of these microplastics and what can be done to prevent more from finding their way ...

Research Highlights Importance of Large Wood in Streams for Land-Based Animals

Land managers have invested millions of dollars annually since the 1980s to place large pieces of wood back in streams, owing primarily to its importance for fish habitat. But little is known about ...

A Small Lowering of the Groundwater Level Can Destroy House Foundations

A new thesis shows that wooden pile foundations show visible damage after only a year if the groundwater level lowers. This can cause settlements of buildings in a matter of a few ...

AI Reveals Scale of Eelgrass Vulnerability to Warming, Disease

A combination of ecological field methods and cutting-edge artificial intelligence has helped an interdisciplinary research group detect eelgrass wasting disease at nearly three dozen sites along a ...

River Belt Discovery Helps Scientists Understand Ancient Rivers

A researcher has come up with a rule that connects channel belts to river patterns, finding that, in general, the more channels a river has, the narrower its channel belt. Since the physics shaping ...

Research Clarifies Hazards Posed by Harmful Algal Blooms

Research has shed new light on the hazards associated with harmful algal blooms such as one four years ago that fouled drinking water in Oregon's capital city of ...

Gravity-Defying Spike Waves Rewrite the Rule Book

Researchers studying wave breaking have found that axisymmetric 'spike waves' can far exceed limits that were previously thought to dictate the maximum height of ocean ...

Study Explores Uncertainties in Flood Risk Estimates

Flood frequency analysis is a technique used to estimate flood risk, providing statistics such as the '100-year flood' or '500-year flood' that are critical to infrastructure ...

Double-Layered Catalyst Generates More Hydrogen

Engineers have developed a catalyst by adding a flat platinum interface to NiFe-layered double hydroxide (LDH). The new catalyst increases hydrogen production efficiency and displays 11.2 times ...

Pioneering Study Shows Climate Played Crucial Role in Changing Location of Ancient Coral Reefs

Prehistoric coral reefs dating back up to 250 million years extended much further away from the Earth's equator than today, new research has ...

Could Used Beer Yeast Be the Solution to Heavy Metal Contamination in Water?

A new study finds inactive yeast could be effective as an inexpensive, abundant, and simple material for removing lead contamination from drinking water supplies. The approach should be efficient and ...

Catalyst from Hot Water

The production of chemical substances normally requires environmentally harmful solvents. After researchers had produced organic substances without harmful substances by heating them in hot water, ...

How Much Spring Nitrogen to Apply? Pre-Planting Weather May Provide a Clue

With the rising cost of nitrogen fertilizer and its impacts on air and water quality, researchers want to help farmers make more informed fertilizer rate decisions. Their latest modeling effort aims ...

Scientists Provide Explanation for Exceptional Tonga Tsunami

Scientists say they have identified the exact mechanism responsible for the exceptional tsunami that spread quickly across the world after the colossal eruption of the Tonga volcano earlier this ...

Forever Chemicals Linked to Hypertension in Middle-Aged Women

In a large, prospective study, the levels of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), which are common human-made chemicals found in water, soil, air and food, were associated with an increased ...

Yellowstone's History of Hydrothermal Explosions Over the Past 14,000 Years

While much of public attention on Yellowstone focuses on its potential to produce large supereruptions, the hazards that are much more likely to occur are smaller, violent hydrothermal explosions. ...

Antarctic Glaciers Losing Ice at Fastest Rate for 5,500 Years

New evidence suggests that two major glaciers in the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) are losing ice at the fastest rate for at least 5,500 ...

Extreme, Severe Drought Impacting the Upper Colorado River Basin in the Second Century, New Study Finds

The Colorado River is in an extremely severe drought and has been for the last 22 years. To better understand this drought, researchers looked at the drought history within the Colorado River Basin. ...

The Southern Ocean as Never Seen Before

With the second version of the International Bathymetric Chart of the Southern Ocean (IBCSO v2), an international group of researchers recently presented the best and most detailed seafloor map of ...

Microplastics in the Indian Ocean

Samples from the tropical Indian Ocean were investigated using a new method for extraction and identification of microplastic particles from water samples. The result: The burden is clearly ...

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