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June 28, 2022

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Scientists reveal an advanced, innovative method that they have developed and used to detect nonvisual traces of fire dating back at least 800,000 years -- one of the ...
Megalodon sharks, which went extinct about 3 million years ago, were three times longer than modern great white sharks and were apex predators at highest trophic level ever ...
A new study has unraveled the earliest evidence for domestication of a fruit tree, researchers report. The researchers analyzed remnants of charcoal from the Chalcolithic ...
The Black Death, the biggest pandemic of our history, was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis and lasted in Europe between the years 1346 and 1353. Despite the pandemic's ...
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Humans Can't, but Turtles Can: Reduce Weakening and Deterioration With Age

Evolutionary theories of ageing predict that all living organisms weaken and deteriorate with age (a process known as senescence) -- and eventually die. Now, researchers show that certain animal ...

It Sucked to Be the Prey of Ancient Cephalopods

The Jurassic cephalopod Vampyronassa rhodanica, thought to be the oldest known ancestor of the modern-day vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis), was likely an active hunter -- a mode of life that ...

Indigenous Communities Used the Caribbean Sea as an Aquatic Highway

Researchers recently turned to pottery to tease apart the navigational history of the Caribbean, analyzing the composition of 96 fired clay fragments across 11 islands. The study was conducted in the ...

1,700-Year-Old Korean Genomes Show Genetic Heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms Period Gaya

Scientists have successfully sequenced and studied the whole genome of eight 1,700-year-old individuals dated to the Three Kingdoms period of Korea (approx. 57 BC-668 AD). The first published genomes ...

Evolutionary Biology: The Greening Ashore

A team has been studying the current state of research on the plant colonization of land that occurred some 500 million years ...

More Digging Needed to See Whether Bones of Fallen Waterloo Soldiers Were Sold as Fertilizer, as Few Human Remains Have Ever Been Found

Launched on the anniversary of the conflict, a new study suggests that mystery still surrounds what happened to the bodies of Waterloo ...

Newly Documented Population of Polar Bears in Southeast Greenland Sheds Light on the Species' Future in a Warming Arctic

A new population of polar bears documented on the southeast coast of Greenland use glacier ice to survive despite limited access to sea ice. This small, genetically distinct group of polar bears ...

100,000-Year-Old Polar Bear Genome Reveals Ancient Hybridization With Brown Bears

An analysis of ancient DNA from a 100,000-year-old polar bear has revealed that extensive hybridization between polar bears and brown bears occurred during the last warm interglacial period in the ...

Researchers Reconstruct the Genome of Centuries-Old E. Coli Using Fragments Extracted from an Italian Mummy

Researchers have identified and reconstructed the first ancient genome of E. coli, using fragments extracted from the gallstone of a 16th century ...

Unique Viking Shipyard Discovered at Birka

Archaeologists have located a unique Viking Age shipyard site at Birka on Björkö in Lake Mälaren. The discovery challenges previous theories about how the maritime activities of the Viking Age ...

Researchers Discover Crocodile Species That Likely Preyed on Human Ancestors

Researchers have discovered two new species of crocodiles that roamed parts of Africa between 18 million and 15 million years ago and preyed on human ancestors. The giant dwarf crocodile species, ...

Parasitic Worms Reveal New Insights Into the Evolution of Sex and Sex Chromosomes

Studying two highly divergent phyla of worms that contain numerous parasites that cause human and livestock diseases, new research sheds light on how sexual reproduction and subsequent great ...

A Large Predator from the Pyrenees

A fossilized lower jaw has led an international team of palaeontologists to discover a new species of predator that once lived in Europe. These large predators belong to a group of carnivores ...

River Belt Discovery Helps Scientists Understand Ancient Rivers

A researcher has come up with a rule that connects channel belts to river patterns, finding that, in general, the more channels a river has, the narrower its channel belt. Since the physics shaping ...

Earliest Record of Wildfires Provide Insights to Earth's Past Vegetation and Oxygen Levels

While wildfires over recent years have raged across much of the western United States and pose significant hazards to wildlife and local populations, wildfires have been a long-standing part of ...

Pioneering Study Shows Climate Played Crucial Role in Changing Location of Ancient Coral Reefs

Prehistoric coral reefs dating back up to 250 million years extended much further away from the Earth's equator than today, new research has ...

Mastodon Tusk Chemical Analysis Reveals First Evidence of One Extinct Animal's Annual Migration

Around 13,200 years ago, a roving male mastodon died in a bloody mating-season battle with a rival in what today is northeast Indiana, nearly 100 miles from his home territory, according to the first ...

Scientists Provide Explanation for Exceptional Tonga Tsunami

Scientists say they have identified the exact mechanism responsible for the exceptional tsunami that spread quickly across the world after the colossal eruption of the Tonga volcano earlier this ...

The Earth Moves Far Under Our Feet: A New Study Shows the Inner Core Oscillates

Scientists have found evidence that the Earth's inner core oscillates, contradicting previously accepted models that posited it consistently rotates at a faster rate than the planet's ...

Wreck of Historic Royal Ship Discovered Off the English Coast

A royal shipwreck has been discovered off the English coast. The wreck is of one of the most famous ships of the 17th century -- The Gloucester -- which sank 340 years ago while carrying the future ...

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