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June 28, 2022

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Scientists reveal an advanced, innovative method that they have developed and used to detect nonvisual traces of fire dating back at least 800,000 years -- one of the ...

1,700-Year-Old Korean Genomes Show Genetic Heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms Period Gaya

Scientists have successfully sequenced and studied the whole genome of eight 1,700-year-old individuals dated to the Three Kingdoms period of Korea ...
A new study has unraveled the earliest evidence for domestication of a fruit tree, researchers report. The researchers analyzed remnants of charcoal from the Chalcolithic ...
The Black Death, the biggest pandemic of our history, was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis and lasted in Europe between the years 1346 and 1353. Despite the pandemic's ...
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Where Were Herod the Great's Royal Alabaster Bathtubs Quarried?

A new study allows for the first time the distinction between calcite-alabaster originating in Israel from that originating in Egypt. Furthermore, it confirms that calcite-alabaster objects, such as ...

Ancient DNA Gives New Insights Into 'Lost' Indigenous People of Uruguay

The first whole genome sequences of the ancient people of Uruguay provide a genetic snapshot of Indigenous populations of the region before they were decimated by a series of European military ...

Study of Ancient Predators Sheds Light on How Humans Did -- Or Didn't -- Find Food

A new analysis of the remains of ancient predators reveals new information about how prehistoric humans did -- or didn't -- find their ...

How the Black Rat Colonized Europe in the Roman and Medieval Periods

New ancient DNA analysis has shed light on how the black rat, blamed for spreading Black Death, dispersed across Europe -- revealing that the rodent colonized the continent on two occasions in the ...

Research Finally Answers What Bronze Age Daggers Were Used for

Analysis of Bronze Age daggers has shown that they were used for processing animal carcasses and not as non-functional symbols of identity and status, as previously thought. A revolutionary new ...

Study Reveals Stonehenge Landscape Before the World-Famous Monument

Four thousand years before Stonehenge was constructed, land within the World Heritage Site was covered by open woodland, with meadow-like clearings, inhabited by grazing animals and hunter-gatherers, ...

Before Stonehenge Monuments, Hunter-Gatherers Made Use of Open Habitats

Hunter-gatherers made use of open woodland conditions in the millennia before Stonehenge monuments were built, according to a new ...

Ancient Skeletons Reveal the History of Worm Parasites in Britain

New research reveals the scale of parasitic worm infections in Britain from the Prehistoric to the early Victorian ...

Getting to the Root of Corn Domestication; Knowledge May Help Plant Breeders

A unique confluence of archeology, molecular genetics and serendipity guided researchers to a deeper understanding of how modern corn was domesticated from teosinte, a perennial grass native to ...

How Did Visitors Experience the Domestic Space in Pompeii?

Researchers have used virtual reality and 3D eye-tracking technology to examine what drew the attention of the visitors when entering the stunning environment of an ancient Roman house. The team ...

Origins of the Avars Elucidated With Ancient DNA

Less known than Attila's Huns, the Avars were their more successful successors. They ruled much of Central and Eastern Europe for almost 250 years. We know that they came from Central Asia in ...

Smells Like Ancient Society: Scientists Find Ways to Study and Reconstruct Past Scents

In a new paper, researchers discuss the importance of scent in human history and address how and why experts might investigate smells from the ...

Migrants from South Carrying Maize Were Early Maya Ancestors

Archaeologists show that a site in Belize was critical in studying the origins of the ancient Maya people and the spread of maize as a staple ...

Study Reconsiders Name of Peru's Machu Picchu

More than 110 years after Hiram Bingham's first visit to the site, researchers reviewed Bingham's original field notes, early 20th century maps of the region, and centuries-old land ...

Genomic Analysis Supports Ancient Muwekma Ohlone Connection

A research collaboration with the Muwekma Ohlone tribe -- whose ancestral lands include the Stanford campus -- shows a genetic relationship between modern-day Tribe members and individuals buried ...

New Computer Predictive Model Useful in Identifying Ancient Hunter-Gatherer Sites

Researchers looking to identify some of the most difficult 'finds' in archaeology --including sites used by nomadic hunter-gatherer communities--are tapping technology to help in the ...

Exploring Ancient Tuberculosis Transmission Chains

Tuberculosis (TB) is the second most common cause of death worldwide by an infectious pathogen (after Covid-19), but many aspects of its long history with humans remain controversial. Researchers ...

Stonehenge Served as an Ancient Solar Calendar

New analysis has identified how the design of Stonehenge may have represented a calendar, helping people track a solar year of 365.25 days calibrated by the alignment of the solstices. Although it ...

Ancient DNA Reveals Surprises About How Early Africans Lived, Traveled and Interacted

A new analysis of human remains that were buried in African archaeological sites has produced the earliest DNA from the continent, telling a fascinating tale of how early humans lived, traveled and ...

350-Year-Old Remains in a Stone Age Site in Portugal

An African man who lived just 350 years ago was buried in a prehistoric shell midden in Amoreira in Portugal. This was very surprising because Amoreira and other midden sites in the Muge region are ...

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