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June 26, 2022

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Developmental Dyslexia Essential to Human Adaptive Success

Researchers say people with developmental dyslexia have specific strengths relating to exploring the unknown that have contributed to the successful adaptation and survival of our ...

Many Human Genomes Shaped by Past Events That Caused Sharp Dips in the Population, Study Finds

The genomes of many human populations show evidence of founder events, which occur when a small number of initial members start a new population, and ...
A new study has unraveled the earliest evidence for domestication of a fruit tree, researchers report. The researchers analyzed remnants of charcoal from the Chalcolithic ...
The Black Death, the biggest pandemic of our history, was caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis and lasted in Europe between the years 1346 and 1353. Despite the pandemic's ...
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Study of Ancient Predators Sheds Light on How Humans Did -- Or Didn't -- Find Food

A new analysis of the remains of ancient predators reveals new information about how prehistoric humans did -- or didn't -- find their ...

How the Black Rat Colonized Europe in the Roman and Medieval Periods

New ancient DNA analysis has shed light on how the black rat, blamed for spreading Black Death, dispersed across Europe -- revealing that the rodent colonized the continent on two occasions in the ...

Indigenous Peoples Have Shucked Billions of Oysters Around the World Sustainably

A new global study of Indigenous oyster fisheries shows that oyster fisheries were hugely productive and sustainably managed on a massive scale over hundreds and even thousands of years of intensive ...

Study Reveals Stonehenge Landscape Before the World-Famous Monument

Four thousand years before Stonehenge was constructed, land within the World Heritage Site was covered by open woodland, with meadow-like clearings, inhabited by grazing animals and hunter-gatherers, ...

Before Stonehenge Monuments, Hunter-Gatherers Made Use of Open Habitats

Hunter-gatherers made use of open woodland conditions in the millennia before Stonehenge monuments were built, according to a new ...

Dramatic Events in Demographics Led to the Spread of Uralic Languages

Our understanding of the prehistory of the Finnish language is becoming clearer: Shifts in climate and periods of drought may have been the original reasons for which the community, which originated ...

Neanderthals of the North

A multidisciplinary research team has investigated whether Neanderthals were well adapted to life in the cold or preferred more temperate environmental conditions. Based on investigations in ...

Friendship Ornaments from the Stone Age

Roughly 6,000 years ago, hunter-gatherer communities in northeast Europe produced skillfully manufactured slate ring ornaments in great numbers. While these ornaments are commonly referred to as ...

Discovery Sheds Light on Why the Pacific Islands Were Colonized

Evidence of the early colonization of the Pacific has been described as like finding a needle in a haystack by researchers who have unearthed items from more than 3000 years ago in Papua New ...

Study Challenges Theories of Earlier Human Arrival in Americas

The new analysis suggests that misinterpretation of archaeological evidence at certain sites in North and South America might be responsible for theories that humans arrived long before 13,000-14,200 ...

Prehistoric People Created Art by Firelight, New Research Reveals

Stones that were incised with artistic designs around 15,000 years ago have patterns of heat damage which suggests they were carved close to the flickering light of a fire, a new study has ...

Neolithic Made Us Taller and More Intelligent but More Prone to Heart Disease

After the Neolithic, European populations showed an increase in height and intelligence, reduced skin pigmentation and increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to genetic changes that lowered ...

Tools Reveal Patterns of Neandertal Extinction in the Iberian Peninsula

Neandertal populations in the Iberian Peninsula were experiencing local extinction and replacement even before Homo sapiens arrived, according to a new ...

Smells Like Ancient Society: Scientists Find Ways to Study and Reconstruct Past Scents

In a new paper, researchers discuss the importance of scent in human history and address how and why experts might investigate smells from the ...

Study Reconsiders Name of Peru's Machu Picchu

More than 110 years after Hiram Bingham's first visit to the site, researchers reviewed Bingham's original field notes, early 20th century maps of the region, and centuries-old land ...

Genomic Analysis Supports Ancient Muwekma Ohlone Connection

A research collaboration with the Muwekma Ohlone tribe -- whose ancestral lands include the Stanford campus -- shows a genetic relationship between modern-day Tribe members and individuals buried ...

How Indigenous Burning Shaped the Klamath's Forests for a Millennia

A new study combines scientific data with Indigenous oral histories and ecological knowledge to show how the cultural burning practices of the Native people of the Klamath Mountains -- the Karuk and ...

Exploring Ancient Tuberculosis Transmission Chains

Tuberculosis (TB) is the second most common cause of death worldwide by an infectious pathogen (after Covid-19), but many aspects of its long history with humans remain controversial. Researchers ...

How the Transition to Agriculture Affects Populations in the Present Day

The transition of human societies from hunter-gatherers to farmers and pastoralists is a more nuanced process than generally thought, according to a new study of peoples living in the highlands of ...

Collectors in the Prehistoric World Recycled Old Stone Tools to Preserve the Memory of Their Ancestors

A new study asks what drove prehistoric humans to collect and recycle flint tools that had been made, used, and discarded by their predecessors. After examining flint tools from one layer at the ...

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