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June 28, 2022

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Europe's Largest Land Predator Unearthed on the Isle of Wight

Palaeontologists have identified the remains of one of Europe's largest ever land-based hunters: a dinosaur that measured over 10m long and lived around 125 million years ...

Bizarre Meat-Eating Dinosaur Joins 'Rogues' Gallery' of Giant Predators from Classic Fossil Site in Egypt's Sahara Desert

The fossil of a still-unnamed species provides the first known record of the abelisaurid group of theropods from a middle Cretaceous-aged ...

Hot-Blooded T. Rex and Cold-Blooded Stegosaurus: Chemical Clues Reveal Dinosaur Metabolisms

Paleontologists have debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded, like modern mammals and birds, or cold-blooded, like modern reptiles. In a new ...

Researchers Discover Overlooked Jurassic Park of Lizards

New research moves back the moment of the radiation of squamates -- the group of reptiles that includes lizards, snakes and worm lizards -- to the Jurassic, a long time before current ...
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Physics Race Pits Usain Bolt Against Jurassic Park Dinosaur

A physics professor has developed an innovative activity that poses the question: Is Usain Bolt faster than a 900-pound ...

The Last Day of the Dinosaurs

The asteroid which killed nearly all of the dinosaurs struck Earth during springtime. This conclusion was drawn by an international team of researchers after having examined thin sections, ...

New Fossil Birds Discovered Near China’s Great Wall – One Had a Movable, Sensitive 'Chin'

Two new species of fossil birds that lived alongside the dinosaurs have ben discovered near the Great Wall of China. One of the new species had a sensitive, movable bony appendage at the tip of its ...

First Evidence Indicating Dinosaur Respiratory Infection

Scientists have discovered the first evidence of a unique respiratory infection in the fossilized remains of a dinosaur that lived nearly 150 million years ago. Researchers examined the remains of an ...

Large New Titanosaurian Dinosaur from the Pyrenees

Researchers have described the new species of titanosaur dinosaur Abditosaurus kuehnei from the remains excavated at the Orcau-1 site, in the southern Pyrenees (Catalonia, Spain). The semiarticulated ...

Low Volcanic Temperature Ushered in Global Cooling and the Thriving of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs came to flourish during the Jurassic period after a volcanic eruption roughly 201 millions years ago wiped out many marine and land animals, leaving them able to evolve and grow. Now, ...

Muscular Study Provides New Information About How the Largest Dinosaurs Moved and Evolved

New research has revealed how giant 50-ton sauropod dinosaurs, like Diplodocus, evolved from much smaller ancestors, like the wolf-sized ...

Within a Dinosaur’s Head: Ankylosaur Was Sluggish and Deaf

Scientists took a closer look at the braincase of a dinosaur from Austria. The group examined the fossil with a micro-CT and found surprising new details: it was sluggish and ...

Earth's First Giant

The two-meter skull of an enormous new ichthyosaur species, Earth's first known giant creature, reveals how both the extinct marine reptiles and modern whales became ...

New Insights Into the Timeline of Mammal Evolution

A new study has provided the most detailed timeline of mammal evolution to ...

Exquisitely Preserved Embryo Found Inside Fossilized Dinosaur Egg

A 72 to 66-million-year-old embryo found inside a fossilized dinosaur egg sheds new light on the link between the behavior of modern birds and dinosaurs, according to a new ...

An Ancient Relative of Velociraptor Is Unearthed in Great Britain

A new bird-like dinosaur that used brute strength to overcome its prey has been found by palaeontologists combing through fossils found on the Isle of Wight, on the South Coast of Great ...

Sauropod Dinosaurs Were Restricted to Warmer Regions of Earth

A study investigated the enigma of why sauropod fossils are only found at lower latitudes, while fossils of other main dinosaur types seem ubiquitously present, with many located in the polar ...

Theropod Dinosaur Jaws Became Stronger as They Evolved

Theropod dinosaurs evolved more robust jaws through time allowing them to consume tougher food, a new study ...

Dinosaurs and Amber: A New Window to the Cretaceous World from 110 Million Years Ago

New findings of amber in the site of Ariño in Teruel (Spain) have enabled the reconstruction of a swampy paleoenvironment with a rich coastal resin forest from 110 million years ago, from the era of ...

Dinosaur Faces and Feet May Have Popped With Color

A study finds that there is a 50 percent chance that the common ancestor of birds and dinosaurs had bright colors on its skin, beaks and scales, but 0 percent chance that it had bright colors on its ...

CT Uncovers Bone Disease in Tyrannosaurus Rex Jaw

Researchers have identified bone disease in the fossilized jaw of a Tyrannosaurus rex using a CT-based, nondestructive imaging approach. The imaging method could have significant applications in ...

Novel Approach to a Plant-Based Diet, Unique to Long-Necked Dinosaurs

A new study uncovers a novel approach to a plant-based diet, unique to long-necked ...

New Species of Iguanodontian Dinosaur Discovered from Isle of Wight

Discoveries of iguanodontian dinosaurs from the Isle of Wight have previously only been assigned to Iguanodon or Mantellisaurus . The diversity of dinosaurs in the Early Cretaceous of the UK is much ...

'Cold Bone': Researchers Discover First Dinosaur Species That Lived on Greenland 214 Million Years Ago

The two-legged dinosaur Issi saaneq lived about 214 million years ago in what is now Greenland. It was a medium-sized, long-necked herbivore and a predecessor of the sauropods, the largest land ...

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