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June 28, 2022

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Fossils in the 'Cradle of Humankind' May Be More Than a Million Years Older Than Previously Thought

For decades, scientists have studied these fossils of early human ancestors and their long-lost relatives. Now, a dating method developed by ...
Scientists reveal an advanced, innovative method that they have developed and used to detect nonvisual traces of fire dating back at least 800,000 years -- one of the ...

Many Human Genomes Shaped by Past Events That Caused Sharp Dips in the Population, Study Finds

The genomes of many human populations show evidence of founder events, which occur when a small number of initial members start a new population, and ...

1,700-Year-Old Korean Genomes Show Genetic Heterogeneity in Three Kingdoms Period Gaya

Scientists have successfully sequenced and studied the whole genome of eight 1,700-year-old individuals dated to the Three Kingdoms period of Korea ...
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Complex Human Childbirth and Cognitive Abilities a Result of Walking Upright

Childbirth in humans is much more complex and painful than in great apes. It was long believed that this was a result of humans' larger brains and the narrow dimensions of the mother's ...

Humans Disrupting 66-Million-Year-Old Feature of Ecosystems

Human-related extinctions of the largest herbivores and carnivores are disrupting what appears to be a fundamental feature of past and present ecosystems, says a new ...

Early Human Habitats Linked to Past Climate Shifts

A study provides clear evidence for a link between astronomically-driven climate change and human ...

Neolithic Made Us Taller and More Intelligent but More Prone to Heart Disease

After the Neolithic, European populations showed an increase in height and intelligence, reduced skin pigmentation and increased risk of cardiovascular disease due to genetic changes that lowered ...

Century-Old Malaria Parasite Puzzle Solved as Ape Origin Traced

Scientists have solved a 100-year-old mystery about the evolutionary links between malaria parasites that infect humans and ...

Tools Reveal Patterns of Neandertal Extinction in the Iberian Peninsula

Neandertal populations in the Iberian Peninsula were experiencing local extinction and replacement even before Homo sapiens arrived, according to a new ...

Migrants from South Carrying Maize Were Early Maya Ancestors

Archaeologists show that a site in Belize was critical in studying the origins of the ancient Maya people and the spread of maize as a staple ...

Genomic Analysis Supports Ancient Muwekma Ohlone Connection

A research collaboration with the Muwekma Ohlone tribe -- whose ancestral lands include the Stanford campus -- shows a genetic relationship between modern-day Tribe members and individuals buried ...

New Study Sheds Light on Early Human Hair Evolution

Researchers have examined what factors drive hair variation in a wild population of lemurs known as Indriidae. Specifically, the researchers aimed to assess the impacts of climate, body size and ...

Archaeologists Discover Innovative 40,000-Year-Old Culture in China

When did populations of Homo sapiens first arrive in China and what happened when they encountered the Denisovans or Neanderthals who lived there? A new study opens a window into hunter-gatherer ...

Gradual Evolution Is Back: Darwinian Theory of Gradual Process Explained in New Research

Abrupt shifts in the evolution of animals -- short periods of time when an organism rapidly changes size or form -- have long been a challenge for theorists including Darwin. Now a newly published ...

Tooth Study Prompts Rethink of Human Evolution

A study into tooth wear in a group of wild Japanese macaques has significant implications for the study of human evolution, a new study has ...

Largest Ever Human Family Tree: 27 Million Ancestors

Researchers have taken a major step towards mapping the entirety of genetic relationships among humans: a single genealogy that traces the ancestry of all of ...

350-Year-Old Remains in a Stone Age Site in Portugal

An African man who lived just 350 years ago was buried in a prehistoric shell midden in Amoreira in Portugal. This was very surprising because Amoreira and other midden sites in the Muge region are ...

Ancestors of Legionella Bacteria Infected Cells Two Billion Years Ago

Researchers have discovered that the ancestors of legionella bacteria infected eukaryotic cells as early as two billion years ago. It happened soon after eukaryotes began to feed on bacteria. These ...

Mystery Origin of Iconic Aussie Snakes Unlocked

New research has found the first tangible evidence that the ancestors of some of Australia's most venomous snakes arrived by sea rather than by land -- the dispersal route of most other ...

Unravelling the Ancient Stories Hidden in DNA

Scientists have compared the chromosomes of three major animal groups to reveal surprising stability across a time span of more than 550 million ...

Prehistoric Human Vertebra Discovered in the Jordan Valley Tells the Story of Prehistoric Migration from Africa

A new study presents a 1.5 million-year-old human vertebra discovered in Israel's Jordan Valley. According to the research, ancient human migration from Africa to Eurasia was not a one-time ...

New Study Calls Into Question the Importance of Meat Eating in Shaping Our Evolution

A new study calls into question the primacy of meat eating in early human ...

Uncovering the Underlying Patterns in Contemporary Evolution

Wild populations must continuously adapt to environmental changes or risk extinction. For more than fifty years, scientists have described instances of 'rapid evolution' in specific ...

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