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June 26, 2022

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Hot-Blooded T. Rex and Cold-Blooded Stegosaurus: Chemical Clues Reveal Dinosaur Metabolisms

Paleontologists have debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded, like modern mammals and birds, or cold-blooded, like modern reptiles. In a new ...

Discovered: 150-Year-Old Platypus and Echidna Specimens That Proved Some Mammals Lay Eggs

Jars of tiny platypus and echidna specimens, collected in the late 1800s by the scientist William Caldwell, have been discovered in the stores of ...

Brain Size Determined the Chances of Survival Among Large Animals, Study Finds

Researchers have examined the mass extinction of large animals over the past tens of thousands of years and found that extinct species had, on ...

Humans Disrupting 66-Million-Year-Old Feature of Ecosystems

Human-related extinctions of the largest herbivores and carnivores are disrupting what appears to be a fundamental feature of past and present ecosystems, says a new ...
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Researchers Discover Fossil of New Species of Pangolin in Europe

Deeper analysis of fossils from one of Eastern Europe's most significant paleontological sites has led to the discovery of a new species of pangolin, previously thought to have existed in Europe ...

Venoms in Snakes and Salivary Protein in Mammals Share a Common Origin

A new study has found that a class of toxins found in snake and mammalian venom evolved from the same ancestral ...

New Insights Into the Timeline of Mammal Evolution

A new study has provided the most detailed timeline of mammal evolution to ...

Extinct Reptile Discovery Reveals Earliest Origins of Human Teeth, Study Finds

A new extinct reptile species has shed light on how our earliest ancestors became top predators by modifying their teeth in response to environmental instability around 300 million years ...

Sauropod Dinosaurs Were Restricted to Warmer Regions of Earth

A study investigated the enigma of why sauropod fossils are only found at lower latitudes, while fossils of other main dinosaur types seem ubiquitously present, with many located in the polar ...

Warm-Bodied Ties Between Mammals and Birds More Ancient Than Previously Recognized

The evolutionary origin of endothermy (the ability to maintain a warm body and higher energy levels than reptiles), currently believed to have originated separately in birds and mammals, could have ...

Ancient DNA Found in Soil Samples Reveals Mammoths, Yukon Wild Horses Survived Thousands of Years Longer Than Believed

Mere spoonsful of soil pulled from Canada's permafrost are opening vast windows into ancient life in the Yukon, revealing rich new information and rewriting previous beliefs about the extinction ...

Loss of Ancient Grazers Triggered a Global Rise in Fires

From 50,000 years to 6,000 years ago, many of the world's largest animals, including such iconic grassland grazers as the woolly mammoth, giant bison, and ancient horses, went extinct. The loss ...

Humans Hastened the Extinction of the Woolly Mammoth

New research shows that humans had a significant role in the extinction of woolly mammoths in Eurasia, occurring thousands of years later than previously thought. An international team of scientists ...

Mammals’ Noses Come from Reptiles’ Jaws

New examinations of skeletons and animal embryos have allowed researchers to discover how mammals developed protruding, flexible noses. This study contributes to uncovering the origin of ...

Fossil Dental Exams Reveal How Tusks First Evolved and Why They Are Unique Only to Mammals

Researchers trace the first tusks back to ancient mammal relatives that lived before the dinosaurs and shed light on the evolution of mammalian tusks by first defining what makes a tusk a ...

Humans Did Not Cause Woolly Mammoths to Go Extinct -- Climate Change Did

Humans did not cause woolly mammoths to go extinct -- climate change did. For five million years, woolly mammoths roamed the earth until they vanished for good nearly 4,000 years ago -- and ...

Plant-Eating Lizards on the Cusp of Tooth Evolution

Researchers found that complex teeth, a hallmark of mammals, also evolved several times in reptiles, prompting the evolutionary success of plant-eating lizards. However, contrary to mammals their ...

Early Modern Human from Southeast Asia Adapted to a Rainforest Environment

Although there has been evidence of our species living in rainforest regions in Southeast Asia from at least 70,000 years ago, the poor preservation of organic material in these regions limits how ...

Primates’ Ancestors May Have Left Trees to Survive Asteroid

When an asteroid struck 66 million years ago and wiped out dinosaurs not related to birds and three-quarters of life on Earth, early ancestors of primates and marsupials were among the only ...

The Climate-Driven Mass Extinction No One Had Seen

Two thirds of all mammals vanished from Africa and the Arabian Peninsula around 30 million years ago, when the climate on Earth changed from swampy to icy. But we are only finding out about this mass ...

Extinct Ground Sloth Likely Ate Meat With Its Veggies

A new study suggests that Mylodon -- a ground sloth that lived in South America until about 10,000 to 12,000 years ago -- was not a strict vegetarian like all of its living relatives. Based on a ...

Ancient Bone Tools Found in Moroccan Cave Were Used to Work Leather, Fur

When researchers first started to look at animal bones from Contrebandiers Cave, Morocco, they wanted to learn about the diet and environment of early human ancestors who lived there between 120,000 ...

Oldest Known Mammal Cavities Discovered in 55-Million-Year-Old Fossils Suggests a Sweet Tooth for Fruit

A new study has discovered the oldest known cavities found in a mammal, the likely result of a diet that included eating ...

Environmental Conditions of Early Humans in Europe

The conditions under which early members of the genus Homo dispersed outside Africa were analysed on a broader scale, across Europe during the Early and Middle Pleistocene. The model is based on the ...

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