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June 26, 2022

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Modeling Historical Biomass Could Be Key to Buffering Climate Change

A new study paints a vivid image of how forests developed over centuries and contribute to Earth's carbon balance -- a crucial component to maintaining a steady global climate. The study ...

It Sucked to Be the Prey of Ancient Cephalopods

The Jurassic cephalopod Vampyronassa rhodanica, thought to be the oldest known ancestor of the modern-day vampire squid (Vampyroteuthis infernalis), was likely an active hunter -- a mode of life that ...
Megalodon sharks, which went extinct about 3 million years ago, were three times longer than modern great white sharks and were apex predators at highest trophic level ever ...

100,000-Year-Old Polar Bear Genome Reveals Ancient Hybridization With Brown Bears

An analysis of ancient DNA from a 100,000-year-old polar bear has revealed that extensive hybridization between polar bears and brown bears occurred ...
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Using zinc isotopes, researchers investigated the diet of megalodon, the largest shark to have ever ...

Perplexing Fish-Like Fossil Finally Classified

For the first time since its discovery 130 years ago one of the most mysterious fossil vertebrates has finally been classified, increasing our possible understanding of the first animals to crawl on ...

Hot-Blooded T. Rex and Cold-Blooded Stegosaurus: Chemical Clues Reveal Dinosaur Metabolisms

Paleontologists have debated whether dinosaurs were warm-blooded, like modern mammals and birds, or cold-blooded, like modern reptiles. In a new paper, scientists are unveiling a new method for ...

First Australians Ate Giant Eggs of Huge Flightless Birds, Ancient Proteins Confirm

Scientists settle debate surrounding species that laid eggs exploited by early Australian people around 50,000 years ago. Shell proteins point to Genyornis, which was among the 'mega-fauna' ...

Aerodynamic Analysis Causes a Rethink of the Biggest Pterosaur

Researchers shed light on the way Quetzalcoatlus would have flown, finding that the dinosaur's flying dynamics were actually very different to how it has been depicted in popular ...

Lost or Extinct? Study Finds the Existence of More Than 500 Animal Species Remains Uncertain

An international study provides the first global evaluation of all terrestrial vertebrate species that have not been declared extinct and identifies more than 500 species considered to be ...

Discovery of 'Ghost' Fossils Reveals Plankton Resilience to Past Global Warming Events

The 'ghost' fossils are imprints of single-celled plankton called coccolithophores and their discovery is changing our understanding of how plankton in the oceans are affected by climate ...

Environment Scientists Close in on 'Golden Spike' to Define Anthropocene

Researchers searching for a 'golden spike' to formally define humanity's current geological period -- and acknowledge human impact on our planet -- have announced a major step in their ...

Puzzling Features Deep in Earth's Interior Illuminated

New research examines an unusual pocket of rock at the boundary layer with Earth's core, some three thousand kilometers beneath the ...

Ancient Tooth Unlocks Mystery of Denisovans in Asia

What links a finger bone and some fossil teeth found in a cave in the remote Altai Mountains of Siberia to a single tooth found in a cave in the limestone landscapes of tropical Laos? The answer to ...

First Animals Developed Complex Ecosystems Before the Cambrian Explosion

Early animals formed complex ecological communities more than 550 million years ago, setting the evolutionary stage for the Cambrian explosion, according to a new ...

Using Shark Teeth to Decipher Evolutionary Processes

From embryo to turtle cracker: Palaeobiologists studied the multiple changes in tooth shape in the tiger shark. The study is also central in drawing conclusions about extinct species from the myriad ...

What Caused This Megatooth Shark's Massive Toothache?

Did the world's largest prehistoric shark need an orthodontist, or did it just have a bad ...

DNA Provides Unique Look at Moa and Climate Change

Ancient moa DNA has provided insights into how species react to climate change, a new study has ...

Fossil Discovery Reveals That Trilobites Had Clasper-Like Limbs Used for Mating

Thanks to their easily fossilized exoskeleton, trilobites largely dominate the fossil record of early complex animal life. However, trilobite appendages and the anatomy of the underside of their body ...

Bali-Like Temperatures in Wyoming? Fossils Reveal Tropically Hot North America 95 Million Years Ago

A new study that used fossil oyster shells as paleothermometers found the shallow sea that covered much of western North America 95 million years ago was as warm as today's ...

Brain Size Determined the Chances of Survival Among Large Animals, Study Finds

Researchers have examined the mass extinction of large animals over the past tens of thousands of years and found that extinct species had, on average, much smaller brains than species that ...

A New 225-Million-Year-Old Reptile from Brazil

A reassessment of Faxinalipterus minimus, a purported Triassic pterosaur from southern Brazil resulted in the description of a new taxon -- researchers present Maehary bonapartei a small reptile that ...

Study of Ancient Predators Sheds Light on How Humans Did -- Or Didn't -- Find Food

A new analysis of the remains of ancient predators reveals new information about how prehistoric humans did -- or didn't -- find their ...

Researchers Discover Overlooked Jurassic Park of Lizards

New research moves back the moment of the radiation of squamates -- the group of reptiles that includes lizards, snakes and worm lizards -- to the Jurassic, a long time before current ...

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