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June 26, 2022

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Targeted Micronutrition Ameliorates Allergy Symptoms

Micronutrient deficiencies can promote inflammation and render the immune system particularly sensitive to allergenic substances. In particular, iron deficiency signals danger to immune cells and ...

Food Allergy Is Associated With Lower Risk of SARS-CoV-2 Infection

A new study has found that people with food allergies are less likely to become infected with SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, than people without them. In addition, while previous ...

Longer, More Intense Allergy Seasons Could Result from Climate Change

Allergy seasons are likely to become longer and grow more intense as a result of increasing temperatures caused by humanmade climate change, according to new ...

Molds and Yeasts Common in Daycares — Could Cause Chronic Asthma and Allergy

Citizen science sampling of dust in outdoor and indoor surfaces led to the identification of building features that contribute to the prevalence of ...
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Caesarean Births Not Linked to Increased Risk of Food Allergy During Infancy

Caesarean births are not linked to an increased risk of food allergy during the first year of life, according to a new ...

Can a Messenger Substance Considered to Be Inflammatory Alleviate Asthma Symptoms?

The messenger substance interleukin-3 produced by the body was previously considered to be pro-inflammatory in bronchial asthma. Researchers have now shown that the administration of interleukin-3, ...

Is It Working? Scientists Say Gene Variant Indicates Effectiveness of Immunotherapy for Allergies

Although sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) has become an effective treatment option for many allergies, about 20-30 percent of patients don't respond to SLIT for Japanese cedar pollinosis -- a ...

New Hair Dyes Avoid Allergic Reactions

Researchers have developed a range of permanent hair dyes that avoid the allergenic properties of traditional ...

Oral Immunotherapy Induces Remission of Peanut Allergy in Some Young Children

A clinical trial has found that giving peanut oral immunotherapy to highly peanut-allergic children ages 1 to 3 years safely desensitized most of them to peanut and induced remission of peanut ...

How LPS Prevents or Promotes Development of Asthma and Allergic Disease by Airborne Allergens

Many experiments show that exposure to LPS during exposure to environmental allergens protects against developing asthma or allergic disease. Yet other numerous experiments show that the presence of ...

Researchers Lay Groundwork for Potential Dog-Allergy Vaccine

Scientists have identified a series of molecular candidates for those parts of dog allergens that cause immune reactions in people--the first step in developing a vaccine against most causes of dog ...

Better Identification of Sesame in Food Packaging Needed to Avoid Anaphylaxis

A new study found that among those who self-reported an allergic reaction to sesame, more than 56% of products which contained sesame did not declare sesame on the ...

Guidelines May Promote Over-Diagnosis of Cow's Milk Allergy in Infants, Study Finds

International guidelines developed to help doctors diagnose cow's milk allergy may lead to over-diagnosis, according to new research. The study found that three-quarters of infants have two or ...

Antihistamines Can Influence Immunotherapy Response by Enhancing T Cell Activation

Researchers discovered that antihistamines are associated with improved responses to immunotherapy. Their work revealed a role for the histamine receptor in suppressing T cell activation to block ...

Increased Frequency of Eating Eggs in Infancy Associated With Decreased Egg Allergy Later on

A new study suggests that early egg introduction is associated with decreased egg ...

Mother’s Weight Before – Not Gained During – Pregnancy Has Impact on Development of Allergic Diseases

A new study of nearly 250,000 children in Ontario over seven years found a mother's weight before pregnancy may impact their newborn's risk of developing allergic diseases in early ...

The Path from Pollutants in Food to a Heightened Allergic Response

Exposure to the heavy metal cadmium is known to irritate the stomach and lungs or cause kidney disease, but new research links another health issue to inadvertently ingesting low doses of the ...

Fermented Soybeans Suppress Asthma-Induced Airway Inflammation

Researchers have revealed in an animal model that ImmuBalance, a fermented soybean product, is effective in suppressing airway inflammation caused by asthma. Results showed a decreased presence of ...

Onset of Allergies Including Asthma and Hay Fever Not Directly Causally Linked to Mental Health Traits

Allergic diseases such as asthma, atopic dermatitis and hay fever do not cause the onset of mental health conditions or vice versa, according to the new ...

One in Three Kids With Food Allergies Say They’ve Been Bullied Because of Their Condition

Living with a food allergy can greatly impact a child's everyday life -- from limiting participation in social activities to being treated differently by peers. While previous research indicates ...

Allergic Stimulation Activates Mast Cell Precursor Cells

Mast cell precursor cells do not just cause an increase in mature mast cells during inflammation, they also play an active role in diseases like asthma, according to a new ...

Allergies to mRNA-Based COVID-19 Vaccines Rare, Generally Mild, Study Finds

Allergic reactions to the new mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccines are rare, typically mild and treatable, and they should not deter people from becoming vaccinated, according to ...

Discovery of Rapid-Response Signaling Platform Suggests New Path for Blocking Allergic Inflammation

A recent study reveals new details about how the body's type 2 innate immune response system ...

Many With Food Allergies Don’t Know About Oral Immunotherapy Treatment Option

A study of a geographically, clinically, and socioeconomically diverse, nationally-representative sample of US households -- including both adult patients and caregivers of children with food allergy ...

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