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June 26, 2022

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Flu Vaccination Linked to 40% Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

People who received at least one influenza vaccine were 40% less likely than their non-vaccinated peers to develop Alzheimer's disease over the course of four years, according to a new ...

No More Flu for You? Discovery Blocks Influenza Virus' Replication in Cells

Researchers have found a way to block one strain of the influenza virus from accessing a human protein it needs to replicate in cells. The discovery could lead to highly effective ways to treat the ...

Universal Flu Vaccine Candidate

Scientists have leveraged on a novel vaccine platform to deliver M2e to immune cells. This allowed them to prove that a single shot immunization containing M2e was able to trigger long-lasting immune ...

New Nasal Spray Treats Delta Variant Infection in Mice, Indicating Broad Spectrum Results

Researchers have shown a new compound delivered in a nasal spray is highly effective in preventing and treating COVID-19 caused by the Delta variant ...
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Factors Causing Low COVID-19 Vaccination Have Spilled Over to Lower Flu Vaccination Rates, Study Finds

A new study finds that adult flu vaccination dropped in states with low rates of COVID-19 vaccination, suggesting that decades of successful public health vaccination efforts may be unraveling in the ...

New Way to Identify Influenza A Virus Lights Up When Specific Virus Targets Are Present

In order to quickly detect the presence of the influenza A virus, researchers developed a fluorogenic probe that could bind to the promoter region. A fluorogenic probe uses tiny molecules called ...

AI Can Predict Probability of COVID-19 Vs Flu Based on Symptoms

A new study highlights how clinicians can use artificial intelligence and seasonality to screen patients and identify the probability of COVID-19 prior to ...

Global Trial Demonstrates Some Benefits of Flu Shots for Heart Failure Patients

People with heart failure who received an annual flu shot had lower rates of pneumonia and hospitalization on a year-round basis and a reduction in major cardiovascular events during peak flu season, ...

New Technique Better Assesses Exposure of a Population to a Virus

Accurately assessing the exposure of a population to a particular virus is difficult because the tools for doing so do not account for the fact that many viruses comprise multiple circulating ...

Flu and Heart Disease: The Surprising Connection That Should Convince You to Schedule Your Shot

Patients who have cardiovascular disease are at increased risk of serious complications from the flu, according to a new study. The study found that not only are traditional flu-related outcomes ...

New Model Leveraging Flu Data Generates Highly Accurate Prediction of COVID-19 Spread

By creating the Universal Influenza-like Transmission (UnIT) score, which leverages data about past flu seasons, researchers have produced a new model of COVID-19 incidence that outperforms all other ...

Cell-Based Influenza Vaccine Provides Protection Against the Flu in Children

A cell-based influenza vaccine has effectively provided protection against the flu in children and adolescents, according to a new ...

Troubling Birth Findings Show Importance of Timely Flu Vaccination

Poor timing of influenza vaccination campaigns in the semi-arid region of Brazil led to an increase in premature births, lower birth-weight babies and the need to deliver more babies by cesarean ...

Statistics Say Large Pandemics Are More Likely Than We Thought

The COVID-19 pandemic may be the deadliest viral outbreak the world has seen in more than a century. But statistically, such extreme events aren't as rare as we may think, asserts a new analysis ...

New Research Provides Clues to Developing Better Intranasal Vaccines for COVID-19 and Flu

While gut microbiota play a critical role in the induction of adaptive immune responses to influenza virus infection, the role of nasal bacteria in the induction of virus-specific adaptive immunity ...

Flu Shot Protects Against Severe Effects of COVID-19, Study Finds

Researchers have shown that the flu vaccine may provide vital protection against ...

Vaccines Grown in Eggs Induce Antibody Response Against an Egg-Associated Glycan, Study Finds

Researchers have found that viral vaccines grown in eggs, such as the H1N1 flu vaccine, produce an antibody response against a sugar molecule found in eggs, which could have implications for the ...

Employed Individuals More Likely to Contract the Flu, Study Shows

Researchers found that employed individuals, on average, are 35.3% more likely to be infected with the flu ...

Streptococcus Pneumoniae Sticks to Dying Lung Cells, Worsening Secondary Infection Following Flu

Researchers have found a further reason for the severity of dual infection by influenza and Streptococcus pneumonia -- a new virulence mechanism for a surface protein on the pneumonia-causing ...

Lessons from the Last Pandemic Point the Way Toward Universal Flu Vaccines

A new study shows that during the last great pandemic -- 2009's H1N1 influenza pandemic -- people developed strong, effective immune responses to stable, conserved parts of the ...

Flu Fighter: Nanoparticle-Based Vaccine Effective in Preclinical Trials

An experimental flu vaccine consisting of billions of tiny spherical sacs that carry infection-fighting proteins throughout the body has proven effective in preclinical studies. The vaccine has the ...

Parrot Poachers Striking While the Market's Hot

'Pretty' parrots are more likely to be snatched up for Indonesia's illegal wildlife trade, a new study reveals. The findings not only expose the key drivers behind the country's ...

COVID-19 Is Not Influenza, but It Offers Lessons on Beating It, Say Researchers

A study of the 2020 influenza figures from Canada, the United States, Australia and Brazil shows that there is a clear relationship between COVID-mitigation measures such as hand-washing, masking and ...

How to Predict Severe Influenza in Hospitalized Patients

Researchers have identified predictors of both severe disease and recovery in hospitalized influenza patients, finding that the immune system works in concert to fight ...

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