Brain Tumor News
June 26, 2022

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The Interferon Gamma Receptor Pathway Is Necessary for CAR T-Cell Mediated Killing in Solid Tumors

Researchers have discovered that the interferon gamma receptor (IFNgR) signaling pathway is critical for susceptibility of glioblastoma tumors to ...

Can Fruit Fly Research Help Improve Survival of Cancer Patients?

Scientists don't really know what kills many cancer patients, but fruit fly research could provide answers. By following flies with tumors up to the point of death, researchers have discovered ...

Cancer Cells’ Unexpected Genetic Tricks for Evading the Immune System

In a surprising new finding in mice, researchers have discovered that many genes linked to human cancer block the body's natural defense against ...

Researchers Bioprint an Entire Active Glioblastoma Tumor Using a 3D Printer

The 3D print of glioblastoma -- the deadliest type of brain cancer -- is printed from human glioblastoma tissues containing all components of the malignant tumor. Researchers say the breakthrough ...
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AURORA Study Identifies Molecular Features Tied to Breast Cancer Tumor Spread

Studying the difference in the microenvironments that surround cancer cells in primary tumors versus sites where the tumor metastasized, researchers have identified molecular features responsible for ...

Researchers Identify an Immunotherapy Target to Combat Glioblastomas

Researchers have identified the genetic and molecular fingerprints of different cancer and immune cells in glioblastoma, the deadliest and most common type of brain cancer in adults. Their in-depth ...

Immunotherapy Delays Disease Progression of High-Grade Meningiomas

Meningiomas are the most common primary tumors of the central nervous system. They are treated with surgery and radiation, but drug therapy is usually not effective against these tumors of the brain ...

Youngest Brain Tumor Patients Have Significantly Poorer Outcomes Than Older Pediatric Patients

A researcher has found, through extensive data analysis, that the youngest patients with brain tumors -- those ages birth to 3 months -- have about half the five-year survival rate as children ages 1 ...

Burst of Radiation and Vesicles-Based Immunotherapy Suppress Brain Cancer Growth

The priming of glioblastoma with a burst of radiation increased dramatically the uptake of extracellular vesicles-based immunotherapy by the tumor and the surrounding microenvironment, halting tumor ...

Chemotherapy’s Effectiveness May Vary With Time of Day

New research suggests that chemotherapy could better target brain tumors in mouse models when it was administered at night instead of during the day. That's because the blood-brain barrier was ...

Boosting T Cells Improves Survival in Mice With Glioblastoma

A new study shows that treatment with an immune-boosting protein called interleukin 7 (IL-7) in combination with radiation improves survival in mice with glioblastoma. The study in mice suggests ...

CBD Reduces Glioblastoma’s Size, Supportive Environment in Experimental Model

Inhaled CBD shrinks the size of the highly aggressive, lethal brain tumor glioblastoma in an animal model by reducing the essential support of its microenvironment, researchers ...

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Detect Early Signs of Tumor Cell Death After Novel Therapy

A recent study demonstrates that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to detect early signs of tumor cell death in response to a novel virus-based cancer ...

Which Glioblastoma Patients Will Respond to Immunotherapy?

Scientists have discovered a new biomarker to identify which patients with brain tumors called glioblastomas -- the most common and malignant of primary brain tumors -- might benefit from ...

Using T Cells to Target Malignant Brain Tumors

Doctors and scientists have successfully tested a neoantigen-specific transgenic immune cell therapy for malignant brain tumors for the first time using an experimental model in ...

Noninvasive Brain Biopsy Shows Improved Sensitivity in Tumor Detection

A team of researchers has developed a noninvasive diagnostic method that may one day replace the biopsy with a simple blood ...

Arginine, an Inexpensive Oral Drug, Could Enhance Radiation Therapy for Cancer

Treatment with arginine, one of the amino-acid building blocks of proteins, enhanced the effectiveness of radiation therapy in cancer patients with brain metastases, in a proof-of-concept, randomized ...

Under Arrest: Using Nanofibers to Stop Brain Tumor Cells from Spreading

Researchers have used high-density nanofibers that mimic the microenvironment of the brain to capture tumor cells, opening doors to novel therapeutic solutions for aggressive brain ...

Research Breakthrough Could Mean Better Treatment for Patients With Most Deadly Form of Brain Tumor

Scientists studying the most common and aggressive type of brain tumour in adults have discovered a new way of analysing diseased and healthy cells from the same ...

Gel Enhances CAR-T Immunotherapy Benefits in Brains Surgically Treated for Glioblastoma

Researchers report that pairing a newly developed fibrin gel with CAR-T immunotherapy that was delivered to post-surgical mouse brains with glioblastoma improved the immunotherapy's ...

The Immune System's Double Agents

A new study examined the development of a glioblastoma cancerous tumor in animal models with a normal immune system, in order to best simulate the development of the tumor in ...

Powerful Technique Details Brain Tumors’ Formidable Resiliency

A team led by researchers  has profiled in unprecedented detail thousands of individual cells sampled from patients' brain tumors. The findings, along with the methods developed to obtain those ...

Targeting a Rare Secondary Cancer in Children

Known as pediatric radiation-induced high-grade gliomas (RIGs), this specific type of brain tumor is caused by cranial radiation therapy for other cancers, most often brain cancers. They account for ...

Antidepressants Inhibit Cancer Growth in Mice

Classic antidepressants could help improve modern cancer treatments. They slowed the growth of pancreatic and colon cancers in mice, and when combined with immunotherapy, they even stopped the cancer ...

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