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June 26, 2022

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Breast Duct Treatment for Early Breast Cancer Eliminates All Signs of Disease in Laboratory Experiments

Delivering a targeted immunotoxin into breast ducts via openings in the nipple wiped out all visible and invisible precancerous lesions in laboratory ...

Breast Cancer Spreads at Night, Study Shows

A new study shows that breast cancer metastases form more efficiently while patients are sleeping. The finding could significantly change the way cancer is diagnosed and treated in ...

Scientists Discover New Molecule That Kills Hard-to-Treat Cancers

A new molecule synthesized by a University of Texas at Dallas researcher kills a broad spectrum of hard-to-treat cancers, including triple-negative breast cancer, by exploiting a weakness in cells ...

Half of All Women Experience False Positive Mammograms After 10 Years of Annual Screening

Half of all women experience a false positive mammogram after 10 years of annual breast cancer screening with 3D mammography, a UC Davis-led study ...
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'Structural Racism' Cited in Study of Breast-Biopsy Delays

Black and Asian women are more likely than white women to experience significant delays in getting breast biopsies after a mammogram identifies an abnormality. Moreover, those delays appear to be ...

Scientists Create Nanoparticle That Helps Fight Solid Tumors

Researchers have discovered a possible new approach in treating solid tumors through the creation of a novel ...

Genetic Study Offers New Insights Into DCIS Biology, Progression

A new genetic study discovered that not all breast cancers that develop after DCIS arise from the original DCIS lesion. Roughly 1 in 5 are new cancers, genetically unrelated to the original ...

COVID-19 Pandemic Reduced Breast, Cervical, Colorectal Cancer Screenings by Millions in 2020, Study Finds

New findings show the number of women in the United States who reported having a recent (in the past year) breast cancer or cervical cancer screening dropped by 2.13 million (6%) and 4.47 million ...

Discovery Could Lead to Better Cancer Immunotherapy

A type of white blood cell previously known only as a helper in the immune system appears also to be the instigator of the body's defenses against cancerous tumors. The discovery could lead to ...

Scientists Discover a Potential New Marker to Personalized Therapy for Breast Cancer

A new study has discovered that 'crown-like structures' surrounding breast tumors in overweight and obese patients could hinder their response to therapy. The findings of this study could ...

Density, Benign Disease Raise Risk of Breast Cancer

Women with dense breast tissue and benign breast disease face an elevated risk of future breast cancer and could benefit from a tailored mammogram screening strategy, according to a large ...

Study Finds Nanomedicine Targeting Lymph Nodes Key to Triple Negative Breast Cancer Treatment

Research could provide a new approach to treating an aggressive form of breast cancer. A study found that targeting the immune microenvironment in lymph nodes and tumors simultaneously led to ...

Researchers Identify Pathway That Regulates Lipid Synthesis and Contributes to Tumor Survival

Researchers show that cancer cells in an acidic environment undergo lipid synthesis and accumulation. The team identified the key signaling molecules responsible for these changes and discovered that ...

Reprogrammed Macrophages Promote Spread of Breast Cancer

Metastatic breast cancer cells abuse macrophages, a type of immune cell, to promote the settlement of cancer metastases in the lungs. The reprogrammed macrophages stimulate blood vessel cells to ...

AURORA Study Identifies Molecular Features Tied to Breast Cancer Tumor Spread

Studying the difference in the microenvironments that surround cancer cells in primary tumors versus sites where the tumor metastasized, researchers have identified molecular features responsible for ...

Evidence in Mice That Bacteria in Tumors Help Cancer Cells Metastasize

Bacteria promote cancer metastasis by bolstering the strength of host cells against mechanical stress in the bloodstream, promoting cell survival during tumor progression, researchers ...

New Findings Suggest That ‘one Size Does Not Fit All’ With Regard to Breast Density Education

Breast density notifications aim to educate women about the risks of high breast density, defined as having more fibroglandular tissue than fatty tissue, as visualized on a mammogram. Prompted by ...

Radical Increase in the Effectiveness of Breast Cancer Immunotherapy

Researchers have discovered the essential role of a new factor, LCOR, in enabling cancer cells to present tumor antigens on their surfaces. These antigens allow the immune system to recognize the ...

Molecular Networks Could Explain Racial Disparity in Triple Negative Breast Cancer Deaths

Different activity in two molecular networks could help explain why triple negative breast cancers tend to be more aggressive in African American (AA) women compared with white American (WA) women, a ...

Researchers Identify Misperceptions Surrounding Breast Density Across Race/ethnicity and Health Literacy Levels

Having dense breasts (more fibroglandular tissue than fatty tissue, as visualized on a mammogram) reduces the sensitivity of mammography by masking breast cancers and carries a 1.6- to 2.0-fold ...

Migrating Through Small Spaces Makes Cancer Cells More Aggressive

Squeezing through tight spaces makes cancer cells more aggressive and helps them evade cell death, shows a new ...

Researcher Urges Caution on AI in Mammography

Analyzing breast-cancer tumors with artificial intelligence has the potential to improve healthcare efficiency and outcomes, but doctors should proceed cautiously, according to a new ...

How the Immune System Responds to Tissue Damage Can Aid Cancer Spread

Researchers have uncovered how a process involved in the regeneration of tissue damaged by radiation can aid the spread of ...

MRI May Lower Breast Cancer Deaths from Variants in 3 Genes

Annual MRI screenings starting at ages 30 to 35 may reduce breast-cancer mortality by more than 50% among women who carry certain genetic changes in three genes, according to a comparative modeling ...

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