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June 26, 2022

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Can We Save More Lives If We Let Resistant Bacteria Live?

Every day, people die of simple inflammation because bacteria can no longer be killed with antibiotics. So what do we do? Maybe we should spend less energy on killing them and more on 'only' making ...

A New Technology Offers Treatment for HIV Infection Through a Single Injection

A new study offers a new and unique treatment for AIDS which may be developed into a vaccine or a one-time treatment for patients with ...

Pregnant Women Produce Super Antibodies to Protect Newborns, Now Scientists Know How

During pregnancy, a subtle molecular change allows immunoglobulin G -- the body's most common type of antibody -- to take on an expanded protective ...

Study Explains Molecular Basis of Long COVID Symptoms

A new study in hamsters and human tissue samples provides a better understanding of how the pandemic virus causes depression, anxiety, and the loss of concentration known as 'brain fog' in patients ...
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Listeria-Based Booster Improves Vaccine's Protection Against Recurring Colon Cancer

New research in mice has paved the way for a Phase I clinical trial and has the potential to transform vaccines against HIV and ...

The Coronavirus Epidemic of 2020 in Finland Began With Five Virus Lineages

Researchers investigated the arrival and spread of SARS-CoV-2 in Finland in 2020. According to the analysis, a total of 42 independent virus lineages arrived in Finland in spring 2020, of which only ...

IgG Antibodies in Breast Milk Help Shape Infants' Gut Bacteria and Immunity

Researchers have known for some time that maternal breast milk provides critical nutrients for newborns, and antibodies from mothers vaccinated against a specific disease-causing bacterium or virus ...

How Fast-Growing Bacteria Can Resist Antibiotics

New insights into how some bacteria survive antibiotics could lead to the development of novel treatment ...

Risk of Breakthrough COVID-19 Infection After Vaccination Is Higher Among People With HIV

A new study finds that people with HIV have a higher rate of breakthrough COVID-19 infections after vaccination, compared to people without ...

New Way to Identify Influenza A Virus Lights Up When Specific Virus Targets Are Present

In order to quickly detect the presence of the influenza A virus, researchers developed a fluorogenic probe that could bind to the promoter region. A fluorogenic probe uses tiny molecules called ...

Newly Discovered Coronavirus Common in Bank Voles

Researchers have identified a new coronavirus. Their study of approximately 260 bank voles shows that the virus is well established in Sweden's red-backed ...

COVID-19 Patient Antibodies Point Researchers Toward Broad Coronavirus Vaccines

Certain antibodies isolated from people who had recovered from COVID-19 and were vaccinated have the ability to neutralize a variety of ...

Salmonella Vaccine for Poultry Contributed to Rise of Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria, Researchers Report

An investigation into the evolution of Salmonella bacteria infecting Brazilian poultry shows that the introduction of a Salmonella vaccine, combined with increasing antibiotic usage by Brazilian ...

Study Finds Fecal Microbiota Transplantation to Be Cost Effective Treatment for Any Recurrent Clostridiodes Difficile Infection

Medical researchers have found that Fecal Microbiota Transplantation, or FMT, is an optimal cost-effective treatment for first recurrent Clostridioides difficile ...

New Blood Test Can Help Doctors Diagnose Tuberculosis and Monitor Treatment

Researchers have developed a new highly sensitive blood test for tuberculosis (TB) that screens for DNA fragments of the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria that causes the deadly ...

No More Flu for You? Discovery Blocks Influenza Virus' Replication in Cells

Researchers have found a way to block one strain of the influenza virus from accessing a human protein it needs to replicate in cells. The discovery could lead to highly effective ways to treat the ...

Combination Anti-HIV Antibody Infusions Suppress Virus for Prolonged Period

Individuals with HIV who began taking antiretroviral therapy (ART) in the early stages of infection achieved a lengthy period of HIV suppression without ART after receiving two broadly neutralizing ...

New Antibiotics Could Tackle Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Bacteria

According to a new study, a new class of antibiotics is highly effective against drug-resistant tuberculosis. If validated in clinical trials, the new drug class would represent a major advance in ...

COVID-19 Superspreader Events Originate from Small Number of Carriers

Researchers created a model to connect what biologists have learned about COVID-19 superspreading with how such events have occurred in the real world. They used occupancy data to test several ...

Drug Resistance Molecule Can Spread Though Bacterial 'Communities'

DNA molecules called plasmids -- some of which protect bacteria from antibiotics -- can spread rapidly through bacterial 'communities' that are treated with antibiotics, new research ...

Inappropriate Antibiotics for Nonhospitalized Kids Cost US at Least $74 Million

Children who were prescribed antibiotics inappropriately were more likely to develop complications such as diarrhea and skin rashes than children who were treated according to medical guidelines, ...

Scientists Identify How the Brain Links Memories

Our brains lose the ability to link related memories as we age. Scientists genetically restored this brain function in middle-aged mice and identified an FDA-approved drug that achieves the same ...

New Insights Into Antibiotic Resistance

Treatment of severe infections caused by pathogenic bacteria relies on 'last resort' antibiotics, but rising resistance by 'superbugs' to most clinically approved drugs leaves ...

Dietary Cholesterol Worsens Inflammation, Sickness in Mice With Influenza

New research suggests high levels of dietary cholesterol make mice sicker when infected with influenza. This study links cholesterol in the diet with exacerbation of a viral ...

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