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June 26, 2022

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New Combined Therapy Helps Extend Lives of Men With Prostate Cancer

Practice-changing research shows that a combination of androgen deprivation therapy -- a commonly used hormone injection -- plus pelvic lymph node radiation, kept nearly 90% of clinical trial ...

‘Gut Bugs’ Can Drive Prostate Cancer Growth and Treatment Resistance

Common gut bacteria can become 'hormone factories' - fuelling prostate cancer and making it resistant to treatment, a new study shows. Scientists revealed how gut bacteria contribute to the ...

New Prostate Cancer Test Could Avoid Unnecessary Biopsies

A urine test could have avoided one third of unnecessary prostate cancer biopsies while failing to detect only a small number of cancers, according to a validation study that included more than 1,500 ...

An Unexpected, and Novel, Target for Prostate Cancer: Our Biological Clock

Researchers find that CRY-1, a regulator of circadian rhythms, promotes tumor progression by altering DNA ...
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Mechanism Leading to Drug Resistance in Prostate Cancer

Researchers reveal a mechanism by which prostate cancer cells become resistant through molecular modification of the androgen receptor protein and identify a potential treatment approach that could ...

How Tumor Cells Use Mitochondria to Keep Growing

Investigators have discovered that tumor cells use mitochondria to control their growth and detect stress that can destroy a tumor cell if it is not ...

New Risk Algorithm Would Improve Screening for Prostate Cancer

Researchers developed an algorithm estimating a person's risk of developing prostate cancer based on age and the levels of two prostate cancer markers, PSA and hK2 (human kalliknein peptidase). ...

New Blood Test Combined With Image-Based Prostate Cancer Screening Reduces Harms and Costs

The combination of a novel blood test and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can reduce overdiagnosis of low-risk cancers as well as societal costs in prostate cancer screening, according to a ...

Genetic Clues Link Lipoprotein A to Prostate Cancer Risk

A new analysis has uncovered a potential link between higher prostate cancer risk and genetic variants associated with higher bloodstream levels of the cholesterol-transporting molecule lipoprotein ...

Faulty BRCA Genes Linked to Prostate and Pancreatic Cancers

Faulty versions of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes are well known to increase the risk of breast cancer in men and women, and in ovarian cancer. Now BRCA1 and BRCA2 have been linked to several other ...

AI Accurately Diagnoses Prostate Cancer, Study Shows

Researchers have completed a comprehensive international validation of artificial intelligence (AI) for diagnosing and grading prostate cancer. The study shows that AI systems can identify and grade ...

Assessing Progression Risk in Cancer

A molecular feature in prostate cancer, called endogenous retroviral (ERV) RNA, has been found to have prognostic value and also distinguish differences between men of African and European or Middle ...

Statin Use Affects Prostate Cancer Screening Results

Prostate cancer screening results differ in men taking cholesterol-lowering statin drugs compared with non-users, a study finds. In statin users, screening did not increase the incidence of prostate ...

The Prostate Cancer Cell That Got Away

Researchers have pioneered a new method to track the progression of prostate cancer in mice, from its birth to its spread into other tissues. This approach allows researchers to study the origins of ...

New Strategy Against Treatment-Resistant Prostate Cancer Identified

A new study has identified an RNA molecule that suppresses prostate tumors. The scientists found that prostate cancers develop ways to shut down this RNA molecule to allow themselves to grow. ...

Prostate Cancer Urine Test Identifies Good Prognosis Patients

Researchers have shown that a prostate cancer urine test can identify men at 'intermediate risk' who can safely avoid immediate treatment and benefit from 'active surveillance' ...

Study Links Gut Microbiome and Aggressive Prostate Cancer

Researchers have shown for the first time that diet-associated molecules in the gut are associated with aggressive prostate cancer, suggesting dietary interventions may help reduce risk. While more ...

Targeted Prostate Cancer Screening Could Benefit Men With Inherited Cancer Syndrome

Men who inherit an increased risk of cancer through 'Lynch syndrome' could benefit from regular PSA testing from age 40 to detect early signs of prostate cancer, researchers believe. Annual ...

Research Shows Exercise-Related Proteins Can Suppress Tumor Growth

New research shows bed and rest might not be the best treatment for people suffering from cancer -- in fact, the opposite may be true. Researchers have discovered the proteins created by the body ...

Metastatic Prostate Cancer Comes in Two Forms, Which Could Guide Treatment

Scientists have identified two subtypes of metastatic prostate cancer that respond differently to treatment, information that could one day guide physicians in treating patients with the therapies ...

Studies Biased Toward Genomes of People With European Ancestry Still Predict Cancer Risk in Diverse Groups, Research Finds

Data sets that are biased by having too many genomes from people with European ancestry can still be applied to other ancestry groups to predict their risk of developing breast and prostate cancer, ...

Staying Young, from the Cells on Up

Researchers have discovered a new multi-enzyme complex that reprograms metabolism and overcomes 'cellular senescence,' when aging cells stop ...

Patients Helping Researchers to Advance Treatments for Prostate Cancer

Researchers have established one of the world's largest collections of living tumors from prostate cancer patients, accelerating the testing of new treatments for prostate cancer and leading to ...

New Blood Test Improves Prostate Cancer Screening

Researchers recently reported that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) could reduce overdiagnoses and thereby improve prostate cancer screening. Now, the same research group shows that the addition of a ...

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