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June 26, 2022

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'Travel Therapy': Could Holidays Help Mental Health and Wellbeing?

Many of us will have likely heard of music therapy and art therapy -- but what about 'travel therapy'? A new cross-disciplinary paper proposes we change how we view tourism, seeing it not just as a ...

Adults Sleep Better Together Than They Do Alone

A new study finds a relationship between bed sharing, sleep and mental health. Adults who share a bed with a partner or spouse sleep better than those who sleep alone, according to a new ...

'Good' Bacteria to Tackle Depression

Intestinal flora plays an important role in health -- including mental health. Researchers have shown that probiotics can support the effect of antidepressants and help to alleviate ...

Parents' Unpredictable Behavior May Impair Optimal Brain Circuit Formation

Researchers are conducting pioneering research into the concept that unpredictable parental behaviors, together with unpredictable environment, such as lack of routines and frequent disasters, ...
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Increased Overdose and Mental Health Risks Persist Two Years After Opioid Dose Reduction

A new study suggests that the increased rates of overdose and mental health crisis observed during the first year after opioid dose tapering persist through the second ...

New Study Shows Bidirectional Link Between Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Depression

A new study shows that patients diagnosed with IBD were nine times as likely to develop depression than the general population. In addition, their siblings who did not suffer from IBD were almost two ...

Team Sports Linked to Fewer Mental Health Difficulties for Kids

A large-scale study of U.S. children and adolescents has found that participation in a team sport is associated with fewer mental health difficulties, but that kids who are exclusively involved in an ...

How the Brain Changes During Depression Treatment

Researchers have shown what happens to the brain when a person receives a depression treatment known as repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS). rTMS is a depression treatment typically ...

Statins May Provide Protection Against Depression

Statins have been hailed as a wonder drug; the cholesterol-lowering drugs have been prescribed to tens of millions of people since their approval in the late 1980s to prevent heart attack and stroke. ...

How Sleep Helps to Process Emotions

Researchers have identified how the brain triages emotions during dream sleep to consolidate the storage of positive emotions while dampening the consolidation of negative ones. The work expands the ...

Antidepressant Use During Pregnancy Not Linked to Epilepsy in Children

A new study suggests that antidepressant use by mothers during the first trimester of pregnancy does not increase the chances of epilepsy and seizures in ...

Effects of Stress on Adolescent Brain's 'Triple Network'

Stress and trauma during adolescence can lead to long-term health consequences such as psychiatric disorders, which may arise from neurodevelopmental effects on brain circuitry. A new study has used ...

Multiple Diagnoses Are the Norm for Mental Illness; A New Genetic Analysis Helps Explain Why

An analysis of 11 major psychiatric disorders offers new insight into why comorbidities are the norm when it comes to mental illness. The study suggests that while there is no single gene or set of ...

A Study Confirms the Relationship Between an Amino Acid Present in Diet and Depression

The results, shown in humans, mice and flies, show that elevated plasma levels and a diet rich in this amino acid -- proline -- causes a more severe state of ...

A Better Diet Helps Beat Depression in Young Men

Young men with a poor diet saw a significant improvement in their symptoms of depression when they switched to a healthy Mediterranean diet, a new study ...

Social Media Break Improves Mental Health, Study Suggests

Results of a new study which asked participants to take a week-long break from TikTok, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook find positive effects for wellbeing, depression and ...

Researchers Reveal Possible Molecular Blood Signature for Suicide in Major Depression

Researchers have developed an approach to identify blood biomarkers that could predict the suicide risk of major depressive disorder (MDD) ...

Mental Illness Plays Havoc With the Mind as Well as the Heart

We need to pay more attention to the physical impacts of mental illness. It could not only be messing with your mind, but also your heart, say ...

Cognitive Impairment from Severe COVID-19 Equivalent to 20 Years of Aging, Study Finds

Cognitive impairment as a result of severe COVID-19 is similar to that sustained between 50 and 70 years of age and is the equivalent to losing 10 IQ points, say ...

Use of School Mental Health Services Rose Just Before the Pandemic, Study Finds

Researchers have found that use of school of mental health services went up among key adolescent groups in the year before COVID-19 struck compared to previous years in the U.S. The study offers ...

Stress, Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy May Hinder Toddler's Cognitive Development

Women's elevated anxiety, depression and stress during pregnancy altered key features of the fetal brain, which subsequently decreased their offspring's cognitive development at 18 months. ...

New Studies Show Special Mental Health Risks for Certain Groups of New Doctors

First-year surgery residents, and first-year medical residents in all fields who are members of sexual minorities such as LGBTQ, are more likely than others to develop depression during the stressful ...

Living in Areas With More Greenery May Boost Cognitive Function, Study Finds

New evidence links residential exposure to greenspace, such as green vegetation, as a potential population-level approach to improve processing speed and attention, and overall cognitive ...

Neuronal Plasticity in Chronic Pain-Induced Anxiety Revealed

Researchers have shown how chronic pain leads to maladaptive anxiety in mice, with implications for treatment of chronic pain-related psychiatric disorders in ...

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