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June 28, 2022

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Can We Save More Lives If We Let Resistant Bacteria Live?

Every day, people die of simple inflammation because bacteria can no longer be killed with antibiotics. So what do we do? Maybe we should spend less energy on killing them and more on 'only' making ...

Vitamins, Supplements Are a 'Waste of Money' for Most Americans

Scientists say for non-pregnant, otherwise healthy Americans, vitamins are a waste of money because there isn't enough evidence they help prevent cardiovascular disease or cancer. They've written an ...
Researchers have identified a molecule in the blood that is produced during exercise and can effectively reduce food intake and obesity ...

Intriguing Connection Between Diet, Eye Health and Lifespan Uncovered

Researchers have demonstrated a link between diet, circadian rhythms, eye health and lifespan in Drosophila. They additionally and unexpectedly found that processes in the fly eye are actually ...
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Microbial Link Between Western-Style Diet and Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Uncovered

New research builds the case that a Western-style diet -- rich in red and processed meat, sugar and refined grains/carbohydrates -- is tied to higher risk of colorectal cancer through the intestinal ...

Modeling a Devastating Childhood Disease on a Chip

Millions of children globally suffer from environmental enteric dysfunction (EED), a chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine that causes malnutrition and stunts their growth. A new Organ Chip ...

Lack of Diversity of Micro-Organisms in the Gut or Elevated Metabolite Implicated in Heart Failure Severity

Some people who experience heart failure have less biodiversity in their gut or have elevated gut metabolites, both of which are associated with more hospital visits and greater risk of death, ...

New Processing Technique Could Make Potatoes Healthier

Researchers announced early tests of a new potato processing technique designed to make our bodies digest potato starch more slowly. Laboratory demonstrations show that the approach blocks certain ...

Food Insecurity and Water Insecurity Go Hand-in-Hand, Study Finds

In a new 25-country study, researchers report a strong link between water insecurity -- a lack of reliable access to sufficient water -- and food ...

Study Shows People 'Right Size' Portions of High-Calorie Foods

New research has revealed that humans moderate the size of energy-rich meals they eat, suggesting people are smarter eaters than previously ...

Pregnant Women's Drinking Correlates With Their Partner's Drinking

Pregnant women's use of alcohol correlates with that of their partner, a new study shows. Paying attention to both parents' use of alcohol may help to prevent drinking during pregnancy, as ...

Warning Labels Could Help Customers Identify Hidden Sugar in Restaurant Menus

Seeing a warning icon on a restaurant menu may help consumers identify the high amounts of added sugar hidden in menu items -- and it may even convince them to reach for healthier items like water, ...

Screen Time, Alcohol, and Poor Sleep for Girls: How the Pandemic Has Impacted Teens in Australia

A new study finds that Australian teens had overall improvements in sleep over the two years and some improvements in dietary choices during lockdown, but these were offset by increases in already ...

Benefit of Supplements for Slowing Age-Related Macular Degeneration

The AREDS2 dietary supplement formula not only reduces risk of lung cancer due to beta-carotene, but is also more effective at reducing risk of AMD progression, compared to the original AREDS ...

High Fat Diet, Unregulated Athletic Exercise Endurance Enhancers Linked to Risk of Pancreatic Cancer

A study suggests that substances touted to improve athletic performance can activate a receptor that accelerates the progression of pre-cancerous lesions to pancreatic cancer in ...

Malnutrition Links Kidney Disease, Weaker Muscles

Scientists have utilized an objective and simple nutritional indicator called the Nutrition Risk Index (NRI) to unveil a long-suspected yet unverified relationship between sarcopenia and malnutrition ...

About 3 Grams a Day of Omega-3 Fatty Acids May Lower Blood Pressure, More Research Needed

While there is some evidence that consuming omega-3 fatty acids in food or dietary supplements may reduce the risk of high blood pressure, the optimal amount to consume for this benefit is unclear. A ...

Easy, Flexible Access to Produce, Resources Boosts Healthy Eating for Kids

What children eat affects their lifelong health, but changing their habits can be difficult. However, a new study found that providing easy access to produce and resources can lead to big ...

Protein Supplement Helps Control Type 2 Diabetes

A study which holds potential for dietary management of the condition, has shown that drinking a small amount of why protein before meals helps people with type 2 diabetes control their blood sugar. ...

Wake Up and Smell the Burning Rubbish? Secrets of Disordered Smell Found

Researchers have discovered the secrets of why certain food and drinks smell (and likely taste) disgusting to people with ...

How Eating Eggs Can Boost Heart Health

Researchers have shown how moderate egg consumption can increase the amount of heart-healthy metabolites in the ...

Drug That Lowers Blood Sugar Also Reduces Blood Vessel Dysfunction Caused by Aging

An FDA-approved drug to lower blood sugar in adults with Type 2 diabetes also may decrease blood vessel dysfunction associated with aging, according to a new ...

Desire for Son in Nepal May Impact on Girls' Health and Wellbeing -- New Study

The desire for a son could mean Nepali mothers stop breastfeeding infant daughters sooner, says new research. Girls in Nepal are breastfed for fewer months than boys on average, with girls with older ...

Men With Obesity Can Double Their Sperm Count

Men with obesity can double their sperm count if they lose weight and maintain the weight ...

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