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June 26, 2022

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Trapping Sperm in Semen’s Natural Gel Could Lead to New Contraceptive

A discovery that blocks the normal transition of semen from a thick gel to a liquid shows promise for development of a new form of non-hormonal, over-the-counter contraception. A research team ...

How Oral Bacteria Suppress Protection Against Viral Growth

Researchers have discovered details of how proteins produced by oral epithelial cells protect humans against viruses entering the body through the mouth. They also found that oral bacteria can ...

How Herpes Checks Into the Nervous System for Life

More than half of U.S. adults are carriers of HSV1 (herpes simplex virus type 1) which hibernates in the peripheral nervous system and can never be eradicated. A new study has uncovered herpes' ...

Male Y Chromosome Facilitates the Evolution of Sex Differences in Body Size

Females and males differ in many ways and yet they share the same genome. The only exception is the male Y chromosome. Using beetles as a study system, new research shows that despite of the Y ...
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US Infertility Rate Plateaus

During recent decades, the rate of infertility among women in the United States has remained largely the same, according to researchers. Their new analysis of data collected from 1995 and 2019 found ...

New Studies Show Special Mental Health Risks for Certain Groups of New Doctors

First-year surgery residents, and first-year medical residents in all fields who are members of sexual minorities such as LGBTQ, are more likely than others to develop depression during the stressful ...

Viral Transformations in the Female Genital Tract Can Spell Trouble for Women’s Health

A new study uses next-generation gene sequencing to get a clearer read on the community of viruses present in vaginal microbiome samples and its implication for the development of cervical ...

Intermingling Between Populations May Contribute to HIV Spread

Sexual partnerships between individuals from different communities may help explain why some community-based HIV prevention efforts were moderately effective, shows a new ...

Women's Experiences of Sexual Assault and Harassment Linked With High Blood Pressure

Women who had ever experienced sexual violence in their lifetime -- including sexual assault and workplace sexual harassment -- were more likely to develop high blood pressure over a seven-year ...

Contraception Data 'Blind Spot' Could Hide Pandemic Impact on Women's Reproductive Health

Limited data on the uptake of contraception prior to and during crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic could mean unforeseen issues for sexual and reproductive health services, new research ...

Model Shows Sharp Decrease in HIV Incidence in England

The annual number of new HIV infections among men who have sex with men in England is likely to have fallen dramatically, from 2,770 in 2013 to 854 in 2018, showing elimination of HIV transmission by ...

Discrimination Contributes to Poorer Heart Health for LGBTQ Adults

The majority of LGBTQ adults report experiencing discrimination from a health care professional. Compared to cisgender heterosexual adults, LGBTQ populations experience multi-level, psychological and ...

Exposure to Workplace Sexual Harassment Linked to an Increased Risk of Suicidal Behavior

Workers who have been exposed to sexual harassment in their workplace are at greater risk of suicide and attempting suicide, a new study ...

One in Five Georgian Londoners Had Syphilis by Their Mid-30s

250 years ago, over one-fifth of Londoners had contracted syphilis by their 35th birthday, historians have ...

COVID-19 Affects Adolescent and Young Adults Sexual and Reproductive Health

Social distancing and limited access to contraceptive and abortion care during the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the sexual and reproductive health of adolescents and young adults according to a new ...

Probiotics With Top-Performing Lactobacillus Strains May Improve Vaginal Health

Vaginal Lactobacillus bacterial strains largely perform better than strains currently used in probiotics for vaginal health, according to a new study. The findings suggest that a vaginal health ...

Wording of Vaccination Messages Influences Behavior

An experiment has revealed that relatively small differences in messages influenced people's attitudes about the human papillomavirus or HPV vaccine, which has been shown to help prevent ...

Genetic Cause of Difference in Sexual Development Uncovered

Researchers have identified a cause of testicular tissue developing in people with female ...

Doubts Cast Over Accuracy of Many Popular Fertility and Pregnancy Planning Apps

Many popular fertility and pregnancy planning apps may be inaccurate, suggest the results of a scoping review of the available ...

Rapid Infectious Disease Shifts in Chinese Children and Adolescents Prior to COVID-19

Deaths of children and adolescents in China due to infectious diseases were becoming rare prior to the covid-19 pandemic, according to a new ...

Experiences of Undesired Effects of Hormonal Contraception

A study of women who experienced mental ill-health from a hormonal contraception indicates they value their mental well-being higher than a satisfactory sex life. Their experiences can influence ...

Curcumin Is the Spice of Life When Delivered Via Tiny Nanoparticles

For years, curry lovers have sworn by the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, but its active compound, curcumin, has long frustrated scientists hoping to validate these claims with clinical ...

Having Less Sex Linked to Earlier Menopause

Women who engage in sexual activity weekly or monthly have a lower risk of entering menopause early relative to those who report having some form of sex less than monthly, according to a new ...

Rectal Microbes Influence Effectiveness of HIV Vaccine

Microbes living in the rectum could make a difference to the effectiveness of experimental HIV vaccines, according to ...

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