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June 26, 2022

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Deep Nerve Stimulation Consistently Reduces Blood Pressure

Biomedical engineers are expanding the study of wireless electrodes to treat hypertension and are reporting that blood pressure can be consistently controlled by bioelectronic ...

Alternative to Open Heart Surgery Just as Effective for Patients With Common Heart Condition

A study has shown that a less invasive heart procedure for a common condition is just as effective as conventional open-heart ...

Researchers Find New Strategy for Preventing Clogged Arteries

Revving up a process that slows down as we age may protect against atherosclerosis, a major cause of heart attacks and strokes. Scientists have successfully minimized artery-narrowing plaque in mice ...

Eating Two Servings of Avocados a Week Linked to Lower Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

A 30-year study of more than 110,000 health professionals found that participants who ate at least two servings of avocado a week had a lower risk of ...
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Cardiac Rehab Attendance Lower Among Asian, Black and Hispanic Adults at All Income Levels, Study Finds

In a study of more than 107,000 people eligible for cardiac rehabilitation programs, Asian, Black and Hispanic adults were significantly less likely to attend cardiac rehabilitation programs compared ...

COVID Vaccines Are Safe for Patients With Cardiovascular Disease

COVID-19 vaccination is not associated with an increased risk of heart attack or stroke in patients with established cardiovascular disease, according to a large ...

Math Model Predicts Efficacy of Drug Treatments for Heart Attacks

Researchers used mice to develop a mathematical model of a myocardial infarction. The new model predicts several useful new drug combinations that may one day help treat heart attacks, according to ...

Reducing TV Viewing to Less Than One Hour a Day Could Help Prevent More Than One in Ten Cases of Coronary Heart Disease

Watching too much TV is associated with increased risk of coronary heart disease regardless of an individual's genetic makeup, say scientists. The researchers show that -- assuming a causal link ...

The Drug Gabapentin May Boost Functional Recovery After a Stroke

The drug gabapentin, currently prescribed to control seizures and reduce nerve pain, may enhance recovery of movement after a stroke by helping neurons on the undamaged side of the brain take up the ...

Statement Updates Ambulatory Blood Pressure Classification in Children and Adolescents

The statement provides simplified classifications for ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM) in children and adolescents. ABPM is designed to evaluate a person's blood pressure during daily ...

Haywire T Cells Attack Protein in 'Bad' Cholesterol

Detecting these T cells may lead to diagnostics to better detect heart disease--and disease severity--through a blood sample. The knowledge also brings researchers closer to developing a vaccine that ...

Gout Medicine Improves Survival for Heart Failure Patients, Study Finds

A common gout medication, colchicine, significantly improved survival rates for patients hospitalized with worsening heart failure, a new study found. The researchers believe colchicine could also ...

Using Light and Sound to Reveal Rapid Brain Activity in Unprecedented Detail

Biomedical engineers have developed a method to scan and image the blood flow and oxygen levels inside a mouse brain in real-time with enough resolution to view the activity of both individual ...

How Cranberries Could Improve Memory and Ward Off Dementia

Researchers have found that eating cranberries could improve memory, ward off dementia, and reduce 'bad' cholesterol. The research team studied the benefits of consuming the equivalent of a ...

New Guideline Refines Care for Brain Bleeds: Compression Socks, Some Meds Not Effective, Study Suggests

Several in-hospital treatments and post-discharge therapies for people who have had an intracerebral hemorrhage, or a bleeding stroke, are not as effective as health care professionals once thought. ...

Artery Stiffness May Predict Type 2 Diabetes Risk Better Than BP and Standard Risk Factors

Analysis of more than 11,000 people investigated whether high blood pressure or arterial stiffness may be a better predictor of future Type 2 diabetes risk. Results found that adults with increased ...

Researchers Develop Wireless Implantable Vascular Monitoring System

Researchers are improving the odds for patients with the development of an implantable soft electronic vascular monitoring system. Their smart stent and printed soft sensors, is capable of wireless ...

Robotic Therapy: A New Effective Treatment for Chronic Stroke Rehabilitation

Strokes have a debilitating effect on quality of life; the combination of cognitive and physical effects can be especially devastating. A new study showed that moderate to severe hand and arm ...

Exploring Dynamics of Blood Flow in Vascular, Atherosclerotic Diseases

Researchers present clinicians with information about the risk factors for atherosclerotic plaque formation from a mechanical point of view. The scientists are exploring whether it is possible to ...

Hypertensive Pregnancy Disorders Linked to Future Cardiac Events

Women who experienced complications related to developing high blood pressure, or hypertension, during pregnancy had a 63% increased risk for developing cardiovascular disease later in life, ...

Revealing the Individual Immune Cells Inside the Plaque That Causes Life-Threatening Heart Attacks

Through single-cell RNA sequencing, researchers have successfully illuminated the characteristics of myeloid immune cells in coronary plaque, which causes acute coronary syndrome. Based on this data, ...

Surprising Risk Factors May Predict Heart Attacks in Young Women

A new study has for the first time identified which risk factors are more likely to trigger a heart attack or acute myocardial infarction (AMI) for men and women 55 years and ...

Nearly 13 Percent of COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients Had Serious Neurologic Symptoms, Study Finds

To describe the prevalence, associated risk factors and outcomes of serious neurologic manifestations among patients hospitalized with severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) ...

For Stroke Survivors, Modified Cardiac Rehabilitation Can Reduce the Chances of Death by 76%

Survivors of serious stroke can reduce their chances of dying within the year by 76% if they complete a modified cardiac rehabilitation program that includes medically supervised exercise, prescribed ...

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