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June 26, 2022

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Scarless Skin Grafting Using Mussel Adhesive Protein

A professor develops a bioadhesive based on the mussel adhesive protein for sutureless skin grafting. Skin regenerative effect maximized with controlled releases of dual ...

Protein P53 Plays a Key Role in Tissue Repair, Study Finds

New research has found the protein p53 plays a key role in epithelial migration and tissue repair. The findings could improve our understanding of the processes used by cells to repair tissues, and ...

Can We Go from Scarface to Scarless?

Researchers examined skin regeneration over two years in various body parts of the adult newt, Cynops pyrrhogaster. Their wounds were very quickly healed over several days without prolonged ...

A Novel Protein Therapy for Efficient Skin Wound Healing

A protein named Agrin has been discovered to promote wound healing and repair, when it is triggered after skin tissue is injured. These findings could pave the way for the development of Agrin ...
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Aggressive Warming During Surgery Does Not Reduce Major Complications

Patients kept at a body temperature of 37 C during major surgery had no fewer cardiac complications than patients kept at 35.5 C, according to new data. There were also no differences in the number ...

Printing Technique Creates Effective Skin Equivalent, Heals Wounds

Researchers have developed an approach to print skin equivalents, which may play a future role in facilitating the healing of chronic wounds. They used suspended layer additive manufacturing, ...

‘Surgery Selfies’ Could Spot Serious Infections Early

Smartphone pictures of post-surgical wounds taken by patients and then assessed by clinicians can help with the early identification of infections, a study has ...

Critical Role of Mechanosensor in Skin Wound Healing

PIEZO1, an ion channel mechanosensor found within cells, has been revealed to play a key role in regulating the speed of skin wound ...

Healing Skin Ischemia-Reperfusion Injuries With Interleukin-36 Receptor Antagonists

Skin wounds from ischemia-reperfusion injuries -- tissue damage caused by blood returning to tissues after a period of oxygen deprivation -- may not heal appropriately in some patients, owing to ...

Genes May Affect the Level of Harmful Bacterial Toxins in the Bloodstream

Lipopolysaccharide, a virulence factor produced by bacteria, is a toxin that can cause a systemic inflammation via the circulation. In a recently completed study, genetic markers were discovered ...

Skin Stem Cells Get Moving for Enhanced Skin Regeneration

Researchers have found that the ability of skin stem cells to heal wounds is linked with their ability to move towards the injury. Their study identified the signalling pathway of EGFR and COL17A1 as ...

Gel Fights Drug-Resistant Bacteria and Induces Body’s Natural Immune Defense

In the fight against multidrug-resistant bacteria, scientists have developed a new kind of antibiotic-free protection for wounds that kills drug-resistant bacteria and induces the body's own ...

Microneedles Pierce Biofilm for More Effective Topical Delivery of Antibiotics to Infected Wounds

An engineer has developed a microneedle array that punctures biofilm covering ulcerated cells and tissues. The needles deliver antibiotics to the wounds by absorbing liquid underneath the biofilm and ...

Researchers Explore Promising Treatment for MRSA 'Superbug'

A new study has found the antimicrobial properties of certain stem cell proteins could offer a potential treatment to reduce infection in skin ...

Natural Killer Cells Coordinate Wound Healing

Natural killer cells do not just kill cancer cells or cells infected with viruses, they also mediate a trade-off between wound healing and bacterial defense in skin wounds. If the healing process is ...

Research Uncovers New Mechanism That Promotes Wound Healing in Skin

A study identifies a new molecular pathway that promotes the healing of wounds in the ...

Why Do People With Diabetes Develop Severe COVID-19?

The enzyme SETDB2 is implicated in the development of runaway inflammation characteristic of severe COVID-19 in patients with diabetes who are infected with ...

Oxygen-Delivering Hydrogel Accelerates Diabetic Wound Healing

A professor of mechanical engineering and materials science has developed a hydrogel that delivers oxygen to a wound, which decreases inflammation, helps remodel tissue and accelerates ...

New Evidence That Fetal Membranes Can Repair Themselves After Injury

Scientists have shown that fetal membranes are able to heal after ...

Bio-Inspired, Blood-Repelling Tissue Glue Could Seal Wounds Quickly

Engineers have designed a strong, biocompatible glue that can seal injured tissues and stop bleeding, inspired by the sticky substance that barnacles use to cling to ...

Light Therapy Helps Burn Injuries Heal Faster by Triggering Growth Protein

The research found that photobiomodulation -- a form of low-dose light therapy -- sped up recovery from burns and reduced inflammation in mice by activating a protein that controls cell growth and ...

Illuminating Tissue Formation

Researchers have developed a molecule that fluoresces where new tissue is forming in the body. Alongside helping to detect tumors, the molecule could play a significant role in research of wound ...

Scientists Uncover How a Molecule Improves Appearance of Surgery Scars

In a new study, Fralin Biomedical Research Institute at VTC scientists discovered that the alphaCT1 molecule may help repair the skin's collagen matrix by altering how scar-forming cells behave. ...

A New, Inexpensive Way to Heal Chronic Wounds

Scientists are developing a low-cost, practical biopolymer dressing that helps heal chronic ...

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