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June 28, 2022

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Scent of a Friend: Similarities in Body Odor May Contribute to Social Bonding

Researchers have found that people may have a tendency to form friendships with individuals who have a similar body odor. The researchers were even ...

With Roommates, It's All About Chemistry, Molecularly Speaking

Researchers describe how the microbiomes of people and the homes they live in interact and change each ...

Flu Vaccination Linked to 40% Reduced Risk of Alzheimer's Disease

People who received at least one influenza vaccine were 40% less likely than their non-vaccinated peers to develop Alzheimer's disease over the course of four years, according to a new ...

Developmental Dyslexia Essential to Human Adaptive Success

Researchers say people with developmental dyslexia have specific strengths relating to exploring the unknown that have contributed to the successful adaptation and survival of our ...
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Attitudes Around Older Motherhood Too Often Emphasize Risk and Pregnancy Timing

A political science professor argues that much of the official language around older motherhood is rooted in both ageism and ableism, as well as being out of step with current childbirth trends. The ...

The Younger We Feel, the Better We Rehabilitate, Research Shows

Could the expression 'you're only as old as you feel' hold true for older people recuperating from physical disabilities? Apparently so. Researchers have found that feeling young can ...

Human Cells Take in Less Protein from a Plant-Based 'Meat' Than from Chicken

Many people have now embraced the plant-based 'meat' movement. Plants high in protein, such as soybeans, are common ingredients, but it's been unclear how much of the nutrient makes it ...

Relationships Are Best Between People of Similar Desirability, Study Finds

New research found that not only are people who are similarly desirable more likely to enter into a relationship, but they are also more likely to experience success within that ...

75% of Teens Aren't Getting Recommended Daily Exercise

Three out of every four teens aren't getting enough exercise, and this lack is even more pronounced among female students. But new research suggests improving a school's climate can ...

New Safe-Sleep Guidelines Aim to Reduce Infant Deaths

There are 3,500 sleep-related infant deaths in the United States each year. Many of those deaths are preventable, and the authors of the new guidelines are urging parents to take simple steps to help ...

Walking Gives the Brain a 'Step-Up' in Function for Some

It has long been thought that when walking is combined with a task -- both suffer. Researchers have now found that this is not always the case. Some young and healthy people improve performance on ...

Vitamins, Supplements Are a 'Waste of Money' for Most Americans

Scientists say for non-pregnant, otherwise healthy Americans, vitamins are a waste of money because there isn't enough evidence they help prevent cardiovascular disease or cancer. They've ...

Who Benefits from Brain Training and Why?

If you are skilled at playing puzzles on your smartphone or tablet, what does it say about how fast you learn new puzzles, or, more broadly, how well you can focus, say, in school or at work? Or, in ...

Training Virtually Can Reduce Psychosocial Stress and Anxiety

Everyone knows that exercise brings physical and psychological benefits. A new study suggests that virtual reality exercise induces similar effects, meaning those with limited mobility may be able to ...

Understanding Learning by Inference

Both humans and other animals are good at learning by inference, using information we do have to figure out things we cannot observe directly. New research shows how our brains achieve this by ...

Soy Sauce's Salt-Enhancing Peptides

Soy sauce deepens the flavor of soup stocks, gives stir-fried rice its sweet-salty glaze and makes a plate of dumplings absolutely enjoyable. But what exactly makes this complex, salty, umami sauce ...

Us Versus Them: Harming the 'Outgroup' Is Linked to Elevated Activity in the Brain's Reward Circuitry

Humans tend to form groups, which often find themselves in conflict with rival groups. But why do people show such a ready tendency to harm people in opposing groups? A new study led by researchers ...

Tight Budgeters Beware: Skip the Coffee Before Shopping

The study found that shoppers who drank a cup of complimentary caffeinated coffee prior to roaming the stores spent about 50 percent more money and bought nearly 30 percent more items than shoppers ...

30-Year Study Links Childhood Obesity and Fitness to Midlife Cognition

A new study of the impact of childhood fitness and obesity on cognition in middle age, followed over 1200 people who were children in 1985 for over 30 years, has found that better performance on ...

Who Wants to Be a Billionaire? Most Don't -- Which Is Good News for the Planet

A new study busts the long-held economic belief that humans are all motivated to want more and more, which could have important implications for sustainability ...

Trade the Chair for Fresh Air: Sitting Time and Cardio Health

New research is adding further weight to the argument that prolonged sitting may be hazardous to your health. An international study surveying more than 100,000 individuals in 21 countries found that ...

Dog-Assisted Interventions Lead to Lower Stress Levels in Children

Dog-assisted interventions can lead to significantly lower stress in children both with and without special needs, according to a new study using salivary cortisol ...

Helping Middle School Students Achieve More

A new study of intermediate school students in urban California and New York shows promise for underachievers. Researchers found that early intervention with teachers, training students that ...

Losing a Grandmother May Trigger Rise in Depression for Some of Her Survivors

New research found that for up to seven years after the death of their grandmother, adolescent boys had a 50% increase in depression symptoms compared to peers who were not grieving. Additionally, ...

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