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June 26, 2022

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Moth Wing-Inspired Sound Absorbing Wallpaper in Sight After Breakthrough

Experts at the University of Bristol have discovered that the scales on moth wings act as excellent sound absorbers even when placed on an artificial ...

Sizzling Sound of Deep-Frying Reveals Complex Physics

Researchers carefully studied bubbles that form when water droplets come into contact with heated cooking oil and found that the type and number of bubbles formed depends on the amount of water ...

Researchers Develop a Paper-Thin Loudspeaker

Researchers created an ultrathin loudspeaker that can turn any rigid surface into a high-quality, active audio source. The fabrication process can enable the thin-film devices to be produced at ...

The Physics of a Singing Saw

Researchers have used the singing saw to demonstrate how the geometry of a curved sheet, like curved metal, could be tuned to create high-quality, long-lasting oscillations for applications in ...
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Better Residents' Health After Switch to Electric Buses

The health of residents living alongside a bus route in Gothenburg, Sweden, became considerably better when hybrid buses were replaced by buses fully powered by electricity. Along with the noise ...

Concert Hall Acoustics for Non-Invasive Ultrasound Brain Treatments

Engineers have developed a device that is a first step to enabling noninvasive, ultrasound-based therapies for the brain. For example, ultrasound waves are currently being used in clinical trials to ...

Balancing Sustainability, Safety and Comfort in Engineered Floor Slabs

Using less material in floors is a viable strategy for improving sustainability in buildings, as it can reduce the structure's environmental footprint. Prioritizing only this goal, however, can ...

When Graphene Speaks, Scientists Can Now Listen

Brothers working in a lab discover that sound can be used to analyze the properties of laser-induced graphene in real ...

Owl Wing Design Reduces Aircraft, Wind Turbine Noise Pollution

Researchers used the characteristics of owl wings to inform airfoil design and significantly reduce trailing-edge noise. The team used noise calculation and analysis software to conduct a series of ...

Gunfire or Plastic Bag Popping? Trained Computer Can Tell the Difference

Engineering researchers have developed a gunshot detection algorithm and classification model that can discern similar sounds such as gunfire or a plastic bag popping. Discerning between a dangerous ...

Physicists Discovered Special Transverse Sound Wave

A research team has discovered a new type of sound wave: the airborne sound wave vibrates transversely and carries both spin and orbital angular momentum like light does. The findings shattered ...

Adding Sound to Quantum Simulations

Aiming to emulate the quantum characteristics of materials more realistically, researchers have figured out a way to create a lattice of light and atoms that can vibrate -- bringing sound to an ...

Flexible Device Could Treat Hearing Loss Without Batteries

Some people are born with hearing loss, while others acquire it with age, infections or long-term noise exposures. In many instances, the tiny hairs in the inner ear's cochlea that allow the ...

The Nanophotonics Orchestra Presents: Twisting to the Light of Nanoparticles

Physics researchers discover a new physical effect relating to the interactions between light and twisted materials -- an effect that is likely to have implications for emerging new nanotechnologies ...

Making Musical Performances Safer in the Era of COVID-19

Researchers have studied aerosol production from playing wind instruments, singing and acting, allowing them to develop recommendations to minimize COVID ...

Algorithm Finds Personalized Sound Zones in Cars for Driver, Passengers

Researchers outline an algorithm that adapts personalized sound zones within a car to changes in seat position, allowing riders to listen to their own audio without headphones and ...

Acoustic Illusions

Researchers have devised an ingenious method of using acoustics to conceal and simulate ...

Testing 1-2: New Laser-Based Microphone Calibration Measures Up

Researchers have conducted the first demonstration of a faster and more accurate way to calibrate certain kinds of microphones. The technique, which uses lasers to measure the velocity at which a ...

Compact Speaker Systems Direct Sound Efficiently

Researchers have developed three designs for compact speaker systems that control the direction of sound more efficiently than previous models. For each speaker, the scientists were able to ...

Wind Turbine Night Noise

With wind generation one of the fastest-growing renewable energy sectors in the world, experts are using machine learning and other signal processing techniques to characterize annoying noise ...

Built-in Vibration Control May Help Soundproof Spaces

A different kind of design for absorbing vibrations could help better soundproof walls and make vehicles more streamlined, a new study ...

Air-Powered Computer Memory Helps Soft Robot Control Movements

Engineers made a pneumatic RAM chip using microfluidic valves instead of electronic transistors. The valves remain sealed against a pressure differential even when disconnected from an air supply ...

Shape-Memory Alloys Might Help Airplanes Land Without a Peep

Having a home near a busy airport certainly has its perks. It is close to many establishments and alleviates the problem of wading through endless traffic to catch flights. But it does come at a cost ...

Optical Singularities Could Be Used for Wide Range of Applications from Super Resolution Imaging to Optical Trapping

Researchers have developed a new way to control and shape optical singularities. The technique can be used to engineer singularities of many shapes, far beyond simple curved or straight lines. It ...

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