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June 26, 2022

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Technology Helps Self-Driving Cars Learn from Own 'Memories'

Researchers have developed a way to help autonomous vehicles create 'memories' of previous experiences and use them in future navigation, especially during adverse weather conditions when the car ...

Flash Joule Heating Process Recycles Plastic from End-of-Life F-150 Trucks Into High-Value Graphene for New Vehicles

Chemists have processed waste plastic from end-of-life trucks into graphene for composite materials in new ...

Roboticists Go Off Road to Compile Data That Could Train Self-Driving ATVs

Researchers took an all-terrain vehicle on wild rides through tall grass, loose gravel and mud to gather data about how the ATV interacted with a challenging, off-road environment. They drove the ...

Hydrogen Production Method Opens Up Clean Energy Possibilities

A new energy-efficient way to produce hydrogen gas from ethanol and water has the potential to make clean hydrogen fuel a more viable alternative for gasoline to power ...
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E-Scooters in Tucson, AZ: Modeling Placement, Charging, and Rebalancing

Are e-scooters just the first sign of a shared-mobility revolution? If they are, then researchers at the University of Arizona intend to make sure that the emerging transportation system has ...

Small Adaptations, Major Effect: Researchers Study Potential of Future Public Transportation

Being mobile individually, at any time -- without owning a car: To facilitate this, public transportation authorities cooperate with service providers for new forms of mobility such as bicycle ...

How a Cognitive Bias Is Blocking the Rise of Electric Cars

What are the barriers to the adoption of electric cars? Although the main financial and technological obstacles have been removed, their market share still needs to increase. In a recent study, a ...

The Deadly Impact of Urban Streets That Look Like Highways

Serious auto crashes in urban areas are more likely on city streets that look to drivers like highways, new research suggests. The study used a novel approach: researchers applied machine learning ...

New Algorithm Could Simplify Decisions for Ship Channel Dredging

Every ship channel has to be dredged. With high costs involved, a dredging project's managers have to be on the money in their timing and logistics choices. A new algorithm presents ...

Alternate Delivery Locations Are Viable Options to Offset Negative Impacts of Increased Home Deliveries

As the demand for home deliveries from online purchases continues to increase, researchers recently published research showing that some -- but not all -- consumers will accept going to alternate ...

How E-Scooters Can Safely Operate in a City

E-scooters have become a familiar sight in cities worldwide in recent years, with many new companies renting them for use. But their arrival has also brought new safety concerns. Now, researchers ...

New Technology to Speed Up Charging Electric Cars

New technology could make charging electric cars as fast as pumping gas. Quantum charging could cut the charging time of electric vehicles from ten hours to three ...

Could We Make Cars out of Petroleum Residue?

Researchers have developed a way to make lightweight fibers, for possible use in the bodies of cars, out of an ultracheap feedstock: the waste material from the refining of ...

Public Transport: AI Assesses Resilience of Timetables

A brief traffic jam, a stuck door, or many passengers getting on and off at a stop - even small delays in the timetables of trains and buses can lead to major problems. A new artificial intelligence ...

Warning: Objects in Driverless Car Sensors May Be Closer Than They Appear

Researchers have demonstrated the first attack strategy that can fool industry-standard autonomous vehicle sensor components into believing nearby objects are closer (or further) than they appear ...

Traffic Accidents Significantly Dropped During COVID-19 Lockdown, Study Finds

Research shows that traffic accidents decreased by nearly half during the two-month period at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic when residents of most states were under a stay-at-home ...

Electric Truck Hydropower, a Flexible Solution to Hydropower in Mountainous Regions

Researchers have developed an innovative hydropower technology based on electric trucks that could provide a flexible and clean solution for electricity generation in mountainous ...

Greater Greenhouse Gas Reductions for Pickup Truck Electrification Than for Other Light-Duty Vehicles

Major automotive manufacturers are ramping up production of electric trucks as a key strategy to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of their ...

Scooting to a New Era in Active Transportation

In recent years, shared electric scooters (e-scooters) have taken cities by storm. But how are people using this new mode of transportation? A new study has some interesting data to share on ...

Navigation Tools Could Be Pointing Drivers to the Shortest Route — but Not the Safest

Time for a road trip. You punch the destination into your GPS and choose the suggested route. But is this shortest route the safest? Not necessarily, according to new ...

A 'Fairly Simple' Breakthrough Makes Accessing Stored Hydrogen More Efficient

A new catalyst extracts hydrogen from hydrogen storage materials easily and efficiently. The process occurs at mild temperatures and under normal atmospheric conditions, without using metals or ...

Fueling a Hydrogen Revolution

Researchers show how magnetic flux sensors can be used to monitor the operation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells that run on hydrogen. By detecting changes in current, failure states due to ...

Fuel Cells and Game-Changing Tech to Remove 99% of Carbon Dioxide from Air

Engineers have demonstrated a way to effectively capture 99% of carbon dioxide from air using a novel electrochemical system powered by ...

New Polymer Fuel Cells Can Operate at Higher Temperatures

A new high-temperature polymer fuel cell that operates at 80-160 degrees Celsius, with a higher-rated power density than state-of-the-art fuel cells, solves the longstanding problem of overheating, ...

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