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June 26, 2022

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3D Printing of 'Organic Electronics'

A research group has explored the potential production of micro-scale organic electronics for use in bioelectronics via multiphoton 3-D ...

Self-Assembled, Interlocked Threads: Spinning Yarn With No Machine Needed

Researchers unexpectedly discovered that the ability for spirals to form in nature also happens in some non-biological systems that convert chemical energy into mechanical action -- allowing ...

Lipid Nanoparticles Carry Gene-Editing Cancer Drugs Past Tumor Defenses

As they grow, solid tumors surround themselves with a thick, hard-to-penetrate wall of molecular defenses. Getting drugs past that barricade is notoriously difficult. Now, scientists have developed ...

Tiny Fish-Shaped Robot 'Swims' Around Picking Up Microplastics

Microplastics are found nearly everywhere on Earth and can be harmful to animals if they're ingested. But it's hard to remove such tiny particles from the environment, especially once they settle ...
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PICASSO Technique Drives Biological Molecules Into Technicolor?

Pablo Picasso's surreal cubist artistic style shifted common features into unrecognizable scenes, but a new imaging approach bearing his namesake may elucidate the most complicated subject: the ...

Quantum Sensor Can Detect Electromagnetic Signals of Any Frequency

Researchers developed a method to enable quantum sensors to detect any arbitrary frequency, with no loss of their ability to measure nanometer-scale features. Quantum sensors detect the most minute ...

SeqScreen Can Reveal 'Concerning' DNA

Computer scientists have developed a program to screen short DNA sequences, whether synthetic or natural, to determine their ...

Natural Mineral Hackmanite Can Change Color Almost Indefinitely Enabling Numerous Applications

While investigating hackmanite, a natural wonder material, researchers found that it, in addition to two other minerals, can change their color upon exposure to UV radiation repeatedly without ...

New Model Helps Identify Mutations That Drive Cancer

Scientists built a computer model that can rapidly scan the entire genome of cancer cells and identify mutations that occur more frequently than expected, suggesting that they are driving tumor ...

Scientists Serendipitously Discover Rare Cluster Compound

Scientists at Kyoto University's Institute for Cell-Material Sciences have discovered a novel cluster compound that could prove useful as a catalyst. Compounds, called polyoxometalates, contain ...

New Polymer Mesophase Structure Discovered?

Researchers describe a new polymer structure called a bilayer-folded mesophase that has been discovered through a random copolymer ...

Next Gen Television and Computer Screens: Creating Optically Active Polymers

A University of Tsukuba researcher describes a new method for obtaining conjugated polymers in a helical configuration. By using twisted liquid crystals as a template, the resulting polymers were ...

Humans Responsible for Over 90% of World's Oil Slicks

Scientists mapping oil pollution across the Earth's oceans have found that more than 90% of chronic oil slicks come from human sources, a much higher proportion than previously ...

Engineers Create Single-Step, All-in-One 3D Printing Method to Make Robotic Materials

Engineers have developed a new design strategy and 3D printing technique to build robots in one single step. The breakthrough enabled the entire mechanical and electronic systems needed to operate a ...

Nanochannels Light the Way Towards New Medicine

To develop new drugs and vaccines, detailed knowledge about nature's smallest biological building blocks -- the biomolecules -- is required. Researchers are now presenting a groundbreaking ...

New Solution for Stem Cell Manufacturing

Researchers have developed a unique 3D printed system for harvesting stem cells from ...

New Material Paves the Way for Remote-Controlled Medication and Electronic Pills

Biomedicines are produced by living cells and are used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases among other things. One challenge is that the medicines are very expensive to produce, something that ...

Moth Wing-Inspired Sound Absorbing Wallpaper in Sight After Breakthrough

Experts at the University of Bristol have discovered that the scales on moth wings act as excellent sound absorbers even when placed on an artificial ...

Magnetic Material Could Help Monitor Battery Life

A new study shows how a magnetic material can be used to help monitor the amount of life left in a rechargeable battery before it needs to be ...

Scientists Create Nanoparticle That Helps Fight Solid Tumors

Researchers have discovered a possible new approach in treating solid tumors through the creation of a novel ...

Stem Cells Unraveled: We're One Step Closer to Making Organs in a Dish

Using a mouse model, researchers have deciphered an alternative route that certain cells take to make organs and used that knowledge to exploit a new type of stem cells as a potential source of ...

DNA Nanotech Safe for Medical Use, New Study Suggests

Advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to fabricate structures out of DNA for use in biomedical applications like delivering drugs or creating vaccines, but new research in mice ...

Controlled Fabrication of Multimetallic Building Blocks for Hybrid Nanomaterials

Polymers with different metal complexes in their side chains are thought to be promising high-performance materials with a wide variety of applications. However, conventional fabrication methods are ...

Biotechnology Platforms Enable Fast, Customizable Vaccine Production

An examination of the COVID-related transition to biotechnology platform-based techniques for vaccine development concludes that such smart manufacturing techniques could in the future be applied to ...

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