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June 28, 2022

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New Biobatteries Use Bacterial Interactions to Generate Power for Weeks

Researchers have developed a 'plug-and-play' biobattery that lasts for weeks at a time and can be stacked to improve output voltage and ...

Self-Assembled, Interlocked Threads: Spinning Yarn With No Machine Needed

Researchers unexpectedly discovered that the ability for spirals to form in nature also happens in some non-biological systems that convert chemical energy into mechanical action -- allowing ...
Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...

Scarless Skin Grafting Using Mussel Adhesive Protein

A professor develops a bioadhesive based on the mussel adhesive protein for sutureless skin grafting. Skin regenerative effect maximized with controlled releases of dual ...
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Chemicals in Fairbanks Winter Air

A chemical compound discovered in 2019 in Fairbanks' wintertime air accounts for a significant portion of the community's fine particulate pollution, according to new research that seeks ...

Sniffing out Your Identity With Breath Biometrics

Researchers have developed an artificial 'nose' that can identify individuals from their breath. Built with a 16-channel sensor array that can detect different compounds found in a ...

Researchers Make Virus-Fighting Face Masks

Researchers have developed an accessible way to make N95 face masks not only effective barriers to germs, but on-contact germ killers. The antiviral, antibacterial masks can potentially be worn ...

Researchers Derive New Theory on Behavior of New Class of Materials

Researchers have derived the governing equations that describe and explain the macroscopic mechanical behavior of elastomers filled with liquid inclusions directly in terms of their microscopic ...

Natural Mineral Hackmanite Can Change Color Almost Indefinitely Enabling Numerous Applications

While investigating hackmanite, a natural wonder material, researchers found that it, in addition to two other minerals, can change their color upon exposure to UV radiation repeatedly without ...

A Small Lowering of the Groundwater Level Can Destroy House Foundations

A new thesis shows that wooden pile foundations show visible damage after only a year if the groundwater level lowers. This can cause settlements of buildings in a matter of a few ...

Scientists Serendipitously Discover Rare Cluster Compound

Scientists at Kyoto University's Institute for Cell-Material Sciences have discovered a novel cluster compound that could prove useful as a catalyst. Compounds, called polyoxometalates, contain ...

Biogas and Biomethane Supply Chains Leak Twice as Much Methane as First Thought

A new analysis has found that biogas and biomethane, while more climate friendly, leak more than twice as much methane as previously ...

New Polymer Mesophase Structure Discovered?

Researchers describe a new polymer structure called a bilayer-folded mesophase that has been discovered through a random copolymer ...

Next Gen Television and Computer Screens: Creating Optically Active Polymers

A University of Tsukuba researcher describes a new method for obtaining conjugated polymers in a helical configuration. By using twisted liquid crystals as a template, the resulting polymers were ...

Researchers Change the Game When It Comes to Activity Tracking

The creation of high-resolution extrusion printing -- think 3D printing but with ink that conducts electricity -- has enabled researchers to explore the potential of wearable human motion devices. ...

Soy Sauce's Salt-Enhancing Peptides

Soy sauce deepens the flavor of soup stocks, gives stir-fried rice its sweet-salty glaze and makes a plate of dumplings absolutely enjoyable. But what exactly makes this complex, salty, umami sauce ...

Research Extends the Lifetime of Molecules in Organic Flow Batteries to Practical Values

Researchers have developed a new method to dramatically extend the lifetime of organic aqueous flow batteries, improving the commercial viability of a technology that has the potential to safely and ...

Giving Metal to Microbes Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Collaborative research finds a lack of available metals may be responsible for more nitrous oxide than previously ...

New Material Paves the Way for Remote-Controlled Medication and Electronic Pills

Biomedicines are produced by living cells and are used to treat cancer and autoimmune diseases among other things. One challenge is that the medicines are very expensive to produce, something that ...

River Belt Discovery Helps Scientists Understand Ancient Rivers

A researcher has come up with a rule that connects channel belts to river patterns, finding that, in general, the more channels a river has, the narrower its channel belt. Since the physics shaping ...

A Biological Super Glue from Mistletoe Berries?

Researchers suggests that mistletoe viscin's ultra-stiff flexible fibers, which adhere to both skin and cartilage as well as to various synthetic materials, could have a range of applications -- ...

Real-Time Imaging of Dynamic Atom-Atom Interactions

Researchers have managed to observe and characterize dynamic assembly of metallic atoms using an ingenious combination of scanning transmission electron microscopy and a video-based tracking. By ...

Magnetic Material Could Help Monitor Battery Life

A new study shows how a magnetic material can be used to help monitor the amount of life left in a rechargeable battery before it needs to be ...

Double-Layered Catalyst Generates More Hydrogen

Engineers have developed a catalyst by adding a flat platinum interface to NiFe-layered double hydroxide (LDH). The new catalyst increases hydrogen production efficiency and displays 11.2 times ...

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