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June 26, 2022

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Technology Helps Self-Driving Cars Learn from Own 'Memories'

Researchers have developed a way to help autonomous vehicles create 'memories' of previous experiences and use them in future navigation, especially during adverse weather conditions when the car ...

Investigating Electrons With a Traditional Scanning Microscope

Physicists have designed a framework that allows scientists to observe interactions between light and electrons using a traditional scanning electron microscope. The procedure is considerably cheaper ...

Physicists Announce First Results from The Daya Bay Neutrino Experiment's Final Dataset

Over nearly nine years, the Daya Bay Reactor Neutrino Experiment captured an unprecedented five and a half million interactions from subatomic ...

Electronic Skin Anticipates and Perceives Touch from Different Directions for the First Time

Scientists have developed a new approach for miniaturization of soft ultra-compact and highly integrated sensor units for directional tactile ...
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Fluorescent Probe for Bad Cooking Oil in the Portable Platform

A research team develops a fluorescent molecular sensor for detecting bad cooking oils. The novel technology enables anyone to easily measure the cooked time for all kinds of cooking ...

New Research Harnesses the Power of Movement

Harvesting energy from the day-to-day movements of the human body and turning it into useful electrical energy, is the focus of a new piece of research. Academics have developed a unique design for ...

Real-Time Ultrafast Humidity Sensing Optical Sensor

A research team develops a real-time humidity sensing optical sensor. The response time of the new sensor is 10,000 times faster than the conventional sensors and can be mass-produced at low ...

Nanotechnology Research: Faster, Cheaper COVID Tests

A nanotechnology research group entered the race to develop a rapid test for COVID-19 in August 2020, running experiments on a new sensor for an American manufacturing company. The group tested ...

Researchers Adapt Technology Made for Astronomical Observations to Biomedical Imaging

Researchers have captured images of multiple radionuclides in mice using astronomy ...

Sensor for Faster, More Accurate COVID-19 Tests

Researchers say the sensor combines accuracy levels approaching that of PCR testing with the speed of rapid antigen tests, and could be used for mass testing at airports, schools, and ...

How Eye Imaging Technology Could Help Robots and Cars See Better

Using lessons learned from the eye-imaging technology optical coherence tomography (OCT), engineers have demonstrated a LiDAR system that is fast and accurate enough to potentially improve the vision ...

Physicists 'Shine' Light on Inner Details and Breakup of Simple Nucleus

Scientists have found a new way to 'see' inside the simplest atomic nuclei to better understand the 'glue' that holds the building blocks of matter together. The results come from ...

New Pumpkin Shaped Nucleus Radiates Protons With Record Setting Rate

A new atomic nucleus 149-Lutetium, consisting of 71 protons and 78 neutrons, has been ...

Moon's Orbit Proposed as a Gravitational Wave Detector

Researchers propose using the variations in distance between the Earth and the Moon, which can be measured with a precision of less than a centimeter, as a new gravitational wave detector within a ...

Using Ions to Find Molecules

When we think of ions, we usually think of single atoms that have lost or gained some electrons, but entire molecules can also become ions. Physicists now show that cold molecular ions can be created ...

Engineered Light Waves Enable Rapid Recording of 3D Microscope Images

Researchers have developed a new method for rapid 3D imaging. Instead of having to scan repeatedly in 2D, the researchers proposed a one-scan technique that uses a light needle to process at depth ...

'Seeing' Non-Uniformities in 2D Materials May Lead to New Medical Sensors

A novel and better approach at detecting non-uniformities in the optical properties of two-dimensional materials could potentially open the door to new uses for these ...

Sensor Breakthrough Paves Way for Groundbreaking Map of World Under Earth Surface

An object hidden below ground has been located using quantum technology - a long-awaited milestone with profound implications for industry, human knowledge and national ...

Molecule Snapshot by Explosion

An international team of scientists has taken a snapshot of a cyclic molecule using a novel imaging method. Researchers used the world's largest X-ray laser to explode the molecule iodopyridine ...

Researchers Use Solar Cells to Achieve Fast Underwater Wireless Communication

Researchers have shown that solar cells can be used to achieve underwater wireless optical communication with high data rates. The new approach -- which used an array of series-connected solar cells ...

Future Gravitational Wave Detector in Space Could Uncover Secrets of the Universe

New research has shown that future gravitational wave detections from space will be capable of finding new fundamental fields and potentially shed new light on unexplained aspects of the ...

Using the Universe’s Coldest Material to Measure the World’s Tiniest Magnetic Fields

Using atoms only a few billionths of a degree above absolute zero, a team of researchers has detected magnetic signals undetectable by any other existing sensor ...

Scientists Test Promising Biosensor Aimed for Use in Brain

Scientists have successfully tested in the lab a tiny biosensor they developed that can detect biomarkers tied to traumatic brain ...

Assessing and Optimizing the Quality of Sensor Networks

When building sensor networks, it can be extremely challenging for researchers to determine how the sensors should be arranged to obtain optimal results. New research proposes a new way to quantify ...

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