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June 26, 2022

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Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...

Scientists Decontaminate Heavy Metal Water Using Protein from Plant Waste

Scientists have created a membrane made from a waste by-product of vegetable oil manufacturing, which can filter out heavy metals from contaminated water. In tests, they showed that this process of ...

Humans Responsible for Over 90% of World's Oil Slicks

Scientists mapping oil pollution across the Earth's oceans have found that more than 90% of chronic oil slicks come from human sources, a much higher proportion than previously ...

Paving the Way for Faster Computers, Longer-Lasting Batteries

Scientists have finally cracked a problem that's frustrated chemists and physicists for years, potentially leading to a new age of powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly ...
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Modern Wind Turbines Can More Than Compensate for Decline in Global Wind Resource

Wind energy contributes significantly to the energy sector's sustainable, low-CO2 transformation. However, the efficiency of wind turbines depends on available wind resources and the technical ...

A Novel Path for Sustainable Photon Upconversion With Non-Precious Metals

Sustainable chemical applications need to be able to employ renewable energy sources, renewable raw materials, and earth-abundant elements. However, to date many techniques have only been possible ...

A Model of Improved Safety for LNG Storage

A new high-performance computational model optimizing the design of large liquefied natural gas (LNG) tanks will lead to improved safety and security of storage facilities, with the bonus of reduced ...

Research Shows How Gulf of Mexico Escaped Ancient Mass Extinction

An ancient bout of global warming 56 million years ago that acidified oceans and wiped-out marine life had a milder effect in the Gulf of Mexico, where life was sheltered by the basin's unique ...

Electrolyte Additive Offers Lithium Battery Performance Breakthrough

Chemists have learned that an electrolyte additive allows stable high-voltage cycling of nickel-rich layered cathodes. Their work could lead to improvements in the energy density of lithium batteries ...

Zapping Orange Peel Oil Into New, Pleasant Aroma Compounds

As oranges are peeled, they spray a tangy, citrus scented oil into the air. The main compound in the fragrant mist is limonene, which can be collected from discarded peels and used in flavorings, ...

As the Grid Adds Wind Power, Researchers Have to Reengineer Recovery from Power Outages

When electric grids go down, there's no way to restore them -- 'blackstart' them -- with power from wind turbines. A team is now working to develop strategies and controllers that ...

Researchers Identify Alternative to Lithium-Based Battery Technology

Researchers have identified an alternative to lithium-based battery technology by developing sodium glassy electrodes capable of supporting long-duration, grid-scale energy ...

Oil Spill Remediation: Research Confirms Effectiveness of Oil Dispersants

Chemical dispersants are some of the best tools to clean up after an oil spill. However, scientists do not fully understand how well they work. A new study validated their efficacy in order to better ...

Solar-Biomass Hybrid System Satisfies Home Heating Requirements in Winter

Researchers outline a computer simulation model addressing the challenge of solar power's inherent intermittency by adding biomass as another renewable energy source to advance a reliable, ...

Flash Joule Heating Process Recycles Plastic from End-of-Life F-150 Trucks Into High-Value Graphene for New Vehicles

Chemists have processed waste plastic from end-of-life trucks into graphene for composite materials in new ...

Experts Forecast the Wind Plant of the Future to Be Taller and More Economical

Anticipating key features of wind plants a decade or more ahead of their installation can inform today's investment, research, and energy system planning decisions. Researchers elicited opinions ...

Electrode Design Paves Way for Better Biofuel Cells, Electrochemical Devices

Most biofuel cells provide low power output and short-term operational stability due to their poor electron transfer between enzymes and electrodes and between neighboring enzymes. These electron ...

New Tech Aims to Drive Down Costs of Hydrogen Fuel

Researchers have developed a new technique for extracting hydrogen gas from liquid carriers which is faster, less expensive and more energy efficient than previous ...

Hydrogen Production Method Opens Up Clean Energy Possibilities

A new energy-efficient way to produce hydrogen gas from ethanol and water has the potential to make clean hydrogen fuel a more viable alternative for gasoline to power ...

How a Cognitive Bias Is Blocking the Rise of Electric Cars

What are the barriers to the adoption of electric cars? Although the main financial and technological obstacles have been removed, their market share still needs to increase. In a recent study, a ...

Low-Cost Battery-Like Device Absorbs CO2 Emissions While It Charges

Researchers have developed a low-cost device that can selectively capture carbon dioxide gas while it charges. Then, when it discharges, the CO2 can be released in a controlled way and collected to ...

Charging a Green Future: Latest Advancement in Lithium-Ion Batteries Could Make Them Ubiquitous

Lithium-ion batteries (LIBs) power electric vehicles and electronics. With the prevalence of these set to increase, efforts have been directed towards improving the performance and longevity of LIBs. ...

Sparking Sustainable New Chemical Catalysts

New research could lead to the creation of new, sustainable catalysts based on tungsten oxide and similar compounds. The project used computational simulations to understand how tungsten oxide ...

New Material Can 'Capture Toxic Pollutants from Air'

A new material is capable of capturing trace amounts of benzene, a toxic pollutant, from the air and crucially use less energy than existing materials to do ...

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