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June 28, 2022

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New Biobatteries Use Bacterial Interactions to Generate Power for Weeks

Researchers have developed a 'plug-and-play' biobattery that lasts for weeks at a time and can be stacked to improve output voltage and ...

Humans in the Loop Help Robots Find Their Way

Computer scientists develop a method that allows humans to help complex robots build efficient solutions to 'see' their environments and carry out ...

Supernumerary Virtual Robotic Arms Can Feel Like Part of Our Body

Researchers have developed a virtual robotic limb system which can be operated by users' feet in a virtual environment as extra, or supernumerary, limbs. After training, users reported feeling like ...

3D Printing of 'Organic Electronics'

A research group has explored the potential production of micro-scale organic electronics for use in bioelectronics via multiphoton 3-D ...
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Can Robotics Help Us Achieve Sustainable Development?

Scientists have assessed how robotics and autonomous systems might facilitate or impede the delivery of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their findings identify key opportunities and key ...

PICASSO Technique Drives Biological Molecules Into Technicolor?

Pablo Picasso's surreal cubist artistic style shifted common features into unrecognizable scenes, but a new imaging approach bearing his namesake may elucidate the most complicated subject: the ...

Researchers Change the Game When It Comes to Activity Tracking

The creation of high-resolution extrusion printing -- think 3D printing but with ink that conducts electricity -- has enabled researchers to explore the potential of wearable human motion devices. ...

Giving Metal to Microbes Could Reduce Greenhouse Gas

Collaborative research finds a lack of available metals may be responsible for more nitrous oxide than previously ...

Magnetic Material Could Help Monitor Battery Life

A new study shows how a magnetic material can be used to help monitor the amount of life left in a rechargeable battery before it needs to be ...

DNA Nanotech Safe for Medical Use, New Study Suggests

Advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to fabricate structures out of DNA for use in biomedical applications like delivering drugs or creating vaccines, but new research in mice ...

Biotechnology Platforms Enable Fast, Customizable Vaccine Production

An examination of the COVID-related transition to biotechnology platform-based techniques for vaccine development concludes that such smart manufacturing techniques could in the future be applied to ...

Rubbery Camouflage Skin Exhibits Smart and Stretchy Behaviors

The skin of cephalopods, such as octopuses, squids and cuttlefish, is stretchy and smart, contributing to these creatures' ability to sense and respond to their surroundings. Scientists have ...

Researchers Solve Mystery Surrounding Dielectric Properties of Unique Metal Oxide

A research team has solved a longstanding mystery surrounding strontium titanate, a metal oxide semiconductor, providing insight for future research on the material and its applications to electronic ...

Can They Make Graphite from Coal? Researchers Start by Finding New Carbon Solid

As the world's appetite for carbon-based materials like graphite increases, researchers presented evidence this week for a new carbon solid they named 'amorphous ...

Ultra-Thin, Flexible Probe Provides Neural Interface That's Minimally Invasive and Long-Lasting

Researchers have developed a tiny, flexible neural probe that can be implanted for longer time periods to record and stimulate neural activity, while minimizing injury to the surrounding tissue. The ...

Scientists Craft Living Human Skin for Robots

From action heroes to villainous assassins, biohybrid robots made of both living and artificial materials have been at the center of many sci-fi fantasies, inspiring today's robotic innovations. ...

Paving the Way for Faster Computers, Longer-Lasting Batteries

Scientists have finally cracked a problem that's frustrated chemists and physicists for years, potentially leading to a new age of powerful, efficient, and environmentally friendly ...

Bluetooth Signals Can Be Used to Identify and Track Smartphones

A team of engineers has demonstrated for the first time that the Bluetooth signals emitted constantly by our mobile phones have a unique fingerprint that can be used to track individuals' ...

Scientists Observe Effects of Heat in Materials With Atomic Resolution

Using cutting-edge electron microscopes and novel techniques, a team of researchers has found a way to map phonons -- vibrations in crystal lattices -- in atomic resolution, enabling deeper ...

Sponge-Like Solar Cells Could Be Basis for Better Pacemakers

Scientists find that holes can also improve technology, including medical devices. The article describes an entirely new way to make a solar cell: by etching holes in the top layer to make it ...

Researchers Design New Emulator That Reveals the Intricacies of Light Behavior in Complex Evolving Systems

The work could spur the development of novel mechanisms for light manipulation and promises profound implications for technologies such as miniaturized and robust lasers, optical computers, and ...

Merging Physical Domain Knowledge With AI Improves Prediction Accuracy of Battery Capacity

Researchers succeed in increasing the prediction accuracy of the battery capacity by up to 20% by merging physical domain knowledge with ...

Breakthrough Paves Way for Photonic Sensing at the Ultimate Quantum Limit

A team of physicists has found a way to operate mass manufacturable photonic sensors at the quantum limit. This breakthrough paves the way for practical applications such as monitoring greenhouse ...

Bumps Could Smooth Quantum Investigations

Materials theorists model a contoured surface overlaid with 2D materials and find it possible to control their electronic and magnetic properties. The discovery could simplify research into many-body ...

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