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June 26, 2022

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Earth-Abundant Solar Pixels Found to Produce Hydrogen for Weeks

Devices made of readily available oxide and carbon-based materials can produce clean hydrogen from water over weeks -- according to new research. The findings could help overcome one of the key ...

Hydrogen Production Method Opens Up Clean Energy Possibilities

A new energy-efficient way to produce hydrogen gas from ethanol and water has the potential to make clean hydrogen fuel a more viable alternative for gasoline to power ...

Scavenger Nanoparticles Could Make Fuel Cell-Powered Vehicles a Reality

Engineers have developed a material that could give fuel cell systems a competitive edge over the battery systems that currently power most electric ...

Could We Make Cars out of Petroleum Residue?

Researchers have developed a way to make lightweight fibers, for possible use in the bodies of cars, out of an ultracheap feedstock: the waste material from the refining of ...
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What Is Causing the Rise in Black Lung Disease?

Silica exposure is a driving force behind rising rates of coal workers' pneumoconiosis, according to a new study that compared the pathology and mineralogy of the disease across generations. The ...

New Method Purifies Hydrogen from Heavy Carbon Monoxide Mixtures

Refining metals, manufacturing fertilizers and powering fuel cells for heavy vehicles are all processes that require purified hydrogen. But purifying, or separating, that hydrogen from a mix of other ...

From the Streets to the Stratosphere: Clean Driving Technology Enables Cleaner Rocket Fuel

A chemical used in electric vehicle batteries could also give us carbon-free fuel for space flight, according to new ...

A 'Fairly Simple' Breakthrough Makes Accessing Stored Hydrogen More Efficient

A new catalyst extracts hydrogen from hydrogen storage materials easily and efficiently. The process occurs at mild temperatures and under normal atmospheric conditions, without using metals or ...

Fueling a Hydrogen Revolution

Researchers show how magnetic flux sensors can be used to monitor the operation of proton exchange membrane fuel cells that run on hydrogen. By detecting changes in current, failure states due to ...

JET Fusion Facility Sets a New World Energy Record

European scientists have achieved a major success on the road to energy production through fusion plasmas: They produced stable plasmas with 59 megajoules of energy output at the world's largest ...

Massive Methane Emissions by Oil and Gas Industry Detected from Space

For the first time ever on a global scale, using satellite imagery, scientists have quantified volumes of massive methane emissions due to fossil-fuel extraction activities and their impact on the ...

Fuel Cells and Game-Changing Tech to Remove 99% of Carbon Dioxide from Air

Engineers have demonstrated a way to effectively capture 99% of carbon dioxide from air using a novel electrochemical system powered by ...

New Polymer Fuel Cells Can Operate at Higher Temperatures

A new high-temperature polymer fuel cell that operates at 80-160 degrees Celsius, with a higher-rated power density than state-of-the-art fuel cells, solves the longstanding problem of overheating, ...

How Fuel Poverty 'Gets Under the Skin'

New research shows that fuel poverty makes people's physical and mental health worse. Researchers found that not being able to keep homes warm enough affects people's levels of life ...

Scientists Observe Record High Hydride Ion Conductivity Using Modified Lanthanum Trihydride

Lanthanum trihydride, a compound of lanthanum and hydrogen, when lightly doped with oxygen shows potential as an efficient hydrogen carrier, according to a new study. Hydride ion (H--) conductors are ...

Growing Carbon Footprint for Plastics

After analyzing the global plastics supply chain, researchers found that the impact of plastics on the climate and health is greater than thought due to the increased use of coal for process heat, ...

Research Pushes Auto Industry Closer to Clean Cars Powered by Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells

Alternative-energy research is charting a path toward the mass adoption of clean cars powered by direct-ethanol fuel ...

Microbes Can Provide Sustainable Hydrocarbons for the Petrochemical Industry

The petrochemical industry turns oil and gas into precursors used to synthesize lubricants and other critical products. Chemists show that bacteria can be metabolically engineered to generate similar ...

Free Green Services Could Substantially Reduce Emissions

Using carbon tax revenue to fund free green electricity and public transport could significantly reduce individual households' greenhouse gas emissions, a new study has found.  Providing these ...

Finding the Missing Piece in Global Oil Life-Cycle Assessment

New research offers a closer look at the relationship between decreasing demand for oil and a resilient, varied oil market -- and the carbon footprint associated with ...

Coal Creation Mechanism Uncovered

The mechanism behind one of the first stages of coal creation may not be what we thought it was, according to a team of researchers who found that microbes were responsible for coal formation and ...

Needle Free Glucose Monitoring a Step Closer for Diabetics

A needle-free technology that would allow people with diabetes to measure blood sugar levels without having to stick a needle into their fingertips is a step closer to ...

Making Aircraft Fuel from Sunlight and Air

Scientists have built a plant that can produce carbon-neutral liquid fuels from sunlight and air. The next goal will be to take this technology to industrial scale and achieve competitiveness. ...

Turning Plastic Grocery Bags Into Sustainable Fuel

Researchers report using catalytic pyrolysis to turn plastic wastes into a valuable fuel source. They focused on recycling plastic and upgrading plastic into other products or converting it to a ...

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