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June 26, 2022

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Organic Bipolar Transistor Developed

Researchers have developed a highly efficient organic bipolar transistor. The work opens up new perspectives for organic electronics -- both in data processing and transmission, as well as in medical ...

Bumps Could Smooth Quantum Investigations

Materials theorists model a contoured surface overlaid with 2D materials and find it possible to control their electronic and magnetic properties. The discovery could simplify research into many-body ...

Flash Joule Heating Process Recycles Plastic from End-of-Life F-150 Trucks Into High-Value Graphene for New Vehicles

Chemists have processed waste plastic from end-of-life trucks into graphene for composite materials in new ...

Long-Hypothesized 'Next Generation Wonder Material' Created

New research fills a longstanding gap in carbon material science, potentially opening brand-new possibilities for electronics, optics and semiconducting material ...
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Glimpse Inside a Graphene Sandwich

In the search for novel types of superconductors -- phases of matter that that conduct electric current without loss -- scientists are investigating materials that consist of multiple layers. A team ...

Disposable Masks Could Be Used to Improve Concrete

With the pervasive single-use masks during the pandemic now presenting an environmental problem, researchers have demonstrated the idea of incorporating old masks into a cement mixture to create ...

Measuring the 'Wettability' of Graphene and Other 2D Materials

Measuring the 'wettability' of graphene and other 2D materials. Microscopic understanding of wettability can be achieved at the molecular level using 'vibrational sum-frequency ...

Guiding a Superconducting Future With Graphene Quantum Magic

Superconductors are materials that conduct electrical current with practically no electrical resistance at all. This ability makes them extremely interesting and attractive for a plethora of ...

Bacterial Soundtracks Revealed by Graphene Membrane

Have you ever wondered if bacteria make distinctive sounds? If we could listen to bacteria, we would be able to know whether they are alive or not. When bacteria are killed using an antibiotic, those ...

Chemical Synthesis: Golden Wedding for Molecules

Chemical syntheses in liquids and gases take place in three-dimensional space. Random collisions between molecules have to result in something new in an extremely short time. But there is another ...

Graphene-hBN Breakthrough to Spur New LEDs, Quantum Computing

In a discovery that could speed research into next-generation electronics and LED devices, a research team has developed a reliable, scalable method for growing single layers of hexagonal boron ...

New Transistor Could Cut 5% from World’s Digital Energy Budget

A new spin on one of the 20th century's smallest but grandest inventions, the transistor, could help feed the world's ever-growing appetite for digital memory while slicing up to 5% of the ...

Researchers Engineer Electrically Tunable Graphene Devices to Study Rare Physics

Scientists have developed a tunable graphene-based platform that allows for fine control over the interaction between light and matter in the terahertz (THz) spectrum to reveal rare phenomena known ...

Graphene Gets Enhanced by Flashing

Scientists who developed the flash Joule heating process to make graphene have found a way to produce doped graphene to customize it for ...

Programmed Assembly of Wafer-Scale Atomically Thin Crystals

A research team develops an assembly method for atomically thin crystals at the ...

Scientists Achieve Record Efficiency for Ultra-Thin Solar Panels

A team has successfully increased the levels of energy absorbed by wafer-thin photovoltaic panels by 25%. Their solar panels, just one micrometer thick, convert light into electricity more ...

Light Derails Electrons Through Graphene

Researchers have experimentally caused electrons to bend in bilayer graphene with the use of light. The way electrons flow in materials determine its electronic properties. For example, when a ...

Don’t Underestimate Undulating Graphene

A theory suggests putting graphene on an undulating surface stresses it enough to create a minute electromagnetic field. The phenomenon could be useful for creating 2D electron optics or ...

New Research Sheds Light on Nature of Friction in Multi-Layered Graphene

Multi-layered graphene is a promising carbon-based nanomaterial for a variety of next-generation technologies, but the relationships between its surface structures and properties are not entirely ...

A 'Zigzag' Blueprint for Topological Electronics

A collaborative study confirms a potential new switching mechanism for a proposed generation of ultra-low energy topological electronics. Based on novel, quantum nanoribbons terminating on ...

Using Raw Materials More Sustainably

Insights into the oxidation of hydrocarbons at vanadium pentoxide pave the way for a new catalyst ...

A Sieve for Molecules

Scientists have long tried to use graphene, which is composed of carbon, as a kind of sieve. But this material doesn't have any pores. Now, a team has found an alternative material which comes ...

NGI Uses Twist to Engineer 2D Semiconductors With Built-in Memory Functions

A team of researchers has demonstrated that slightly twisted 2D transition metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) display room-temperature ...

Graphene Sensor Rapidly Detects Opioid Metabolites in Wastewater

An atom-thick sheet of graphene is the basis of a new, penny-sized sensor that can quickly and efficiently detect and measure opioid byproducts in wastewater, researchers ...

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