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June 28, 2022

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Thin-Film Photovoltaic Technology Combines Efficiency and Versatility

Stacking solar cells increases their efficiency. Researchers have now produced perovskite/CIS tandem solar cells with an efficiency of nearly 25 percent -- the highest value achieved thus far with ...

Tiny Fish-Shaped Robot 'Swims' Around Picking Up Microplastics

Microplastics are found nearly everywhere on Earth and can be harmful to animals if they're ingested. But it's hard to remove such tiny particles from the environment, especially once they settle ...

Ultra-Thin Film Creates Vivid 3D Images With Large Field of View

Researchers have developed a new ultra-thin film that can create detailed 3D images viewable under normal illumination without any special reading devices. The images appear to float on top of the ...

Robotic Lightning Bugs Take Flight

Inspired by fireflies, researchers created soft actuators that can emit light in different colors or patterns. These artificial muscles, which control the wings of featherweight flying robots, light ...
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Novel Metalens Revolutionize Conventional Vacuum UV Optics Technology

Engineers have successfully developed a novel Vacuum Ultra-Violet (VUV) meta-lens which can generate and focus the VUV light, a disruptive technology for the UV optics ...

Diamonds Are for Quantum Sensing

Researchers measured tiny magnetic fields with unprecedented speed. By monitoring spins at nitrogen-vacancy centers along using ultrafast spectroscopy, this work may lead to extremely accurate future ...

Nanochannels Light the Way Towards New Medicine

To develop new drugs and vaccines, detailed knowledge about nature's smallest biological building blocks -- the biomolecules -- is required. Researchers are now presenting a groundbreaking ...

All-Optical Switching on a Nanometer Scale

Ultrafast light-driven control of magnetization on the nanometer length scale is key to achieve competitive bit sizes in next generation data storage technology. Researchers have successfully ...

Catalyst from Hot Water

The production of chemical substances normally requires environmentally harmful solvents. After researchers had produced organic substances without harmful substances by heating them in hot water, ...

Engineers Build Artificial Intelligence Chip

Engineers built a new artificial intelligence chip, with a view toward sustainable, modular electronics. The chip can be reconfigured, with layers that can be swapped out or stacked on, such as to ...

Energy Harvesting to Power the Internet of Things

Scientists have used computer modelling to optimize the design of an electromagnetic energy harvester to power wireless sensor networks for the Internet of ...

Ultra-Thin, Flexible Probe Provides Neural Interface That's Minimally Invasive and Long-Lasting

Researchers have developed a tiny, flexible neural probe that can be implanted for longer time periods to record and stimulate neural activity, while minimizing injury to the surrounding tissue. The ...

Researchers Demonstrate 40-Channel Optical Communication Link

Researchers have develop a silicon-based optical communications link that can improve data-intensive internet applications from video streaming services to high-capacity transactions for the stock ...

Investigating Electrons With a Traditional Scanning Microscope

Physicists have designed a framework that allows scientists to observe interactions between light and electrons using a traditional scanning electron microscope. The procedure is considerably cheaper ...

Sponge-Like Solar Cells Could Be Basis for Better Pacemakers

Scientists find that holes can also improve technology, including medical devices. The article describes an entirely new way to make a solar cell: by etching holes in the top layer to make it ...

Researchers Design New Emulator That Reveals the Intricacies of Light Behavior in Complex Evolving Systems

The work could spur the development of novel mechanisms for light manipulation and promises profound implications for technologies such as miniaturized and robust lasers, optical computers, and ...

Breakthrough Paves Way for Photonic Sensing at the Ultimate Quantum Limit

A team of physicists has found a way to operate mass manufacturable photonic sensors at the quantum limit. This breakthrough paves the way for practical applications such as monitoring greenhouse ...

Detecting New Particles Around Black Holes With Gravitational Waves

Clouds of ultralight particles can form around rotating black holes. A team of physicists now show that these clouds would leave a characteristic imprint on the gravitational waves emitted by binary ...

Earth-Abundant Solar Pixels Found to Produce Hydrogen for Weeks

Devices made of readily available oxide and carbon-based materials can produce clean hydrogen from water over weeks -- according to new research. The findings could help overcome one of the key ...

All Wound Up: A Reversible Molecular Whirligig

Over the last few decades, researchers have built minuscule molecular machines that rotate or shuttle other molecules. However, it's difficult to determine the mechanical work and forces that ...

A Novel All-Optical Switching Method Makes Optical Computing and Communication Systems More Power-Efficient

Photonics researchers have introduced a novel method to control a light beam with another beam through a unique plasmonic metasurface in a linear medium at ultra-low power. This simple linear ...

An Edible QR Code Takes a Shot at Fake Whiskey

Biomedical engineers have developed an edible silk tag with a QR code, which scanned by a smartphone can then confirm authenticity of the whiskey or other liquids, such as liquid ...

Power Up: New Polymer Property Could Boost Accessible Solar Power

Researchers have observed structural chirality, a biological property important to photosynthesis, emerging in achiral conjugated polymers. Their discovery could help enhance flexible solar cell ...

Intersecting Light Beams Key in Transformative 3D Printer Potential

Researchers have used intersecting light beams to control chemical reactions in an advanced material, paving the way for future use in 3D printers that print entire layers, instead of single points, ...

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