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June 28, 2022

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Self-Assembled, Interlocked Threads: Spinning Yarn With No Machine Needed

Researchers unexpectedly discovered that the ability for spirals to form in nature also happens in some non-biological systems that convert chemical energy into mechanical action -- allowing ...

Lipid Nanoparticles Carry Gene-Editing Cancer Drugs Past Tumor Defenses

As they grow, solid tumors surround themselves with a thick, hard-to-penetrate wall of molecular defenses. Getting drugs past that barricade is notoriously difficult. Now, scientists have developed ...
Scientists have found a way to bypass the need for biological photosynthesis altogether and create food independent of sunlight by using artificial photosynthesis. The ...

Scientists Decontaminate Heavy Metal Water Using Protein from Plant Waste

Scientists have created a membrane made from a waste by-product of vegetable oil manufacturing, which can filter out heavy metals from contaminated water. In tests, they showed that this process of ...
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New Polymer Mesophase Structure Discovered?

Researchers describe a new polymer structure called a bilayer-folded mesophase that has been discovered through a random copolymer ...

Research Extends the Lifetime of Molecules in Organic Flow Batteries to Practical Values

Researchers have developed a new method to dramatically extend the lifetime of organic aqueous flow batteries, improving the commercial viability of a technology that has the potential to safely and ...

DNA Nanotech Safe for Medical Use, New Study Suggests

Advances in nanotechnology have made it possible to fabricate structures out of DNA for use in biomedical applications like delivering drugs or creating vaccines, but new research in mice ...

Controlled Fabrication of Multimetallic Building Blocks for Hybrid Nanomaterials

Polymers with different metal complexes in their side chains are thought to be promising high-performance materials with a wide variety of applications. However, conventional fabrication methods are ...

Catalyst from Hot Water

The production of chemical substances normally requires environmentally harmful solvents. After researchers had produced organic substances without harmful substances by heating them in hot water, ...

Photosynthesis-Inspired Process Makes Commodity Chemicals

A team used light and water to convert acetylene into ethylene, a widely used, highly valuable chemical that is a key ingredient in plastics. While this conversion typically requires high ...

Protein Discovery Reinvigorates Promising New Therapeutic

Engineers have developed a therapeutic that they say avoids major allergic reactions that plagued previous versions while maintaining its therapeutic activity. The keys to the discovery were the use ...

New Delivery Method Allows Slow-Release of Broader Array of Peptide Drugs in the Body

A new study describes one of the first entirely new drug delivery microencapsulation approaches in ...

Lithium-Ion Batteries That Last Longer in Extreme Cold

When temperatures fall below freezing, cellphones need to be recharged frequently, and electric cars have shorter driving ranges. This is because their lithium-ion batteries' anodes get ...

Unfreezing Waters in Ligand Binding Sites

Scientists have revealed the effect of temperature on water in protein-ligand interactions, providing a way to produce structures for drug discovery that are less biased by freezing ...

Creating mRNA With an All-Chemical Process May Allow for Customized mRNA Vaccines

A new synthesis method offers hope for creation of advance mRNA vaccines to fight viruses and even ...

Scientists Develop Novel Computational Model for Aptamer Generation, With Wide Applications

Aptamers are single-stranded oligonucleotides generated by the systematic evolution of ligands by exponential enrichment (SELEX). They have a wide variety of applications, but computational ...

Textile Filter Testing Shows Promise for Carbon Capture

Researchers found they could filter carbon dioxide from air and gas mixtures at promising rates using a proposed new textile-based filter that combines cotton fabric and an enzyme called carbonic ...

Liquid Platinum at Room Temperature

Researchers in Australia have been able to use trace amounts of liquid platinum to create cheap and highly efficient chemical reactions at low temperatures, opening a pathway to dramatic emissions ...

New Way to Identify Influenza A Virus Lights Up When Specific Virus Targets Are Present

In order to quickly detect the presence of the influenza A virus, researchers developed a fluorogenic probe that could bind to the promoter region. A fluorogenic probe uses tiny molecules called ...

Power Up: New Polymer Property Could Boost Accessible Solar Power

Researchers have observed structural chirality, a biological property important to photosynthesis, emerging in achiral conjugated polymers. Their discovery could help enhance flexible solar cell ...

Novel Method for Early Disease Detection Using DNA Droplets

Droplet systems such as DNA droplets, which are formed by liquid-liquid phase separation of macromolecules, play an essential role in cellular functions. Now, by combining the technologies of DNA ...

A Novel Path for Sustainable Photon Upconversion With Non-Precious Metals

Sustainable chemical applications need to be able to employ renewable energy sources, renewable raw materials, and earth-abundant elements. However, to date many techniques have only been possible ...

Iron Catalyst Could Make Important Chemical Reactions Cheaper and More Eco-Friendly

Researchers have created an iron catalyst that can facilitate important chemical reactions in place of the current catalyst, which is made from precious ...

Electrochemical Synthesis Now Possible Without Electric Power Source

Electrochemical reactions for synthesis of organic compounds would find wider applications if they were independent of power supply. Now, researchers have exploited the flow of electrolytes in an ...

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