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June 28, 2022

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Topological Superconductors: Fertile Ground for Elusive Majorana ('angel') Particle

A new review investigates the search of Majorana fermions in iron-based superconductors. The elusive Majorana fermion, or 'angel particle' ...

Quantum Simulator Delivers New Insight

A quantum simulator is giving physicists a clear look at spin-charge separation, a bizarre phenomenon in which two parts of indivisible particles called electrons travel at different speeds in ...

One Particle on Two Paths: Quantum Physics Is Right

The famous double slit experiment shows that particles can travel on two paths at the same time -- but only by looking at a lot of particles and analysing the results statistically. Now a ...

Computational Sleuthing Confirms First 3D Quantum Spin Liquid

Computational detective work by physicists has confirmed cerium zirconium pyrochlore is a 3D quantum spin liquid, a solid material in which quantum entanglement and the geometric arrangement of atoms ...
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Multi-Spin Flips and a Pathway to Efficient Ising Machines

Combinatorial optimization problems are at the root of many industrial processes and solving them is key to a more sustainable and efficient future. Ising machines can solve certain combinatorial ...

Spinning Is Key for Line-Dancing Electrons in Iron Selenide

Quantum physicists have answered a puzzling question at the forefront of research into iron-based superconductors: Why do electrons in iron selenide dance to a different tune when they move right and ...

Researchers Unveil a Highly Efficient Means to Reverse Magnetization With Spin Currents

Researchers have established a low-cost method of magnetization reversal on perpendicularly magnetized ferromagnets. Not needing an external magnetic field, the method brings reverse magnetization ...

'Hot' Spin Quantum Bits in Silicon Transistors

Quantum bits (qubits) are the smallest units of information in a quantum computer. Currently, one of the biggest challenges in developing this kind of powerful computer is scalability. A research ...

New Fermi Arcs Could Provide a New Path for Electronics

Newly discovered Fermi arcs that can be controlled through magnetism could be the future of electronics based on electron spins. During a recent investigation of the rare-earth monopnictide NdBi ...

Light Derails Electrons Through Graphene

Researchers have experimentally caused electrons to bend in bilayer graphene with the use of light. The way electrons flow in materials determine its electronic properties. For example, when a ...

Fermi Arcs in an Antiferromagnet Detected at BESSY II

Researchers have analyzed samples of NdBi crystals which display interesting magnetic properties. In their experiments including measurements at BESSY II they could find evidence for so called Fermi ...

Don’t Underestimate Undulating Graphene

A theory suggests putting graphene on an undulating surface stresses it enough to create a minute electromagnetic field. The phenomenon could be useful for creating 2D electron optics or ...

Making Memory Serve Correctly: Fixing an Inherent Problem in Next-Generation Magnetic RAM

SOT-RAM, a promising type of next-generation magnetic memory, could pave the way to ultra-low-power electronics. However, scientists have identified a source of disturbance during the read operation ...

Physicists Show How Frequencies Can Easily Be Multiplied Without Special Circuitry

A new discovery by physicists could make certain components in computers and smartphones obsolete. The team has succeeded in directly converting frequencies to higher ranges in a common magnetic ...

Molecules, Rare Earths, and Light: Innovative Platform for Quantum Computers and Communications

Communication between quantum systems depends on their ability to effectively interact with light. Some molecular crystals have proven to be new materials with excellent quantum properties. They are ...

A 'Zigzag' Blueprint for Topological Electronics

A collaborative study confirms a potential new switching mechanism for a proposed generation of ultra-low energy topological electronics. Based on novel, quantum nanoribbons terminating on ...

Magnetic Excitations Could Provide Information Transfer Without Heat Loss

Just as electrons flow through an electrical conductor, magnetic excitations can travel through certain materials. Such excitations, known in physics as 'magnons' in analogy to the ...

The Interplay Between Topology and Magnetism Has a Bright Future

A new review paper on magnetic topological materials introduces the new theoretical concept that interweave magnetism and ...

Spintronics: Innovative Crystals for Future Computer Electronics

Computer chips and storage elements are expected to function as quickly as possible and be energy-saving at the same time. Innovative spintronic modules are at an advantage here thanks to their high ...

Chaining Atoms Together Yields Quantum Storage

Data stored in spin states of ytterbium atoms can be transferred to surrounding atoms in a crystal ...

Eccentric Fractional Skyrmion Discovered in Numerical Simulations of Ultra-Cold Superfluids

Through numerical simulations, a researcher details the discovery of a new isolated skyrmion with a half-integer topological quantum number in the ferromagnetic phase of the magnetic quantum fluid ...

Mapping the Quantum Future With Smart TV Technology

Scientists have created the first ever 2D map of the Overhauser field in organic LEDs, shedding light on the challenges we face in designing accurate quantum-based ...

Graphene Spintronics: 1D Contacts Improve Mobility in Nano-Scale Devices

Researchers may have cleared a significant hurdle on the path to quantum computing, demonstrating step-change improvements in the spin transport characteristics of nanoscale graphene-based electronic ...

New Insight Into Unconventional Superconductivity

Signatures for a novel electronic phase that enables charge to flow spontaneously in loops have been observed in a kagome superconductor. Using ultra-sensitive muon spin spectroscopy, researchers ...

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