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June 26, 2022

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Rapid Adaptation of Deep Learning Teaches Drones to Survive Any Weather

Neural-Fly technology could one day build the future of package delivery drones and flying ...

Collision Hotspots for Migrating Birds Revealed in New Study

New research highlights the areas in Europe and North Africa where the construction of wind turbines or power lines is likely to increase the risk of death for migrating ...

Nuclear Power May Be the Key to Least-Cost, Zero-Emission Electricity Systems

Nuclear power generation can play a crucial role in helping the world reach a key goal of zero carbon emissions by the middle of the century, ...

Scientists Develop Insect-Sized Flying Robots With Flapping Wings

A new drive system for flapping wing autonomous robots has been developed, using a new method of electromechanical zipping that does away with the need for conventional motors and ...
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Modern Wind Turbines Can More Than Compensate for Decline in Global Wind Resource

Wind energy contributes significantly to the energy sector's sustainable, low-CO2 transformation. However, the efficiency of wind turbines depends on available wind resources and the technical ...

Death of Bats at Wind Turbines Interrupts Natural Food Chains

The numerous casualties of bats at wind turbines (WT) have a negative impact on the populations of affected species and potentially far-reaching consequences for the biodiversity in rural areas. ...

Wind Turbines Operating Without Curtailment Claim Many Victims Among Protected Bat Species in Germany

Protected and rare bats regularly die at wind turbines (WT). This is why the operation of new wind turbines is temporarily curtailed during periods of high bat activity. Old wind turbines run without ...

Study Finds Offshore Wind Could Drive Down Energy Costs in New England, US

While wind power is expected to be a 'saving grace' during extreme winter storms, researchers wanted to look at whether storms could also disrupt power supplies and drive up ...

Making Green Energy Greener: Researchers Propose Method for Wind Turbine Blades' Recycling

Wind turbine blades made from glass fiber-reinforced polymer (GFRP) laminate composites can serve for up to 25 years. After that, they end up in landfills which has become a real challenge for the ...

Solar and Wind Power Are Key to Decarbonizing Switzerland

How can we reduce the carbon footprint of electricity consumption in Switzerland? The country relies on electricity imports from fossil fuel power plants, which are major emitters of greenhouse ...

Owl Wing Design Reduces Aircraft, Wind Turbine Noise Pollution

Researchers used the characteristics of owl wings to inform airfoil design and significantly reduce trailing-edge noise. The team used noise calculation and analysis software to conduct a series of ...

Researcher Pushes Limit of When Water Will Freeze

An engineer is changing what we know about when water freezes as he pushes the limit and gets the best look yet at tiny drops of water as they ...

Macrogrid Study: Big Value in Connecting America’s Eastern and Western Power Grids

A 'macrogrid' that increases the electricity moving between America's Eastern and Western interconnections, two of the biggest power grids on the planet, would more than pay for ...

Wind and Solar Could Power the World’s Major Countries Most of the Time

With the eyes of the world on the United Nations COP26 climate summit in Glasgow, Scotland, strategies for decarbonizing energy infrastructure are a trending topic. Yet critics of renewables question ...

Tidal Stream Power Can Aid Drive for Net-Zero and Generate 11% of UK’s Electricity Demand

A day before world leaders meet at COP26 to discuss the importance of clean energy, scientists from across the UK say that harnessing the power of the ocean's tidal streams can provide a ...

Energy Efficiency Instead of Long-Term Storage

Incorporating energy efficiency measures can reduce the amount of storage needed to power the nation's buildings entirely with renewable energy, according to a recent ...

Using Overpasses as Shelter from Tornado?

Meteorologists and emergency workers continue to contest the popular thinking that waiting out a tornado under an overpass is safe. According to the National Weather Service, doing so could actually ...

Expansion of Wind and Solar Power Too Slow to Stop Climate Change

The production of renewable energy is increasing every year. But after analyzing the growth rates of wind and solar power in 60 countries, researchers conclude that virtually no country is moving ...

Climate Change Threatens Hydropower Energy Security in the Amazon Basin

Hydropower is the dominant source of energy in the Amazon region, the world's largest river basin and a hotspot for future hydropower development. However, a new study warns that in the coming ...

Winds of Change: Improvements for Wind Energy Production

In recent years, much progress has been made in the wind energy industry as the cost of development has declined significantly with emerging technologies and incentive policies. Nevertheless, wind ...

Wind Energy Can Deliver Vital Slash to Global Warming

Implementing advance wind energy scenarios could achieve a reduction in global warming atmospheric average temperatures of 0.3 to 0.8 degrees Celsius by the end of the century, according to new ...

Making Musical Performances Safer in the Era of COVID-19

Researchers have studied aerosol production from playing wind instruments, singing and acting, allowing them to develop recommendations to minimize COVID ...

How Do Wind Turbines Respond to Winds, Ground Motion During Earthquakes?

Wind power has experienced fast growth within China during the past decade, but many wind farms are being built within regions of high seismic activity. Researchers are now exploring the dynamic ...

Effect of ‘eddy Killing’ in Oceans Is No Longer a Matter of Guesswork

Applying a new coarse-graining, spatial method of analysis to satellite imagery, scientists provide a direct measure of the impact of wind driven eddy-killing on the kinetic energy of ocean currents ...

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