Autism News
June 26, 2022

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How the Brain Controls Symptoms of Sickness

Researchers have discovered a small population of neurons near the base of the brain that can induce symptoms of sickness, including fever, appetite loss, and warm-seeking ...

Learning and Remembering Movement

Researchers examining the brain at a single-neuron level found that computation happens not just in the interaction between neurons, but within each individual neuron. Each of these cells, it turns ...

Scientists Uncover Key Factor in Human Brain Development

Scientists have made a breakthrough discovery about the development of the brain. This new information contributes to our understanding of how the part of the brain that makes humans more intelligent ...

What Oxytocin Can Tell Us About the Evolution of Human Prosociality

Modern humans are characterized by their prosociality, a broad term that encompasses intraspecies empathy, social tolerance, cooperation and altruism. These facets of social cognition have been ...
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Researchers Discover Solutions to Gender Bias in Autism Diagnoses

A new study demonstrates that an equal number of girls and boys can be identified as having concerns for autism spectrum disorder when screened earlier, correcting large gender differences in current ...

Opioid Analgesic Fentanyl May Cause Autism-Like Behavior in Young Mice, Study Finds

A new study reveals that opioid analgesic fentanyl may induce autism-like behaviors in young male and female mice. The findings indicate that reduced expression of the gene Grin2b in the anterior ...

Gene Therapy Reverses Effects of Autism-Linked Mutation in Brain Organoids

Scientists use lab-grown human brain tissue to identify neural abnormalities in Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome and show gene therapy tools can rescue neural structure and ...

Gastrointestinal Issues Linked With Anxiety, Social Withdrawal for Kids With Autism

A new study found a 'bi-directional' relationship between gastrointestinal issues and internalized symptoms in children and adolescents with autism -- meaning the symptoms seem to be ...

Study Suggests Early Self-Awareness of Autism Leads to Better Quality of Life

People who learn they are autistic when they are younger may have a heightened quality of life and sense of well-being in adulthood, according to a new ...

Some Autism Spectrum Disorder Symptoms Linked to Astrocytes

Abnormalities in a type of brain cell called astrocytes may play a pivotal role in causing some behavioral symptoms of autism spectrum disorders, according to a preclinical ...

Enzyme Prevents Brain Activity from Getting out of Control

The brain has the ability to modify the contacts between neurons. Among other things, that is how it prevents brain activity from getting out of control. Researchers have now identified a mechanism ...

Behavioral Treatment for Deficits of Facial Affect Recognition in Multiple Sclerosis

A recent study has demonstrated efficacy for the behavioral intervention, EMOPRINT, for treating deficits of facial recognition in individuals with multiple sclerosis (MS). The study provides Class I ...

Researchers Discover New Neurodevelopmental Disorder

Researchers have discovered a new neurodevelopmental disorder after uncovering its link to a tumor suppressor ...

Miniature Brain Models: Understanding Autism

Scientists use brain organoids to understand how a mutated gene affects brain ...

'We're More Alike Than We Might Think'

A study published in advance of World Autism Day suggests we need a more evidence-based approach to ...

Genetically Determined Levels of Inflammation Linked to Neuropsychiatric Illness

A potential link between inflammation and the structure of specific regions of the brain has been identified by ...

Researchers Redefine the Mechanisms of Dravet Syndrome

Researchers have found that dysfunction in an important cell subtype in the brain's neuronal network contribute to chronic symptoms in the neurodevelopmental disorder Dravet ...

Scientists Identify Overgrowth of Key Brain Structure in Babies Who Later Develop Autism

New research demonstrates overgrowth of the amygdala in the first year of life, before babies show most of the behavioral symptoms that later consolidate into a diagnosis of autism. This overgrowth ...

Clock Gene Mutation Found to Contribute to the Development of Autism

Researchers found that the disruption of a circadian clock gene may be involved in the development of autism spectrum ...

Scientists Identify Neurons in the Brain That Drive Competition and Social Behavior Within Groups

In mice, social ranking in a group was linked to the results of competition, and certain neurons in the brain stored this social ranking information to inform decisions. Manipulating the activity of ...

Fruit Fly Study Uncovers Functional Significance of Gene Mutations Associated With Autism

Researchers applied sophisticated genetic strategies in laboratory fruit flies to determine the functional consequences of de novo variants identified in the Simons Simplex Collection (SSC), which ...

Scientists Find Brain Network That Makes Mice Mingle

The difference between a social butterfly and a lone wolf is actually at least eight differences, according to new findings by a team of brain researchers. By simultaneously spying on the electrical ...

New Window System Allows for Long-Term Studies of Brain Activity

A researcher has developed a tiny window that allows investigators to get clearer, long-term imaging of the brain's visual ...

Scientist Links Epigenetic Biomarkers to Gastrointestinal Issues for Kids With Autism

Researchers have identified specific RNA biomarkers linked with gastrointestinal issues in children with autism. The findings could help one day lead to individualized treatments aimed at easing the ...

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