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June 28, 2022

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Heat Waves Could Lead to Avian Population Decline

Researchers examined how heat impacts the behavior and physiology of Zebra finches. They discovered that heat altered the activity of hundreds of genes in the testis, but fewer in the brain, ...

Are Babies the Key to the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence?

Babies can help unlock the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI), according to neuroscientists who have just published new guiding principles for improving AI. The research examines the ...

How the Brain Controls Symptoms of Sickness

Researchers have discovered a small population of neurons near the base of the brain that can induce symptoms of sickness, including fever, appetite loss, and warm-seeking ...

New Theory of Decision-Making Seeks to Explain Why Humans Don't Make Optimal Choices

A new theory of economic decision-making offers an explanation as to why humans, in general, make decisions that are simply adequate, not ...
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Study Shows Link Between Cyberbullying and Suicidality in Early Adolescence

Researchers found that targets of cyberbullying were more likely to report suicidal thoughts and attempts, above and beyond offline ...

A New Model Sheds Light on How We Learn Motor Skills

Researchers have developed a mathematical model of motor learning that reflects the motor learning process in the human brain. Their findings suggest that motor exploration -- that is, increased ...

Who Benefits from Brain Training and Why?

If you are skilled at playing puzzles on your smartphone or tablet, what does it say about how fast you learn new puzzles, or, more broadly, how well you can focus, say, in school or at work? Or, in ...

Helping Middle School Students Achieve More

A new study of intermediate school students in urban California and New York shows promise for underachievers. Researchers found that early intervention with teachers, training students that ...

Opioid Analgesic Fentanyl May Cause Autism-Like Behavior in Young Mice, Study Finds

A new study reveals that opioid analgesic fentanyl may induce autism-like behaviors in young male and female mice. The findings indicate that reduced expression of the gene Grin2b in the anterior ...

Children in Remote School Faced More Sleep, Behavior and Social Challenges

Elementary school-aged children enrolled in remote learning experienced greater behavioral, learning-related, and sleep difficulties compared with children receiving in-person instruction, according ...

Parents' Unpredictable Behavior May Impair Optimal Brain Circuit Formation

Researchers are conducting pioneering research into the concept that unpredictable parental behaviors, together with unpredictable environment, such as lack of routines and frequent disasters, ...

Neuroscientists Demonstrate Flexibility of Innate Behavior

Some behaviours that are crucial to survival appear to be hard-wired, meaning that they occur without previous experience. For example, many prey organisms naturally know how to escape to safety from ...

What Oxytocin Can Tell Us About the Evolution of Human Prosociality

Modern humans are characterized by their prosociality, a broad term that encompasses intraspecies empathy, social tolerance, cooperation and altruism. These facets of social cognition have been ...

Brain Scans Remarkably Good at Predicting Political Ideology

Brain scans of people taken while they performed various tasks -- and even did nothing -- accurately predicted whether they were politically conservative or liberal, according to the largest study of ...

Researchers have found that one key role of the neuromodulator noradrenaline, produced by the locus coeruleus, is to help the brain learn from surprising ...

Healthy Development Thanks to Older Siblings

During the first years of their lives, children develop the cognitive, social and emotional skills that will provide the foundations for their lifelong health and achievements. However, exposure to ...

Just Being Exposed to New Things Makes People 'Ready to Learn'

A new study is one of the first to provide experimental evidence that people learn from incidental exposure to things that they know nothing about and aren't even trying to ...

Deaf Children With Learning Delays Benefit from Cochlear Implants More Than Hearing Aids

Typically, infants with hearing loss are first treated with hearing aids, and if these fail to help them develop early language and speech skills, they then become eligible for cochlear implants at ...

Horses and Pigs Sense Harsh Speaking Tones

How we speak matters to animals. Horses, pigs and wild horses can distinguish between negative and positive sounds from their fellow species and near relatives, as well as from human speech. The ...

Study Discovers an Underlying Cause for Infantile Spasms and Points to a Novel Therapy

A groundbreaking study has found the underlying cause and a potential treatment for infantile spasms -- intractable epilepsy common in babies and with limited treatment ...

New Research Shows No Evidence of Structural Brain Change With Short-Term Mindfulness Training

A team found flaws in previous research that purported to show meditation could alter the brain's ...

Children With Same-Sex Parents Are Socially Well-Adjusted

Difficult social and legal conditions are stress factors for same-sex families, but do not affect the behavior of children and young people with same-sex parents, new research ...

New Weight-Loss Intervention Targets Instinctive Desire to Eat

People who are highly responsive to food lost more weight and kept it off using a new weight loss program that targets internal hunger cues and the ability to resist ...

Stimulating Brain Circuits Promotes Neuron Growth in Adulthood, Improving Cognition and Mood

Targeting specific brain cells modulated memory retrieval and altered anxiety-like behaviors in mice. Essentially, scientists boosted the electrical activity between cells in the hypothalamus and the ...

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