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June 28, 2022

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Newly Discovered Brain Cell Sheds Light on the Formation of Memories

The study reports a novel neuron type in the hippocampus, defines its functional role in the brain, discloses its connectivity with other nerve cells and brain areas and progresses the understanding ...

Research Brings Hope for Spinal Cord Injury Treatment

Scientists have shown an existing drug may reduce damage after spinal cord injury, by blocking the inflammatory response in the spinal ...

Epilepsy Drug Stops Nervous System Tumor Growth in Mice

People with neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) develop tumors on nerves throughout their bodies. Researchers have discovered that nerve cells with the mutation that causes NF1 are hyperexcitable and that ...

Scientists See Signs of Traumatic Brain Injury in Headbutting Muskox

Scientists saw for the first time hallmarks of concussions and other head trauma in the brains of deceased headbutting animals -- muskoxen and bighorn sheep. The results may contradict the ...
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Scientists Unravel the Mystery of Genes That Are Key to Brain Development

New research shows the mechanism by which genes coding for a subset of long non-coding RNA (lncRNA) interact with neighboring genes to regulate the development and function of essential nerve ...

Brain Differences in Pain Modulation in People With Self-Injury Behavior

Researchers might have found an explanation for why people with self-injury behavior generally feel less pain than others. The key seems to be a more effective pain-modulation system, a discovery ...

Type 2 Diabetes Accelerates Brain Aging and Cognitive Decline

Scientists have demonstrated that normal brain aging is accelerated by approximately 26% in people with progressive type 2 diabetes compared with individuals without the disease, reports a new ...

'Sting' Protein's Efforts to Clean Up Brain Cell Damage May Speed Parkinson's Disease Progress

In studies with mouse and human tissue, as well as live mice, researchers report that a snag in the normal process of cleaning up broken DNA in brain cells may hasten the progression of ...

Concussion Symptoms in Children May Have Multiple Underlying Causes

Different types of brain damage caused by a concussion may lead to similar symptoms in children, according to new research. A new way of studying concussions could help develop future ...

Clues About Concussions from the Gut

Scientists suggest telltale signs of concussions might be found in the gut. By taking blood, stool and saliva samples from 33 football players, the researchers were able to examine the diagnostic ...

New Insights on the Importance of Skull Channels for Brain Health

Researchers who previously discovered channels in the skull have found that cerebrospinal fluid can exit the brain through these channels to reach the skull's bone marrow, which can detect and ...

Fungal Meningitis Spreads by Blocking and Bursting Blood Vessels

New research has revealed how fungus blocks and bursts blood vessels in the brain, helping scientists better understand how meningitis ...

Recognizing an Impending Stroke

Subarachnoid hemorrhage is a type of bleeding stroke which can lead to a delayed ischemic stroke after just a few days. Researchers have shown that massive electrochemical waves in the brain act as a ...

Some Types of Epilepsy May Be Associated With Worse Quality of Life

A new study suggests that people with epilepsy associated with head injuries, especially the type not well controlled by medication, are more likely to have other health conditions like depression, ...

Diagnosing Sports-Related Concussions May Be Harder Than Thought

The tool being used to diagnose concussions might be overestimating the condition and wrongly identifying symptoms like fatigue and neck pain caused from intense exercise and not a brain injury, ...

The Dark Matter of the Brain

They are part of the brain of almost every animal species, yet they remain usually invisible even under the electron ...

Damaged Nerve Behind Athletes' Post-Concussion Issues

Depression, dizziness, difficulty focusing the gaze and balance problems. Many professional athletes who have sustained head trauma in sports have lingering symptoms that affect everyday life. Little ...

Study Shows COVID-19's Lingering Impacts on the Brain

Researchers have shown in detail how COVID-19 affects the central nervous system, according to a new study. The findings are the first comprehensive assessment of neuropathology associated with ...

Stabilizing Low Blood Sugar in Infancy Prevents Long-Term Brain Damage

Low blood sugar in infancy is serious, but treatment can ward off long-term brain damage in infants, a new study has ...

One in Four Children Who Have Suffered a Minor Head Injury Is Liable to Suffer from Chronic Post-Concussion Syndrome, Study Finds

A new study found that one in four children (25.3 percent) who have been discharged from the emergency room after a mild head injury are misdiagnosed and continue to suffer from persistent ...

How the Gut Communicates With the Brain

New research has discovered how the enteric nervous system -- or 'second brain' -- can communicate with both the brain and spinal cord, which up until now had remained a major mystery. The ...

New Strategy Reduces Brain Damage in Alzheimer’s and Related Disorders, in Mice

Alzheimer's disease is the most common and best known of the tauopathies, a set of neurodegenerative brain diseases caused by toxic tangles of the protein tau. A study has now shown that ...

How Coronavirus Triggers Immune Response in Brain

A new study describes how the spike protein used by the coronavirus to enter human cells can have a similar effect on the brain's immune cells as it does with the rest of the ...

What Regulates the 'Glue' Needed for Nerve Repair?

Researchers have identified a molecule essential for regulating the repair of injured nerves, which could help people recover from nerve ...

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